Amajiki Tamaki: Say It and I'm yours

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"Hey hey, what's gotten into Amajiki-kun?" she asked, tilting her head to the side. Togata chuckled.

"He just had an encounter with (Y/N) earlier, and he ran away," he explained.

"Ah, so Amajiki-kun does have the heart of a flee!"

The said male visibly flinched, his gloomy aura only thickening with Hado's statement. Togata's brows furrowed in concern.

"Tamaki, you can't keep doing this. (Y/N) might think you're avoiding her," he said, Amajiki flinching again. "Why do you avoid her anyways? We've been friends with her since childhood, right?"

Amajiki grumbled something inaudible, his head slowly lifting,  his arms still supporting his chin.

"It's not like I'm avoiding her. . ." he said in a low tone. "She's just. . . I-I just. . ."

Red slowly painted the ravenette's face, his lips pressing together. He again buried his face onto his folded arms.

"N-Never mind! It's not important!"

Togata's lips curled into a knowing smirk. Hado, as if a light bulb had been lit up, realized what her bashful friend was hesitant to tell them.

"Heh? So, Amajiki-kun's madly in love with her, huh?" that statement made the said male's face redder, if that was even possible. His ears perked up, then drooped, then perked up again as he processed what Hado just said.

Unbeknownst to the trio, a certain female had just entered the classroom, and overheard Hado's statement by chance. You stopped in your tracks, hearing the words 'in love' and 'her'. Your brows raised. Tamaki likes someone? Really?

You felt a slight tug in your heartstrings, those words echoing in your head in an uncomfortable way. You pressed your lips together, shaking your head to rid yourself of those thoughts as you approached your three friends.

"Hey, guys!" you greeted, gaining their attention. Hado's eyes lit up upon seeing you, striding towards you to give you a hug. Togata gently ruffled your hair as a greeting, while the bashful male slumped on his seat froze, ears perking up in alarm.

You didn't fail to notice this reaction, and glanced down at him, blinking.

"Is something wrong, Tamaki?" you asked, the said male frantically shaking his head no. Both of your brows raised, glancing towards the other two. They only gave you a shrug of their shoulders as a reply.

"I'm fine, r-really," Amajiki said, raising his head, trying so hard to fight the blush that's crawling its way to his cheeks. "Sorry. I guess. . . I'm not feeling well."

You hummed, Amajiki hoping he'd convinced you even with that obvious, cliché reason. However, his heart leapt up his throat as you leaned forward, reaching out a hand to touch his forehead, your face getting closer.  Amajiki instantly panicked, his mind muddled up as he could feel the warmth of your hand as well as the awareness of how close you were right now.

He swallowed thickly, bottom lip quivering. N-No good. She's too close!

"Hm? Well, you certainly feel warm, Tamaki," you said, pulling your hand back and leaning away from him. He felt a bit relieved, but more disappointed. He liked the closeness. Oh, what he would give just to be that close with you.

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