Chapter 6

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Months furled, school for Zinar and Zainab was as hectic as expected. Khalid was almost always busy at work but somehow had time for Amina. They were really getting to know each other better and he was even thinking of visiting KSA soon. The girls had started school and were coping fine.

Ahmad was doing fine too or he was at least trying to be. He had won over his ego self and took all the courage that ran through his family and apologized to Zinar. He had accidentally watched an awareness video of how African women were treated like what ever their husbands wanted them to be or the society. They were looked down at by society and referred to as THE DOMESTIC CARE TAKERS. Their job opportunities were mostly insignificant. He felt compelled to finish watching the video and so he did. They shared a story of a woman who her husband abandoned her with three kids. She had to fend for herself and the kids but there were no job opportunities. She was educated but the society felt that big jobs, desk jobs, jobs that paid well were men deserving. So she ended up having to stick to a job that her boss harassed her, a job she put her all in because of her kid, a job that paid for one meal.

He felt hexed and the guilt was unbearable. He was ashamed of himself for doing what he did. He felt low and petty, her exact words.

To say she was shocked was a euphemism. She opened the door and he was standing there. He was sure she hated him and wouldn't forgive him but he had to try.

"I- don't- hate you" she spoke singly still not sure of what was going on. "And there is noting to forgive" yes he had vexed her more times than she cared to admit but she could never harbor a grudge. She told Khalid what had happened after sharing the news with Zainab. Khalid was thrilled they got to sort things out between them and suggested a friendly outing so they could get to know each other but Zinar's answer was a straight forward no. Zainab on the other hand said he was possessed or maybe dying so he wanted to make amends with people and she was sure there were a lot of amends he needed to make.

Khalid pulled over at Ahmad's house. He just got off from work. Ahmad said he wanted to have a chat. They had all been busy. He spent some minutes with his aunt and uncle catching all the latest before heading to Ahmad's.

Ahmad was in a situation. It felt like payback. He didn't know what to do, he had prayed endlessly but to avail. He looked at Khalid contemplating whether or not to tell but he was the only one he could tell. He paced the room and stopped to open his mouth but he didn't feel sure.

"Ok. Am officially freaking out, worried. Don't tell me your dying" he said not having the slightest clue what was going through Ahmad's skull.

"That would have been a lot easier I think. No am not dying" he replied. He had been feeling that way for months then. He was tired of fighting, it just seemed like fighting was a magnifying agent. "I can't get her out of my head" he finally said sounding vulnerable.

"Her?- I don't know a her. wait, how come I don't know a her- the her, any her?" he didn't believe he didn't tell him that there was any 'her'.

"I don't like cliché stories"

"Yeah well we'll talk about stories later. Right now lets talk about her." Khalid was really interested on who the person.

"right now I feel so cliché"

"I like suspense and all but at the moment it's getting on my nerves. Tell me, who is she?" he yelled the last part in irritation.

"A friend of yours" he said his hands slighting cupping is mouth making the words muffled but Khalid heard him.

"A friend of mine?" he asked with brows raised wondering who it might be. "friend, cliché stories" he snapped his head towards his direction "tell me- Zinar?" he asked slowly not knowing what to think or hope.

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