Chapter 11

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She couldn't believe her ears. Ahmad visited her father in Nigeria. She had told him to ask her father as a comeback and an attempt to scare him off.

To say she was surprised was an understatement. It was the same way she felt when he proposed giving her a cardiac arrest. It was the shock of her life.

She looked at Khalid she knew he could be messing with her. She stared at him blankly trying to see whether there was any truth to what he said but concluded that it was a lie.

"Sure you did" she finally said trying to play along but he knew she didn't believe him so he took out he's phone and showed her a picture of her house and a picture of Ahmad walking to the gate of the house. But that didn't change anything, as far as she was concern he could have gotten that picture from Zainab and photo shopped it.

"Why wont you believe me" he asked starting to get irritated. She was amused at how far he was going with it. He must really want her to fall for his prank she thought.

"Who said I don't believe" she said wanting to see how far he was willing to go. " I believe you" she was trying so hard to suppress her laughter so that she could see where it was leading.

"Fine ask Abakar your brother, he lead us into the house" he needed her to understand how serious Ahmad was about her. She looked at him with wide eyes she was so amused but then Abakar wouldn't slid with that type of prank especially on her. She pulled out her phone scared of the possibility that it might be true but again it didn't make any sense that Ahmad was that serious about her or that he proposed, nothing about it made any sense. She pulled out her phone and dialed Abakar and he answered almost immediately like he was expecting her to call and that made her wonder whether he was in on the prank.

"My sweet sister how you doing" he spoke.

"Ina wuni Abakar, am fine how are you and the family?". "Alhamdulillah all fine"

"When was the last time you went home" she asked not wanting to give him a hint of what it was she really wanted to know.

"On Saturday" he answered.

She looked over to where Khalid was standing and he had a straight face on. She thought of what to say, "I hope baba is resting and not working 24/7 attending to visitor"

"Baba and rest you know he wont rest balle ai baba has turned international"

"International koma? Baba has always been international have you forgotten his late business partner Mr. yang?"

"This ones look like Arabs, I saw then outside the Saturday I went home."

They talked a bit and it didn't sound even for a second that there was something off. She disconnected the call and looked at Khalid who had all his attention on his phone. She kept quiet thinking of all the possibilities. She told Ahmad to meet her father so that she could get him out of her way thinking he would back down. But what if they actual went to Nigeria?

"So, do you believe now?" Khalid asked pulling her out of her reverie.

"What did he say? I mean my dad" she asked him knowing very well his answer was a no but she wanted to know how he said it.
" He said that you were studying and that you didn't have time for any distractions. He was so intimidating." Khalid answered.

"That was it?" she was surprised that her father didn't tell them to stay away, his reply sounded unlike her father.

"You knew he wouldn't approve and you didn't want him to. Did you? " He asked her. He liked the idea of her and Ahmad though he wasn't sure about the marriage thing or that she would ever accept Ahmad.

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