Chapter 39

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Leaning towards the beginning of her second trimester and the end of her internship, she was coping well, the heat at work increased as it drew closer to the finish. Her baby bump was easily mistaken for a tubby belly, everything had been running smooth so far in the antenatal, there was nothing unusual. Zinar parked outside of a building waiting for Amna to come down.

"How was it?" she asked after she had settled in the car.

She shrugged "It gets easier, daily, I think"

"Am glad you're better," she smiled "And I bought you this," she handed her a South African jerky, "It was the last one in stock."

"You're the best" she side hugged her. It had been a bumpy ride for Amna. She started seeing a therapist after the hearing. She had been having sleepless nights with nightmares of Jay as the bogyman strangling her. Sometimes the incident was like on repeat. She had been paranoid for a while, largely when she was outside and surrounded by strangers. The therapy was helping; her suicidal thought were mute but the trauma was still loud, sometimes it felt as though it was fresh and had only happened recently. She was yet to open up entirely to her therapist. Uncloaking the whole story meant the world would finally see her as she saw herself, sinful and pathetic.

Zinar parked at he entrance of her house, "How are my babies doing" Ahmad peck her bump then her lips.

"Hy sis" he hugged Amna "soda?" he looked back at his wife

"You're late for your game" she stated shooing him

"Amna no soda for her"

"Am recently three months pregnant" she pouted

"Am serious"

"Yallah bye" she dismissed. He had been watching what she ate which annoyed her alot of the time but he was persistent. He was reading books and leaflets, which she found sweet and heart warming until he started applying it at home. Their fridge had stickers of what she could and could not eat, she thought it was cute until she opened the fridge and realized he had restocked and also restocked the snacks and cereals. No carbs, no carbonated drink, half of the things there were gluten free, sugar free and lactose free.

"Do you even love me?" she had asked him with a dramatic flare, "Because all I can see is you trying to starve us," she rubbed her belly and he exhaled heavily before rolling his eyes. Trying to convince her was like trying to convince a kid to take a pill, it was impossible. Like a kid he had to he had to trick her to eat to what was dimed healthy.

Nafisa joined them some minutes after, things have been going well for her, she was loving her internship more and more, her and Idrees were strong as ever, except when he bought up her family and meeting them or getting it straight with Ahmad, that was when they end up on different sides of their cupid struck heart. She was planning on telling Ahmad and Khalid in the next two days and she did.

Khalid sighed as he stared blinklessly at her, his face was emotionless yet somewhat cold. Ahmad was also looking fierce with the same impression. She looked back and fought both of them.

"Uf! Just say something" she said impatiently. Khalid raised a brow causing her to be more tensed, he looked at Ahmad and then back at her.


"You knew" her eyes widen in surprise but she was also relieved.

"He told me" he pointed his thumb at Ahmad

"You should have seen your face" they roared with laughter causing her to playfully hit them "Your both mean" she pouted and they continued laughing. "So" she looked pleadingly at them both "Are you going to put in your good word?"

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