Chapter 48

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Harry pov

"Harry" Maarten sighs and rubs his hand through his hair.
"Kate is..." the doors of the ward fly open and two male nurses push a big white hospital bed inside. In between the white hospital sheets lays Kate, she looks pale and small but she is alive. It feels like a ton of bricks fall from my back and I finally am able to breath again. The nurses push the bed inside the room, Maarten and I follow them but as soon as the bed is placed right the nurses bid us goodbye and leave.

I immediately kiss Kate's cheek and take her hand in mine, her hand is still cold, it feels like it's frozen. I sit down in the chair next to the bed and look up to Maarten.

"How did it go?" I ask the doctor. He takes a seat in the chair against the wall and rubs his face again.
"The cardiologist examined her and after she gave her okay we started to open her back up. I started with the back because I suspected the infection was situated mainly at the front area. I was wrong." Maarten sighed again rubbed his hands together.
"From the place where I attached the lead to the spinal cord, the whole area where the electrode went from back to belly, the area where the catheter led outside, all the tissue is infected. I removed the most infected tissue, disinfected everything and rinsed with antibiotics." I know from experience with my patients, Maarten did everything according to the textbook and I trust him not to have made any mistakes. I have consulted Dr. Latet and we decided to give her a large antibiotic treatment. You know large volumes are needed because it not only needs to kill the bacteria but also reach the dura. She will get IV antibiotics all day and night, we have opted for vancomycin and cefotaxime but every day the nurses will take blood to check her cultures so that we can change the antibiotics if needed to control the bacteria as fast and effectively as possible. She isn't out of the woods but I strongly believe she will get through this, hopefully without ramifications, but we will have to wait to know for sure." I nodded and squeezed Kate's hand.

"Did she already wake up?" I asked hopefully. Hearing Kate's sweet voice would make me the happiest man on earth.

"Yes she did, she woke up after surgery and ate a popsicle but we gave her so many painkillers and with the antibiotics. She will sleep a lot the next few hours."
"Thanks mate, you saved her." Maarten smiled big and stood straight.

"I'm glad she got through the surgery. Everything will be okay. I'm going home now but the nurses can call me anytime. I know you'll want to stay here tonight so I asked them to bring you something more comfortable to sleep on." Maarten slowly walked to the door.
"Thanks, for everything. Have a nice evening." I look at my friend gratefully.

"See you tomorrow." Maarten said before he left me and Kate alone again.

I sit next to Kate holding her hand and watch as she sleeps. The nurses come check on her regularly and are all very caring and kind. They bring me a guest bed that I place next to Kate's, I put Kate's bed at the same height as mine so it feels like we are in bed together.

"Harry?" I hear a whisper. For a moment I think I am dreaming but then I hear it again and I realize it's Kate's voice but it's a little croaky from the intubation. I open my eyes and turn my head to Kate and I feel so much joy and happiness when I look into her green eyes.

"Oh beautiful, I'm so happy you are awake!" Kate smiles at me, it makes my heart flutter like the first time I saw her.

"Hi babe, I'm so glad you are here." Kate takes my hand and put it on her chest, close to her heart. I move a little closer to Kate, fortunately her IV is on the other side of her body so that can't bother us. Carefully my hand slips around her belly, I snuggle my head in her neck and smell her delicious scent.
"You scared me, I thought I lost you." I whisper against the skin of her neck. After keeping my emotions in check all day I feel tears well up in my eyes.
"I'm so sorry that I did that to you,"Kate's hand goes up into my hair and she kisses the side of my head."I don't remember what happened but the last thing I wanted to do is scare you. I'm so sorry." Kate kissed my head again before I turned my head and kissed her nose.

"I know you didn't. You didn't chose for this to happen, baby."

"Will I be okay?" I knew this question would come but I didn't want to answer it. I didn't want to tell her it could be fatal. She looks okay at the moment but I can see how weak she is. I see it in her slow moves and dull eyes, I hear it in her weak voice and there is something about her speech, I can't put my finger on it. I just hope she still has lots of power to fight inside of her.

"We don't know if you will be okay. Maarten removed lots of the infected tissue and they are giving you a top notch antibiotics treatment. If it all works, you will be fine, but the slightest set back can destroy a lot. You have to think positive and fight because I love you and I can't live without you, I need you by my side till we are old and wrinkled." the corners of Kate's mouth curl up for a second.
"Kiss me." Kate demanded and I was happy to follow her orders. I closed the space between us and pressed my lips to hers. It was a slow kiss, filled with love and emotion, we captured each others lips over and over again. When we broke apart Kate looked exhausted.
"Sleep, beautiful. I will be here when you wake up." Kate closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.

Kate pov

I don't remember anything that has happened in the last 24 hours, it is so weird there is just a part of my life gone, deleted out of my memory. Maybe it's for the best that I don't remember, from what Harry told me it was very painful and scary. When I saw Harry for the first time after surgery he was so relieved, he looked tired, exhausted even, but at the same time he looked relieved and content.

Physically I don't really feel any different than before, I still have a major headache, sometimes it's so bad I want to rip my hair out. My back and leg are killing me, the pain is so much worse than before but they worked twice a week directly at the nerve so I think it's normal and hope it will go away. I'm very tired because I lost lots of blood, it's the first day after the surgery and I slept almost all day. What bothers me the most is my speech, it's like I've forgotten so many words I want to say. They are on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember them. Poor Harry stays by my side every minute like the wonderful, loyal boyfriend he is.

"Hi, you are awake!" Harry says when he sees me looking at him while he is reading his magazine.
"Yes I am, for now. Sorry I have been sleeping so much. You must be bored." Harry closes his magazine and stretched his tall body.
"Don't say sorry, beautiful. You have to sleep a lot to get better. I just sit here and read and I've got my tablet and I can watch you sleep."
"Creepy." I mumble under my breath and Harry starts to laugh but gets interrupted when his phonestarts to ring.

"Hello, this is Harry Styles." Harry answers the phone.
"Harry, you have to come back." I hear Katia say into the phone. Her voice is high and I can hear her breathing, she sounds stressed. I frown why would she want Harry to come back? My suspicion getsfuelled when Harry turns away.

"I don't want to come back, I have to stay here with Kate." Harry says sternly. I have never heard him talk like this to Katia, They have known each other for years, Katia is the only one at the hospital who is surely loyal to Harry. Damn, I can't hear her anymore now Harry turned his back to me.
"Yes I know it's my job and no I don't want to get fired," Harry pulls his hand through his hair and startspacing through the room.
"Okay I will talk to Kate about it. Thanks for calling. Bye." Harry ends the call and turns around. He looks tensed and angry.

"Tell me." I push him to talk

"The board knows about us and wants to fire me." Harry says right before he walks out the room.

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