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Zinar opened her eyes, every inch of her was sour and it ached. She looked around, she was still in the hospital, her eyes felt heavy, she heard small noises from the edge of the room, it was Khadijah talking on the phone her hands resting on the her baby's bed. She stared at her from a distance, a smile inevitably finding its way to her lips. She nudged her weary self up and gestured for Khadijah to bring her over. She had been in labor for over five hours but it was almost as though the pain didn't exist as she held on to her daughter. She would go through the process again, every bit of frustration, pain and agony was worth it. Her face was somewhat swollen from the extraction, her eyes perfectly laid as she slept. She traced her baby hand as she reflexively held her finger with her tiny baby hands. She heard the click of a camera, she turned her head to a grinning Khadijah.

"Ahmad said I should update him after every ten minute," she informed "And he's waiting for your phone call". She left the room to inform the doctor that Zinar was awake, so they could file her discharge.

"Hello" she smiled at the husband from the other side of the screen. She looked down at their daughter and up at him "She looks like you" she said and she could swear she saw his eyes glisten. Everyone that called to congratulate him had told him the same thing and it just made him more eager to see his wife and daughter.

"You've made me the happiest man."

"You'll make a fine father" she approved and he smiled.

"How are you?" he asked.


"I was supposed to be there," he said disappointed that things didn't go as planned. She was two weeks early from her due date.

"Well your baby got tired of cooking I suppose. When are you coming?"

"There is no flight till the next three days," he informed and she nodded sadly "But I would find a way," he said reassuringly. He was on the phone with her when the doctor came in and reported that all was fine and the baby was healthy and they were discharged. He called in to see if his father's jet was available but it was undergoing servicing. But they informed him that it would be finished and good for flying by the next day.

The next day, Ahmad walked into the house compound, there were more people than he had anticipated but he wasn't also surprised. He felt like running through the crowd to met his family, he berely understood or payed attention to the people who greeted him, he just smiled, nodded, gave them a shake and walked as fast as he could nevertheless trying to be subtle.

He bumped into Zahra on his entrance; he slightly bent to greet her, his smile was boundless.

"Ahmad, how are you? I thought Nabil had gone to pick you up?"

"Yes but the car broke down and they had to get another one. So I just took a taxi. " He said slightly impatient. She nodded slowly, she told him to stay in Abdul Rashid's section and she would get Zinar.

She turned around just when she reached the door, she seemed to be in thought, she looked at him for a bit with a straight face, "Zinar might not be able to tell you this" she said her voice laced with an emotion he couldn't quite pick. He looked at her confused and she sighed "Ahmad am, Allah gives and He takes, you have to be strong and have patience" she advised and he stepped back confusion spread all over his face.

"She died a few hours ago, am sorry" she said sympathetically. There wasn't any easy way to say it, she watched as he froze taking to the news, he shook his head running his hands through his hair. He clenched and unclenched his fist, she excused herself to call Zinar. Zinar walked into the smaller living room, Ahmad was on the floor looking lost and dejected. It broke her heart seeing him like that but she was numb, she had been accepting peoples condolences like a zombie with a smile. She sat beside him on the floor resting her head on his shoulder as they both grieved silently. They sat there until it was time for the Janaza prayer.

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