Chapter 12

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The next day seemed endless to Zinar, the number of patients were incredible, they came in one after the other. Zinar and her colleagues sat as they listen carefully to the patients compliant and how they were handled.

"Please come in" the doctor said to the sixth patient to knock the door. A young lady of about twenty-four came in, she looked a bit pale and tired "take a sit please" the doctor gestured. "How can I help you today ma'am" he sounded vibrant with a smile on his face as though he hadn't been there since nine and It was then three thirty.

"I was given this drug by a doctor from out of town, I was having fever and headache mainly surrounding my eyes and forehead" she laid her complaint and the student took notes. "He said it was from an insect bite" she contained her complaint and afterwards her vitals were checked and everything came out normal except she was slightly tachycardic. She was tested for a virus according to the symptom and the region she traveled to and the doctor informed the nursing staff to admit her after briefing the patient.

It was snowing, Zinar could feel the cold coursing through her, her heels were killing her and to top it all she was hungry. She sat in the bus silently dreaming to see herself at home. The ride home was ten minute but it felt like hours.

She woke up by the nine thirty it was already past time for magrib. Zainab must have gone out since she didn't wake her up she thought. The apartment was empty and she was glad that she didn't have to go to school the next day. She went back to the room after confirming that Zainab wasn't home. She decided to recite the Quran before it was time for Isha.

She sat down in front of her laptop ready to revise at least a little of what she had done that day when her phone started ringing. She looked over at it reluctantly not in the mood to talk.

"Hello" she answered opening the pack of chips in front of her.

"Hi, where have you been? I have been calling you and your phone was switched off" Khalid's voice echoed through the speaker.

"School, how are you"

"Am fine Allahamdulilah, are you ok? Your voice sounds down" he had called to check on her.

"Just tried, and I just woke up from sleep" she had been planning to call him so it wouldn't look as if she was avoiding him.

"Are you home" he asked.


"Am by the door" he said playing with the doorbell. She opened the door a bit irritated by the unceasing piercing sound of the doorbell.

"Stop it would you, ya Allah!" she hissed. He grinned at her.

"You look like something the cat dragged in" he said

"What are you doing here" she asked ignoring him. It was too late for him to pop.

"Was in the neighborhood, so I decide to check up on you" he said which made her roll her eyes. "You ok?" he asked

"It's been ward rounds, clinicals, classes all through. Am surviving, I hope am coping well." Things were intense, she could then understand what people meant when they tell 2-4 year students that they hadn't started anything. It was then she appreciated the free time she used to have.

"Don't worry, you have less than eighteen months" he said cheerfully. They chatted a bit by the door before he left. He didn't bring up Ahmad and she was glad.

Ahmad came out of a meeting. It was a Wednesday afternoon. It had been four weeks since they had visited Zinar's father. Work was very busy and demanding but he liked it because it took his head off her. Everyone kept saying he shouldn't give up, what will be will be. But he was willing to let go for both their sakes.

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