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The clouds got dark as the heavy rain of august graced the streets of Kano, the wind brushed through trees and bellowed through the smallest holes. The weather was cold and just the perfect one for two. The time was 8:30 AM but it looked like it was in PMs. The room was slightly dark, the curtains waved as the wind from the faintly opened window hit them. Ahmad turned over wanting to feel his wife's warmth but hit the cold sheets instead. He viewed the room eyes half closed searching to see if she was in but she wasn't. He used the toilet before finding his way to the kitchen.

Come back to bed" he moaned against her neck, his chest to her back and his hands around her waist. Her fairly long thick legs exposed to the warm heated kitchen atmosphere with her upper body covered with a maxi shirt that reached slightly below her buttocks.
"Good morning to you too" she turned around pecking his lips. "You hungry?"
"Depends" he smirked before sitting down on the long chair, his eyes on her naked legs. The kitchen was big enough just as she wanted. The walls were painted off white while the slabs were made of ash marble tiles. The dinning section openly connected to the kitchen making it somewhat bigger.
"Food I meant" she rolled her eyes covering her blush. She moved to the microwave where she was warming her tuwo and kuka soup, the left over always tasted better. He could never bring himself to eat any non vegetable soup so she never bothered.
"Pancakes, sandwich, scrambled eggs, sausage?" she asked pouring him coffee.
"Sandwich will do please". She made his breakfast and they sat opposite each other each clearing their plates. "I still don't understand how you eat that" he said after staring at her plate. The first time he was introduced to kuka he almost threw up.
"I don't understand how you don't, the person who founded this is one of the most intelligent people that has lived bas" she said in a matter of fact.
"Wow, your history is blowing my mind". He had tested a bunch of Nigerian meals, he liked waina though he ate it with sugar, pounded yam seemed to be his favorite swallow; he had tried it with vegetable and egusi soup and liked both. He absolutely loved the drinks and pudding, Zinar cooked a wide range of food and he loved her cooking. He was surprised to hear she was ever terrible at cooking.

After breakfast they went back to sleep and woke up a little past 12PM. It was drizzling abit. They prayed before tiding the house. It was a three-bedroom apartment with two sitting rooms, a kitchen and a small garage. Each bedroom had a toilet and there was an extra guest toilet. Ahmad wanted something a lot bigger but Zinar wasn't fond of the idea, she didn't see the point in having a big house when they would rarely stay in it and he agreed to her, but trying to convince him that the brides family did the furnishing and put the appliance of the house was entirely a task. He hated the idea and Zinar's parents weren't backing down either. He felt it was his house and his wife; thus his responsibility. While it was part of Zinar's culture for the bride's family to do that bit, she also knew her family wanted to do it because they wanted to prove they could afford it and to the world that their daughter wasn't after the wealth. She felt irritated when she heard her auntie's advice her mother to go extravagant to make a point. And since her mother didn't oppose it only meant she felt the same way.

Her aunts and cousins arranged the house as usual before her conveyance, "What's the point of keeping the albums here" he asked picking up one from the stack of albums that were placed on the side table.
"For entertainment and if someone sees one with their face looking good they take it". He opened the albums sitting down on the couch close to him. The first picture was of them both laughing, his eyes were fixed on her as she adjusted his keffayah. He smiled at the picture, the picture was in black and white but even so her beauty was evident. She wore a floral off white-laced gown that beautifully hugged her upper body turning into a slight flay from below her breast cut going downwards. The gown was adorned with mint green stones adding to its grace. Her makeup was perfect, complementing her color. He smiled remembering how they had made it through those five months separately.

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