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Amir and Khalid barged into Ahmad's office. They had been to his house but it was empty and it had been three days but he never came back to the hospital.

"So your wife gives birth to triplets, gets comatose, wakes up and is in recovery, all this happened in the span of this month and you decide to come to work?"

"What an asshole" Amir added. Ahmad didn't spare them another glance.

"Just last week you couldn't leave her side," Khalid said

"I have work to do," he stated firmly

"Yes you have a wife to get back to and three kids to raise," Amir said and Ahmad clenched his fist,

"Don't make me call the security on you" he threatened with a frown on his face, they looked at each other and backed away.

"Don't do something you'll regret", they left his office. He kicked the chair that was beside him and yelped in rage and pain. He took the lantern that was standing by the edge of the office and smashed it on the wall. He ran his fingers furiously through his hair as he sank on the floor hopelessly. He knew in his gut she wasn't like that, she couldn't do something like that, but there was proof and it terrified him that for the slightest chance the proof was right. He's brain went back to the day he found out she was pregnant, how she hid it from him. What if that was the real reason she was crying something in him whispered. He roughly wiped the tear that had rolled down his cheek. He turned to his phone that was ringing and turned it off.

Back in the hospital things were tensed, no one said anything but the air around was thick and suffocating. Zinar could feel every pair of eye contemplating and judging her. Amir and Khalid came in and handed her a file, her heart skipped as she opened it, it was a DNA report, three different reports validating her "Tha-nk you" she said as her eyes glistened and they nodded apologetically. They had sent a copy to Ahmad's office. Now everybody knew she was innocent. That night she stood by the window of her room, she had put her kids to bed. Her heart was heavy and sour that her own husband had believed, yet she was relieved that her name was validated and nobody would dare spit on her children. She felt arms around her waist and she knew it was Ahmad, he held her tightly as he whispered "We will always find a way no matter what comes between us. Nothing would ever get to us." She closed her eyes hearing his voice resonate though her, "Ex-cccept it has" she pulled herself out of his embrace and looked at him. "Yyy-you" she took a deep breath pushing down the frustration of her ineloquence "Yyou belililieved" she shrugged, she was hurt and disappointed and it didn't help that she couldn't speak well, "After everryryting" she stammered in her feeble voice and he looked at everywhere but her as guilt began to swallow him up. She had so much to say but couldn't. Her lips couldn't take the words, some her mouth couldn't form them, some words felt impossible to pronounce and some she couldn't even remember. She sighed hopelessly and frustrated, she felt a knot in her throat but she didn't want to break down. She slowly walked past him and sat beside her babies. He stood there for a while vexed at himself, he clenched and unclenched his jaw before rubbing his temples. He moved to where she sat and squatted in front of her and he placed his forehead on her lap but she didn't acknowledge him, her hand shuffled through her babies as she looked at them with admiration. "Am sorry" she heard him say but he wasn't worth a glance. They were interrupted by the knock on the door, it was time for her psychotherapy and she insisted on doing it alone.

Ahmad walked to the cafeteria to get coffee, he rubbed his head wondering how he was in such a mess, what could have gone wrong? Then he remembered the doctor, he stood up leaving the coffee and walked towards the reception, he heard his name called in a distance, he turned to see Amir. He informed him that the doctor had been MIA since he pulled off the stunt he did. "Khalid has filed a report on him. You should stay here. Did you talk to her?"

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