Chapter 55

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Kate pov

I have no idea how long I have been laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling while nervously tapping my fingers on the book in my lap, moving my toes and intently listening to hear if there is a car outside when I hear Harry's car stop at the driveway. He left this morning for a meeting at the hospital and I haven't heard from him since, I hope everything went well.
I throw myself from the couch and slowly get up on my socked feet. I bob to the door, just as I arrive Harry puts his key in the lock and opens the big door.

When the door opens a little bit I take Harry's hand and drag him inside.
"What happened? come in baby," I ask urgent.

"Take it easy beautiful, I will tell you everything. Let's just settle on the couch with a cuppa."
I groan, he just wants to tease me because he knows how impatient and curious I am about what happened. Harry walks to the kitchen and starts the kettle while I push him to start to talk but with a big grin he says I should wait till we're on the couch.
Once Harry has made his tea he settled next to me on the couch and started to tell me everything...

When Harry is done I'm stunned. We talked about him getting fired or resigning but I never thought he would really do that.

"Oh my God Harry, what are you going to do now?" I ask stunned.
"That's easy, search for a job at another Hospital." he says like it is nothing. I'm quiet for a minute and let it all sink in before I reach out and pull him close to my chest.
"I'm so proud of you for doing what your heart tells you." I kiss Harry's cheek.
"Have you considered Maarten's offer?" I ask carefully, not really knowing what Harry's feelings areabout this.

"Yes, I did and it's a very generous offer but what about you?" Harry looks up to me and pushes some hair out of my face.
"Well... if you would like me to... I maybe could go with you?" I say in a questioning tone,while I look down to my hands unsure what Harry's reaction is going to be. If he really would want me to go with him, he would have asked. It's probably a stupid idea, I'm too much of a burden, negative thoughts are taking over. Harry takes the tip of my chin in his thumb and forefinger and makes me look into his eyes.

"I would love you to go with me. I have wanted to ask you since it came up for the first time but I don't want to push you into it for me. It won't be easy since you will leave your parents and Karla behind. When I have to work, you'll be alone in a place you know nobody." I sigh. Harry is right, I would leave behind some people but if Harry really wants this who am I to stop him?

"Yes I would leave my parents, who send one text after I almost died. And I would miss Karla terribly but she is always so busy. I mainly see her if we video chat or talk on the phone and I can do that from there too. And we can give her some plane tickets for her birthday and we can visit her here too. I'm alone here too..." I take Harry's hand and kiss it. "If you want that job, we'll move to Belgium, I would follow you across the world if I have to because I only need you in my life to be happy." Harry's eyes are teary when I move forward and give him a little peck on his lips.

"Thank you, beautiful. This means the world to me. I will talk about it again with Maarten" he whispers.

"I guess it means we'll have to learn Dutch, that won't be easy."
"Isn't it almost the same as German? I'm going to kick your ass at Dutch" I laugh.

Three days later Harry was on a plane to Belgium. He had a meeting with the director of the hospital, chief of surgery and Maarten who was the head of the neurosurgical department. They were going to talk about exactly what they wanted from Harry. Harry was a well known specialist, he even invented a minimal invasive surgical procedure to remove a brain tumour through small holes (size of a dime), nose or mouth. So when they would hire Harry, automatically he would attract more patients. They would also negotiate money, Harry knows what he is worth as a surgeon, he isn't going to move to Belgium for a couple of dimes.

I was going to be home alone for three days so I texted my parents to ask if they wanted to come over. I casually mentioned Harry wasn't going to be home because if Harry was around my dad wouldn't come.
They will be here in fifteen minutes and I am nervous, it's stupid I know but the last time we saw each other, we didn't end on the best terms.

When I heard a car stop on the driveway, I knew it was my parents. They were ten minutes early but that was typical of my mom, she always wanted to leave on time because she hated to be late somewhere. Not that I would care if they were late.
I got up from the couch and walked to the front door. I open the door on the moment my mom puts her finger on the bell.

"Oooh my baby!!" she yells and puts her arms around me to hug me. Seriously now she acts like that, where was she when I was dead? I roll my eyes.

She lets me go and moves inside the house. My dad looks at me, cups my face and kisses my head.
"Hi dad." I say before I turn around and go inside, this is going to be so awkward.

My parents move to the living room while I go to the kitchen to make us tea. I join them on the couch with our hot beverage and delicious cookies made by Anne.

"How are you?" mom asks not looking at me.
"The pain is worse than before but that's normal. They have been digging around in my back twice in a week, we'll see if it stays. Harry says it can go back to how it was before, not that that is better. The pain won't go away. My brain is shit, I can't remember anything, it's so annoying. But other than that I'm okay, Harry is great." My dad scoffs and rolls his eyes while my mom is glaring at him. I don't want to start a fight so I ignore my father.
I told my parents exactly what happened, which made my mom tear up. I was getting angry, how dare they come here and act like they care.

"And what are the plans of the great doctor Harry after this failure?" my dad says in a sarcastic tone.

"What is your problem with Harry, dad? Is this all because he told you the truth when you came here to push me into surgery?" I was done, I couldn't shut my mouth any more, I'm tired that my parents drag Harry down.
"The Harry who you hate so much, was there, by my side, the whole time. I was dying and it was too much for you to answer Harry's message!" I stood up and started pacing around, my hands were clenched in fists and my face felt like it was on fire.

"Harry never messaged us about your situation. It was Karla who told us when we ran into her at the store" my dad exclaimed.

I looked my father right in the eyes, if my eyes were daggers he would be dead
"Oh dad, stop your lies!" I yelled.
"I have seen the text Harry sent you, with the date and the hour. Karla has told me she saw you at the store and when she asked you if you heard anything new about my situation you said you didn't want to talk to my stupid doctor." My dad's face fell and he looked at my mom who was crying.

"I understand, after everything it is probably is hard to let me go but Harry is my boyfriend and some day he will be my husband and the father of my kids. He will always be there for me and he will always defend me. You will have to respect him!" I sighed and thought about what I would say next.

"But I have good news for you, there is a big chance you won't see much of him or me in the future!" both my parents head snapped up.
"We probably will move to Belgium, Harry has got a job offer. He is there now to negotiate it."

My mom started to cry harder.
"No you won't!" dad jumped up. I couldn't stop a laugh from escaping from my mouth.
"What are you going to do? Lock me up? Newsflash dad, I'm a grown woman. I can do what I want and if Harry goes to Belgium I'm going too!" I yelled at her.

"This is ridiculous!" my dad started to put his coat on.
"Come" he said to my mom who did as she was told and followed my dad's lead.

My dad walked to the door like a mad man.
"If you move to Belgium you don't get to call me when everything comes back in your face." my dad snorts before he moves to the hallway.

"Sorry." my mom whispers before she kisses my cheek and rushes after my dad. When I hear the front door close I walk to the couch and lay down.

"Okay that went well." I said to myself before tears started to stream over my cheeks.

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