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Zinar walked out of the hospital by 2 p.m. She was glad it was a Friday. She went back to her dorm after she stopped in a restaurant she had wanted to try and she got that day's special. She cleaned the room, rearranged her wardrobe, books and tidied all else. Saturday was usually her sanitation day but she felt the energy to do it that day. She cleaned while dancing to her playlist that comprised of songs from every genre, old school and new, Nigerian and foreign. After she made sure everything spackled she had a shower and munched her food. She looked over her phone expecting it was from Ahmad but it wasn't. It was a mail from school. The result for the exams she had written was out and she was looking at it with wide eyes. She closed her eyes trying to calm herself but the anger she felt was amplifying. She had flunked badly. She got less than average. She looked at it again trying to convince herself to have patience and pray it was for the best but it didn't do any good. She kept thinking what if she didn't pass the finals, what if it was her final. The exam was supposed to show her the few places she needed to put in more but failing meant she wasn't ready. She kept her gaze on the result in front of her, she thought she was getting that one, hell she knew she was getting it. The whole medicine seemed remotely impossible to finish, it was all overwhelming.

She switched her phone to airplane mode and played suratul Yusuf until she fell asleep, it always seemed better than staying awake.

The next day she slept in, she tried to read but didn't feel like it. She stared blankly at the pages of the book in front of her, it was like her brain couldn't even remember anything. She stood up and prayed zuhur, her phone was still on airplane mode. She didn't feel like talking to anyone especially Ahmad. Thinking of Ahmad, maybe she failed so badly because she was always with him or thinking of him. He was a distraction she thought. She couldn't stop thinking of how she might open her final result and see she didn't make it. The whole thought mortified her. She moved to the window and stood there just watching students pass by or read, eat, chat. Everyone living their life doing random stuff and she stood there with a fried brain and a part of her blaming Ahmad. The next day was pretty much the same, she left her bed only to pray, get something to eat or use the toilet, sleeping most of the time. She turned her gaze to the door, waiting for whom so ever it was knocking to either come in or leave when they got tired.

"Didn't you hear me knock?" Stephanie said looking around the dark room before switching on the light. Stephanie was her neighbour, she stayed in the room opposite Zinar's and they were good friends. "What is wrong with you?" she moved closer to where Zinar was. Zinar just rolled her eyes and waited for her to say what she wanted.

"Am fine" she hissed when Stephanie kept poking her head to scrutinize her.

"You don't seem like it" she folded her arms. She was Canadian, short blond hair, long model legs, slim but had a little of adipose tissue in the right places that made it hard for men to overlook her. "You know what? We'll talk about that later, just get down you have a visitor" she informs. Zinar looked at her irritated, she was already feeling like strangling however it was that had come to visit. She washed her face and wore a long hijab that reached her heels and went out. She rolled her eyes when she saw Ahmad's car and he came out when he saw her. She waved at him with the best smile she could conjure but he just stared at her until she caught up.

"You ok?" he asked. He noticed she looked dull. He had been calling her number since Friday and it was then Sunday.

"Yeah am fine"

"Your phone has been switched off, I have been trying to get you"

"I forgot to switch it on," she said simply.

"It's been three days, you didn't think I would be worried". He didn't understand why she was acting the way she was just when he was thinking things were good between them.

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