Chapter 29*

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Harry pov

I woke up early in the same position as I fell asleep. Kate's head is on my chest and my arms around her torso. I keep still because I want Kate to sleep some more as she had a such a bad night. I don't think she slept for more than three hours. She was tossing and turning. I often heard her groan in agony. My poor girl, I wish I could take away the pain. I kiss the top of her head and Kate starts to stir, so I hold still and close my eyes.

Some time later, I wake up again and Kate is gone. I feel the sheet and it's still warm so she hasn't been up for long. I hear water running in the bathroom and just as I go to get up she comes back and limps to the bed.
"Hi babe, did I wake you up," she asks smiling as she crawls back in bed next to me. Kate puts her cold feet against my legs and giggles when she sees me gasp.
"You didn't wake me up," I peck her on the lips.
"Good Morning my beautiful," I whisper against her lips. "How are you feeling?"
Kate looks at me but shrugs as tears well up in her eyes.

"Baby, talk to me. I'm here for you," I coo and pull her against my chest.

"I was just so scared. There was so much blood and I almost could see inside myself. I didn't feel well. For one second, I thought I was going to die and never see you again. That's what scared me the most I think, the thought of never seeing you again, " Kate says as she kisses my chest.

"I should have told Donna not to remove the stitches. I'm your boyfriend so it's my job to stand up for you," I say feeling guilty because I'm a doctor. I should have known this and I should be able to stand up to a colleague.
"Don't you dare to feel guilty, Harry. This is not on you. This is all Donna's fault. It's so sweet you want to stand up for me and I appreciate it and love you for it but you couldn't have seen this coming. Before I had to go alone, or if you weren't a doctor you wouldn't have known anyway. But, I don't want to talk about it any more," she said adamantly.

I wish Kate would open up more about what she's feeling about her illness but she can't. She says she will break down if she does but, bottling it up like this will cause her to crash some day.
Kate starts to caress my chest, tracing the outline of my butterfly tattoo and it makes me shiver.
"I like your chest. It's so strong and firm," she lowers her hand to my laurel tattoo.
"I had nice things planned for when the stitches were out and now they're in again, it's not fair." Kate's pointer finger starts to trace the hem of my boxer briefs. This little touch makes my arousal grow.
"Kate," I warn her.
"Harry," she shoots back. She looks up to me with innocent eyes but I know she isn't an angel. Kate puts her leg over my hips and straddles me.
"Baby, I want you so much but I don't want to hurt you," I try to bring Kate to reason. She should rest and not seduce me however, I do really like it though.
"I'm already in pain, Harry! If you're waiting until I don't have pain then we're going to have a relationship without sex and besides having sex will release endorphins and they help to reduce my pain so, I need to have lots of sex," Kate says coyly before she shuts me up by dipping my head down.
Her lips were ghosting over mine. I wanted her to kiss me, I wanted to feel her. When our lips first touched it was soft and gentle. She kept kissing me like that for a while. My hands were on her hips and they slipped under the shirt she was wearing. The skin of her back feels so smooth and soft and I get really excited when I feel that she isn't wearing a bra. Kate licks my lips as I happily open my mouth and her tongue slips inside my mouth. We start a heavy battle for dominance. The whole time we have been kissing Kate's hands were on my chest and arms, caressing me, giving little squeezes when she got more excited but now, her hands have rushed to my face. She cups my cheeks firmly and kisses me with so much passion. With her hands on my body and mine on hers, the lustful kisses that we're sharing, I really am rock hard by now. My plan was to wait to have sex until she was fully recovered from the ovary surgery but it's pretty clear Kate really wants to have sex now, and I want it too.
I want her, all of her, so why wait? I'll make sure that we don't get too wild.
Our kiss falls apart naturally and when I look Kate in the eyes, I see lust and want. Her pupils are fully dilated, her lips are swollen and red, she looks magnificent. Kate takes the hem of her shirt, that looks like a lot of my shirts and pushes it over her head revealing her naked upper body. This is the first time I've seen her like this and it only makes me more excited.
"Wow! You are so beautiful and you're all mine," I put my hands on her shoulder and start to caress her skin and her prominent collarbones. With my index finger, I slowly wander to her right breast. My left index finger joins in and I start to trace Kate's perfect erect nipples. I take them between my thumb and index finger and I roll them between my fingers. Kate throws her head back moaning. Seeing Kate like this is heaven for me and the only goal I have is to make her feel good, to let her feel how much I want her. I sit up a little and take her right nipple in my mouth and flick my tongue around it. Then, I move to the other side and do the same. I massage her breasts then Kate reaches for the hem of my boxers, but I stop her.
"Let me take care of you, baby. Let me make you feel good," I say and she nods as she shoots me one of her beautiful smiles. She squeaks when I flip us over, I'm on top now.
I kiss Kate's lips while my hands slip over her body to her covered sex. I put my hand on it and give it some pressure, she is so wet.
"That's all for you," Kate murmurs between kisses . I kiss, suck and nibble my way down. When I reach her black lacy panties, I slowly start to take them off while I look Kate in her beautiful green eyes. When her panties are off, I playfully throw them over my shoulder and Kate giggles. It's my favourite sound in the world. I dip my head between her legs and slowly kiss her thighs.
"Stop teasing Harry," Kate giggles beneath me.
"You're my woman, I can tease you whenever I want to," I say before I dip my head between her legs and I lick a couple of bold stripes over her slit but only when she starts to moan and wriggle under me, I begin to flick my tongue over her sensitive nub and from the corner of my eyes, I can see Kate fisting the sheets. I smile against her core. I lick her like it's the last meal I'm going to get in long time. Firstly, I go slow but suddenly really fast like my life depends on it. She tastes so good, like something what you aren't allowed to have but you secretly eat it and it tastes heavenly. I slip a finger inside and start to move slowly, curling up my finger to reach the right spot. Kate is gasping for air by now.
"Ah yes Harry please, more," Kate begs me and I add another finger. I turn off the pace of my fingers while I start to lick her a couple of times.
"You taste so good, beautiful. I can't get enough," I say as her juices coat my mouth and chin. I feel Kate's walls clench around my fingers and for one second I think about teasing her and stop my movements so she won't cum but teasing her like that will be for another time. Before I know it, Kate is screaming and moaning my name but it just encourages me to go on. I lick her totally clean before I kiss my way up and I kiss her hard so she can taste herself on my tongue. No woman ever wanted to do that and Kate tasting herself is so hot.
"Amazing," Kate pants, "I want you Harry. I want you now," she says between breaths and who am I to deny this beautiful, sweet woman what she wants?

I rummage through my bedside table and find a condom. I tear it open while Kate starts to stroke my dick. I look at her and she is biting her lips and looking up at me with a naughty glare. This is a side that I didn't expect from her but I love it. She takes the condom out of my hand and puts it on.
"How do you want this? I mean I don't want to hurt you.." Suddenly I feel nervous and I don't really know how to approach this but Kate just takes my head and she starts to kiss me eagerly while she pulls me down with her.
Kate's hand slips over my torso to my length and she guides it inside. I slowly slide into her, a warm feeling surrounding my cock. We keep looking at each other the whole time. Kate's breath hitched and I suddenly stop.

"You don't have to hold back. Don't go slow, just push," she whispers.

I listen and push myself fully in. Kate moans and shoves her nails in my back while she sucks my earlobe. I start moving, slowly I pull almost fully back before I push back in. I move faster wanting my girl to feel good. Kate throws her legs around me and pushes her breasts up. I can't help to take one her nipples in my mouth and suck it hard.

"You feel so good, baby. Take me, make me yours," she growls in my ear. I start to thrust deep inside her while I lick a broad stripe from her collarbone to her ear. She tastes both sweet and salty at the same time. Kate starts to moan heavily and it encourages me to move even faster, thrust harder. A familiar feeling starts to rise in my belly, I'm close.

"Oh yes Harry! Fuck me harder," Kate pants and starts to move her hips with me.
"Baby, I can't hold off any longer. I need to come."

Kate smiled at me, "I'm yours to take". Kate's last words pushed me over the edge. I keep looking at her through my orgasm. Kate follows me soon, screaming my name. We ride out our orgasms and I crash down on top of her.
"You are amazing! I love you," Kate whispers. I pull out and remove the condom before I go to the bathroom to put it in the bin.
I rush back to bed, slip in next to Kate and pull her against me.
"You, my girl are amazing too and I love you with all my heart, beautiful." We share some lazy kisses before we drift off to sleep together, holding each other, loving each other.

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