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Preeran SS: Tu Hi Hai ❣️ by Ezzah23
Preeran SS: Tu Hi Hai ❣️by Cute cat😻
Karan a well known doctor is in love with his college friend but couldn't express his fellings what will happen when his love will be in front of him as a patient.
MaNan Ff: Humdard by salley145
MaNan Ff: Humdardby Warrior_For_SSR
A joyful girl who cared about everyone, was different from other girls tragically gets traumatized by her own parents. The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke, The girl w...
Patience by Kris_Stien
Patienceby Kristien Vanhove
She the patient, she needs patience in him finding a cure He has to be patient with her condition World class neurosurgeon Harry Styles is the last hope of chronically i...
Mental by Lovely_Bell
Mentalby Bella
A teen struggling with her mental health and her new Psychiatrist who wants to help her ⚠️⚠️WARNING Contains depressing topics. Self harm issues, eating disorders and ta...
Gift Of Love✔️✔️ by _ridz_
Gift Of Love✔️✔️by Ridz
What if Sanskar was mad in real? Here I am presenting my version of the story with necessary changes. Cover by- @theycalledmemiss
bts shot sickfic  by bshtimas
bts shot sickfic by sh
due to some issues I had to delete my last book! but I'm starting to write another sickfic book for you all. tell me what you have in mind and I'll write your requests h...
House MD by HayHayDobrik
House MDby HayHayDobrik
Dr. Amelia Kingston (King, as her colleagues call her) is a nephrologist working at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. Between having to deal with House and her personal lif...
✔Personal Diary || TaeKook FF || by moonloverbutterfly99
✔Personal Diary || TaeKook FF ||by 🦋 ᜁᜇᜒᜈ᜔
Taehyung got bored and started to dial random numbers and texted it. He did not get a reply so he think he was texting a ghost so he decided to make it as his PERSONAL D...
Wake Up, Stop Dreaming [Quick Transmigration] by _QuiSi_
Wake Up, Stop Dreaming [Quick QuiSi
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Return (Night Shift 3) by brainoverload
The Return (Night Shift 3)by Brainoverload
Standalone Story Book 3 of the "Night Shift" books 1) Night Shift 2) Her Persistence 3) The Return When a couple of things Poppy wished she never had to see ag...
If Only I Was Patient by meredithmariala
If Only I Was Patientby Meredith Mariala
Mayenna Margaret is a young and beautiful woman. She is very successful as a dance teacher. She is a dancer herself. One thing Mayenna has always wanted, is a husband. A...
I Love You, Ghost  by rusmeira
I Love You, Ghost by Mei
The Ghost was a popular guy in their city. He's the leader of the illegal racing group--but it turns on unexpected crash while he want to get a dream trophy. *** At the...
Mental Mind by X_No_Love_O
Mental Mindby Aj
Hit deep into the mental mind and you will notice were all a bit crazy inside.
𖧧ꓸ epiphany ꓼ sookai ꓸ by __chaoticmoa__
𖧧ꓸ epiphany ꓼ sookai ꓸby 𝒢𝓲𝓃𝓰𝓮𝓇
running away with a patient, a decision a psychiatrist should never consider, not for any reason, unless... ⸝⸝ ⸝⸝ ⸝⸝ ⸝⸝ ⸝⸝ Soobin's pati...
Fighting For Mason(COMPLETED) (✔️) by strawberrytrifles
Fighting For Mason(COMPLETED) (✔️)by 💕Emma Eunice💕
This book is dedicated to all fighters either battling life threatening diseases, life problems, depression or anything at all. Keep fighting 'cause you are not alone an...
Hidden Abnormality by InsouciantElly
Hidden Abnormalityby 𝐸𝓁𝓁𝓎
The quiet girl being held in a government facility completes metal puzzles every time she's been given one. The doctors give her newly crafted ones that are more complex...
Habitual Healing [Soonhoon] by _Yoonki_
Habitual Healing [Soonhoon]by Zzz...
"Hey, Jihoon. My name is Soonyoung, I am here to take care of you." "..." "You don't have to talk. I am just here to tell you that I will be tak...
Tróia de Madeleine by MissKittyCathB
Tróia de Madeleineby Cath
A joyous patient and a grumpy nurse.