Chapter 36

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Harry pov

After we get home, Kate and I spend the rest of my leave together, either at my place or at her’s. 
I know some people would think it’s too fast to be together all the time like this as we’re almost living together, but I’ve already walked in to a wounded, hurting Kate twice and I don’t want to take the risk of that happening again. But, to be totally honest, I just can’t be without her. When we’re apart I miss her every minute. I worry about her, but I also miss her personality, her presence, everything about her. Kate has my heart, she is my home, that’s why I want to ask her to move in with me. Also, it’s just completely  stupid to be paying for an apartment that’s empty all of the time. I’ll ask her later but I think I should think of a special way to ask her.

Today was my first day back at work. I scheduled an easy day to go over some paperwork, catch up with some patients and their cases and to visit all the neurosurgical patients on the ward because I’m on call from 8 pm tonight.

“Good Morning Harry,” a happy Katia greeted me when I came into her office. 
“How are you? Had a good holiday,” she asked.  


greeted my secretary with a wave before I started to make a cup of coffee for myself.  
“The holiday was great, thank you,” I answered leaning against her desk. I told Katia about our holiday. “Anything important happened here,” I asked after I told her everything. 

“Dr. Cook was his annoying self and tried to make our lives hell”.


shook my head and ran my hand through my hair. One of the other neurosurgeons, James Cook, is a big arsehole with a God complex. He bullies everyone he has to work with, it’s horrible. I looked through some of my mail while Katia ran over her list of things she couldn’t forget to tell me.
“Oh yeah and that Belgian doctor called for Kate Jones’s case.”
My head snapped and I threw my mail on the desk in front of me. 
“What? What did you say?” I spurred Katia to go on.

“I told him you were on holiday, but I know how important this specific case is for you so I put him through to your intern, Brian Ferris.” This was good. This doctor wouldn’t have tried to contact me himself, if he thought it was useless. 
“Good! Did you hear something from Ferris after that?” A nervous feeling started to bubble in my stomach. 
“I saw him around, the poor guy had to work with Cook last week but he was so busy...” I didn’t let Katia speak further. 
“Okay, page Brian and let Cook know that I’m taking Brian back from him”. A groan came from Katia’s throat. I patted her shoulder and laughed. It wasn’t like her to talk about a doctor like that, so Cook must have definitely hit a sensitive nerve during my absence. With a long list of people who I had to call back, I walked into my office.

After an hour of making phone calls and reading patient files, I sit back in my chair at my desk and my mind keeps drifting to Kate. After being with her day and night for almost two weeks, I miss her around me. The little sounds she makes whilst she is reading a book, how she bites her thumb when she is aroused. I hope it will be an easy week, so I can actually see her at night. Often when I’m on call, I live at the hospital for a week.
I hope to see Brian soon because I need to know what this Belgian doctor said so I can return his call. 
Suddenly something on Katia’s list catches my eye:   
         “Call Donna  Cass!!!!”
What the fuck does that women want? I have nothing to say to her. I think for a minute about everything that happened, everything that has been said before and I decide not to call her back. I take my blue pen and cross it off the list.
I decide I need more coffee. I push my chair away from my desk and start to walk to the door when someone knocks. When I open the door, I see a surprised Brian. 

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