Chapter 37

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It was the last week of November but by a miracle the sun shone bright that day. The snow melted as the sun radiated its heat, warming the cold feet's of the citizens of Vancouver. Everybody was already in their holiday spirit; gifts shopping, decorations, discounts were all in place as the citizens emptied their pockets in the malls.

Nafisa, Amna and Zinar walked out of the mall, they dropped their bags in the car before getting something to eat. Amna typed away on her phone with a blush tattooed on her face. She didn't spare them half her attention. Zinar looked at Nafisa who only shrugged.

"Amna" Nafisa called but she was in her own world. "AMNA" she yelled startling her. "Did you check the site I sent you?"

"Yeah, it looks good" she went back to her phone.

"Aiwa did you apply?"

"Not yet" she replied absent-minded.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked a preoccupied Amna. "AMNA!" she called again.

"What?" she asked irritated "Am going to apply, just not now am busy with the zoo" she returned back to her phone leaving Nafisa with a confused look. Zinar was quiet, she didn't like poking herself into every conversation mostly because her Nigerian mentality had things done differently.

"The zoo is a volunteer job" she stated surprised at how naïve she was being. "Please, tell me this has nothing to do with that zoo guy?"

"Jay, his name is Jay" she informed strictly.

Nafisa placed her hand on her forehead "I can't believe you. You stopped applying for jobs because of a guy," she looked at Zinar probably to pitch in something. Zinar listened hoping her face didn't give away all she was tempted to say.

"Am happy were I am with who I am"

"Jay?" Zinar asked "Tell me about him" she said and Amna cracked a smile or more like a blush before she started ranting.

"He's one of the animal nutritionist, he is so sweet and kind to those animal." She continued, Nafisa who had an irritated look listened to Amna fan girl over him. Zinar had lost interest in the gist, she wondered how dumb Amna had to fall for all of this, but she didn't want to judge. People did dump things for dumber people for stupid reasons. Though it was unlike Amna, she was still human.

"Khalas! La yakthar, I can't hear more." Nafisa interrupted, "You think he likes you?"

"I know he likes me, which is more than I can say for your ex-player, con, drug addict boyfriend. Who knows, maybe he's just coning you or playing you after all that's what he's best at." she snapped

"Okay!" Zinar interjected seeing things had escalated faster than she had expected. Nafisa was left with a shocked face. "Amna, real talk. What's your plan?" Zinar asked. "Jay is an animal nutritionist and you are a volunteer, from were am seated that doesn't look like love. If he really likes you he would want you to reach your full potential."

"Working as a volunteer is my choice. I don't need your judgments." She walked away.


"The immigrants population in this country is getting toe to toe with the population of the natives." A male voice that sounded like he was from a boy band beamed through the car radio.

"And I think its high time we start being reasonable" a cheerful, probably early thirties self absorbed female said. "This land can only take as much, these immigrants are exceeding our resources, our land, our jobs. I tell you one day we would awake up and they would have taken over everything".

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