Chapter 7

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Harry pov

Kate was sleeping in my arms. Her body pressed against mine and her legs tangled with mine. She's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I can drown in her eyes, her skin is the softest and she is perfection.
Kate has put me under a spell. Every minute I spend with her feels like I'm in heaven. She has the same interests, she loves to travel, read and cook. I want to spend more time with her, I want to be her friend and I hope she wants it too. In other circumstances, I would have asked her on a date the first time I met her but I can't. She's my patient and I'm her doctor. The hospital doesn't allow doctors to date their patients.
I push a strand of hair out of Kate's face and she murmurs something that I don't understand. I hated to see her in so much pain today but she was so damn stubborn. Instead of taking care of herself, she was afraid to bother me. She doesn't know she could never bother me. I really wish I could help her. There has to be a way. I have made some calls, put my interns on it but no results as of yet.

I look at Kate's alarm clock and see it's almost 9pm. I want to stay here with her in my arms but I don't think it would be appropriate. I slip out of the bed, tuck Kate back in before I go to the kitchen, take some juice out of the fridge and her morphine pills from the counter.
I search for some paper and a pen to write a note.

'Hi Sleeping Beauty,
I hope when you wake up you aren't in too much pain. Here are your pills for when you need them and something to drink.
Call me when you wake up, even if it is in the middle of the night. I put my number in your phone.

Thanks for the amazing time together!
All the love, H. x '

I go back to her bedroom and put everything on her night stand. I put my number in her phone before I kiss her head and leave the apartment.

I decide to go to the hospital where I have access to the research library. I'm going in through the Emergency Room. I greet a few people with a little smile. Julia, one of the nurses who sometimes works in my department, sits at the information desk. Julia is tall, skinny, blonde and has big boobs. She's a pretty woman but she thinks she's perfect and looks down on other people which makes her a lot less beautiful. She sees me and smiles widely, "I didn't know you were on call, Dr. Styles". She walks around her big white desk and stands in front of me.

"Hi Julia, I'm not on call. Just here to do some research," I smile at her and try to walk around her but she blocks my way.
"You look stressed, maybe I should help you relax before you go to do your research," Julia takes a step closer to me and puts her hands on my chest. I want to take a step back but is grips my shirt so I can't. Julia rubs her nose against my jaw and kisses my jaw.

"Julia! three things," I say sternly, "One, this is a hospital and you can't act like this in the middle of the hallway. It isn't appropriate. Two, you should know by now your games don't work with me. I'm not interested in anything that involves you and three, this is your work maybe you should actually go and do what you are paid for!" Julia gives me a dirty look and turns around back to her desk.

Finally, I can continue on my way to the research library. I feel bad that I had to put Julia in her place like that but she has to know I don't appreciate the way she tries to seduce me every time she sees me.
Julia likes to sleep around with doctors but I'm not interested in a relationship of any kind with someone I have to work with. It can be nice to fool around but when everything is over it can get pretty awkward, it can ruin the working atmosphere for the both of you and for the other colleagues. Also, patients can feel the tension which isn't healthy for them. Patients shouldn't have to worry if their doctor is paying attention to them or if their thoughts are with the pretty nurse. It's also against the hospital rules and people can lose their jobs. I would never want to be the reason for someone losing their job.

At the research library I press the security code into the grey display before the door gets buzzed open. I go in and look around. As a student I spent hours studying in here. I love the smell of the books and the energy in here. Every person in here is trying to improve medicine. I look around at the shelves with medical books and journals and look at which way I have to go. It's a big library, people could easily get lost in here.
When I find the books I need I take them to one of the desks with a computer, log in on the hospital network and search Kate's file. I work for hours reading parts of the medical books from the library, surfing on the internet, writing important things down. Around midnight I get interrupted by a message on my phone. My stomach jumps and I hope it's who I think it is.

-Unknown Number-
Thank you for today. I really appreciate your help and care.
Big hug x Kate x

I save her number in my phone before I type a message back.

- Harry -
How are you feeling? Want me to come over? X

I feel butterflies when my phone beeps again and I silently wish she wants me to come over.

- Kate -

That's really sweet but it's okay. I'm going to try to sleep again. You should do the same. Good night, sweet dreams xxx

I feel a little bumed that she doesn't want me to come over but I understand. She probably is exhausted after today and in a lot of pain but she'd be too damn stubborn to admit it
I take one of the emergency exits to avoid walking into Julia again. I get in my black Audi and drive home. It's past midnight so it's calm on the road. I have to open my window so I'll get some wind in my face because I feel my eyes start to droop. Luckily I get home in no time, drive my car in the garage and take the stairs up to the first floor. I immediately walk to my bedroom, strip off all my clothes and slip between my soft black sheets. I'm asleep before my head touches my pillow and have an amazing sleep full of dreams about Kate.

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