Chapter 1

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Harry pov
Beep... beep... beep.... the sound of my patient's heartbeat through the machine is filling the room. I have been trying to remove Mrs Jacowski's brain tumour for hours but the damn thing is everywhere. Suddenly her heartbeat quickens, I look up to the machine at the moment the flatline appears on the screen, her brain starts to swell.
"For fuck sake! Crash cart, start compressions and give 25 mg of epi," I order the nurses while I walk around the table. I take the paddles and put them on Mrs Jacowski's chest, "Come on Bertha, this is not what we agreed. Don't do this to your family. Come on... " I yell at my patient. I'm not sure if she can hear me but you never know what an unconscious person can hear, so I encouraged her to fight, to live...
After 6 rounds of medication, 3 bags of blood and several shocks I realize it's over.
"Time of death: 4.58 pm." I lower my head next to my patient's ear and whisper, "I'm so sorry Bertha." I close my eyes and sigh.
The biggest lie they tell you at medical school is that you get used to losing a patient. I'll never get used to it or even want to get used to it as I think when a doctor feels like it's okay to lose a patient, he won't do his best any more, he won't give his best fight when he thinks it's normal to lose someone.

After a long conversation with Mrs Jacowski's family I go back to my office. When I walk past the waiting area my eyes fall on a beautiful woman with long auburn hair in a high ponytail. She is fiddling with her rings, she is nervous. I don't know where it is coming from, but I want to put my hand on her's and tell her it will be okay.
I greet Katia, my secretary and walk into my office but, she follows me, so I know she wants me to do something but I only want to go home, eat dinner, shower and sleep.
'"I rescheduled all your appointments except the last one because I've already had to reschedule this appointment twice and this woman really needs your help. She's waiting'
I sigh and run my hands through my hair,
"Everything okay?" Katia asks concerned.
I nod, "Yeah, but Mrs Jacowski didn't make it."
Katia sighed, "I'm sorry, but you did everything in your power to save her. I know you won't listen but don't beat yourself up too much, okay?"
I nodded and gave my secretary a little smile before she walked out.

I quickly look to see if I already have some information about my patient, but I've never seen her before. I opened the door of my office and called her, "Miss Kate Jones".
I walk back in but I am surprised to see the beautiful woman who I saw at the waiting area.
My eyes meet her big green ones and a shiver runs down my spine.
"Hi, nice to meet you," I extend my hand.
"Hello, I'm Kate," the woman said a little unsure. She takes my big hand in her little one and her skin feels so soft. I look down into her eyes again, only to see her staring at me and biting her lip.

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