Chapter 10

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It was Wednesday noon. Ahmad had just gone out of a meeting with the other directors. He was promoted to director of finance some months backs. The work was brain wrecking, the paperwork was one hell of a twister. He stood by the glass window in his office. It was a perfect view from the back of the building. Sometimes he wished he could feel the breeze from that height. He expired deeply thinking of how far he'd gone in life. His mother mention how proud of him she was and Khalid four days before, on her birthday. They had a family dinner and Asma his sister from Jeddah also made it. She was happy to tears when she saw everybody including her grand kids. It was a moment of joy and they shared it together.

He moved to his table and there was a knock at the door. He was sure it was his assistance. He had come to drop off some files. He went through the file until his thought spiraled to Zinar. He had told his mother about her after the dinner. She was more than pleased to learn that her son was in love and even so when he told her the girl was black. He had expected to see some slight change in her happy expression but there was nothing. "So when do I get to meet her" she asked. He smiled just picturing the moment. Zinar meets his mother, his whole family. "Don't know mam" he said as his smile washed a away.

"oh! Habibi" she held his face "you didn't tell her?"

"Feelings not mutual" he replied with a cool smile but she could see through it. She smiled at him sweetly before pecking his cheek.

"Pray. What will be will be. Just trust Allah and pray." She smiled at him again her slight wrinkled face glowing. "And if she is playing hard to get, its her loss" she said lighting the mood.

He had aimed to fast for a day. He had been praying since he started having feelings for her.

He was pulled out of his trance by the call of athan that echoed through his phone. He prayed zuhur and called Amir back. He called him when he was praying. They where supposed to go to the gym, play basketball and stuff but Ahmad told him he didn't think he could since he was fasting.

"Since when did the gym break fast?" he pushed him until he agreed to go. They meet at the gym, did some workouts before hitting the court.

"I can't believe we lost to those guys? They look too novice to win" Amir said getting pissed. He was never good with defeat.

"Short people are ironically the cheat in basket ball. They can move through places you don't expect" Khalid said.

Their opponent passed in front of them smirking. "Good game boys". Amir clench is teeth while Ahmad and Khalid held his arm. The guys weren't even close to their height.

"Am not doing anything" he said sending daggered looks their way. They looked at each other not sure whether to believe him but let go of their hold. He was always the trouble maker between them or rather he was more of a trouble maker between them since they all took their fair bite in being naughty and stubborn.

Khalid hanged up. He had been talking to Zinar, getting on her nerves. "What was that about" Ahmad asked. He heard him telling her to agree to a guy.

"Its time for marriage" he said laughing at how irritated she sounded.

Ahmad looked at him with raised brow "Marriage?" he asked feeling his chest clutch. Khalid had forgot about Ahmad's feeling for a minute.

"Ye-ah. No, I mean no." he shook his head like it was impossible. "You know girls, their families want them married and the suitors applications are remarkable." Zainab had told him about the suitor and the family march makers one day when he visited and saw Zinar angry. Apparently one of her aunt's gave out her number to a guy and he had been calling her even after she apologized and told him she wasn't interested.

"So does she have anyone now" he asked swallowing the lump in his throat.

"Of course" he replied "But she has 'politely' blown them off.

Ahmad felt instant relief but that didn't last long. The feeling in his pit made him sick. He excused himself. He performed ablution and prayed in Khalid's room. He finished praying and recited the Quran. He recited his dikhir and prayed for guidance.

"Am going to propose" he said to Khalid who just looked at him blankly.

"To who?"

"Zinar. Who else " he shrugged. Khalid looked at him confused before bursting out laughing. He stopped when he realized Ahmad was serious.

"You're serious?" he asked, "You've been on one date"

"Technically it wasn't a date, it was a friendly meal that she. might. have. Not. Liked- either ways it doesn't matter. I want to propose." He sounded sure and he was. After praying, that was all that was on his mind. It had been the only thing that ran through his head since he started fasting. He looked at Khalid and he was speechless. Khalid looked at him without saying a word for almost a minute. He let out a huge amount of air and scratched his forehead.

"I don'tknow man. I get you love her and all but marriage, that's a whole new level."He didn't want him making decision based on some misguided thoughts. Marriage was no joke. It wasn't something you could just undo. Ahmad had a broad smile listening to Khalid. It was the wisest thing he had ever said to him. Ahmad told him that he was sure and Khalid supported silently praying it was the right call. He told him to pray for three nights before anything and they settled on that.    

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