Chapter 4

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Things aren't getting any better around the world. Syrian are still blown up, south sudan it still in chaos, a new set of Nigerian teen school girls were kidnapped, the bomb blast is endless, the war machine and guns are in constant production and use. Its almost like we want a global annihilation....
May Allah help us help ourselves.  



Zinar glanced at the clock to check the time. Their closing time was 2 PM and it was 12:57. Customers had been trooping in and out. They had two birthdays, which was fun. Zainab and her got a job as waitresses in a restaurant. Though she had to beg Zainab before she agreed.

"If our boss is anything like your old boss I bounce" she had proclaimed

So far their boss was no trouble. Zinar wanted a catering job so she could learn more recipes but there was no vacancy.

"I'll take the cute guy, you take the grandmother" Zainab said as she walked towards the customer.

The job was good. They got to meet and interact with many people, which Zinar needed seeing her last job didn't work out well, and she was still not good with people.

"Hi Zainab" a coworker said, "you need help?" he smiled at her

"No. Thank you Maher" she replied him. She was refilling the chicken container. He said hello to Zinar who replied with smile. He was a sweet guy and he became extra sweet around Zainab and it was like she didn't see it.

"Yaar! He is so sweet and you so mean"

Zainab rolled her eyes and continued what she was doing.

"You know he likes you bah?"

"His too young for me and besides Arabs are your people" Maher was a Yemeni.

"It wouldn't kill to be nice"

"You're the same person who said don't lead people on if you don't like them"

"Yes I said so but there is a difference between being nice and being flirty"

"Order 4" someone yelled and they both went back to serving pancakes, chips, stemmed rice and what have you.

The next day was dry. They had barely received ten customers. There where just two set of people, a family of four and two other high school kids. They sat down behind the slab waiting to be called. Everything felt boring no customers meant no work. There were a few calls for delivery and order. Even the Internet was boring.

'I'll be you best friend and you'll be my valentines...' big girls don't cry was playing on the radio. Ashley one of their coworkers increased the volume and before they knew it they had turned the place into a karaoke stand. They danced and sang along until their boss came out and disbanded them.

"We are entertaining the customer sir" Maher said still dancing. They gave him a beat stimulating him more but their boss didn't look like he was in a good mode so they all stopped and went back to their waiting.

"I knew I heard Zainab's voice" Amna said

They came in about ten minutes ago. They ordered and Amna decided to visit the rest room when she heard Zainab's voice.

"Ya Allah. I don't think I would have ever guessed it was you" Zinar said. Nafisa and Amna closed their eyes and they were left to guess.

"Me neither" Zainab confirmed

"Please join us" Nafisa said hugging Zinar's hand.

"We cant. Jobs' rule" Zainab informed

It was half an hour for their shift to be over so the girls decided to wait. They ate after and hung out a bit before they all went their separate homes.

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