Chapter 27

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Harry pov
Thank God it was night and there was no traffic on the road because I raced to Kate's house really fast. Thousands of questions running through my mind. I tried to call her again in the car but, she didn't pick up her phone. I don't think I have ever been this worried. I was lucky enough to find a parking spot in front of her building. I ran out of the car, into the building and up the stairs. I let myself in with my key, mentally preparing myself for whatever I was about to see.
"Kate," I said when I opened the door but there was no answer. As fast as I could I walked to the living room but it was empty. I turned round and went to Kate's bedroom. The sight in front of me was like one out of a horror movie. Kate was in the bed in a white tank top and black shorts. The sheets, Kate's top, Kate's hands, everything was covered in blood. In two steps I was by her side.
"Kate, Kate baby wake up," I tapped her cheek and her eyes fluttered. I felt Kate's pulse and she luckily had a strong heart rate.
"Harry," she mumbled. Her eyes are open now and she looks at me with fear in her them.
"I'm here baby. Let me look at your wounds please." Kate was holding a blood covered towel against her belly. I took it away and exactly what I had been scared of happening, had happened. Two of Kate's three incisions were ripped open.
"Oh for fuck's sake Donna," I cursed. Anger towards my colleague started running through my veins but also anger towards myself because I didn't speak up more.
"Babe we have to go to the hospital but first I'm going to dress your wounds so you don't lose any more blood." Kate barely reacted. She probably doesn't feel good because of the blood loss and the shock. I rush to the bathroom and take some supplies out of the medicine cabinet.
"Let me help you sit up, beautiful," I take Kate's legs and turn her so they are hanging off the side of the bed before I take her shoulders and help her sit up.
I open some sterile gauzes and put them on the wounds before I put a towel over them so the blood can go into the towel when the gauzes are drenched and I put a dressing around it.
"I will clean this later. I'm just gonna give you a jumper to wear outside." Kate doesn't answer, she just looks at me. The only thing I want to do is take her in my arms and never let her go but I don't have time right now. I help her into her jumper, look for her purse and make sure her wallet is inside, before I walk back to Kate, in her bedroom.
"Okay beautiful, we're going to the hospital now. Lean on me okay?." Kate stands up and a hiss leaves her lips. We slowly walk to my car, get in and I drive to the hospital.

Kate pov
I always wake up multiple times during the night but when I woke up this time, I felt something wet on my stomach. I turned on the reading lamp attached to my bed and pushed my sheet away. My eyes fell on my hand, it was covered with something red. My mind jumped to my belly again and I looked down. I froze when I saw my white tank top covered in blood.
My heart started to race and the palms of my hands were sweaty when I slowly pushed my top up. The two wounds, the ones on each side of my bellybutton were ripped open. Panic shot through my body and I started to breathe heavily. Thick, red blood slowly poured from the wounds. I rushed to the bathroom and took a couple of towels from the cabinet under the sink. I walked back to the bed and laid down applying pressure on my belly. I took my phone from the night stand and tried to call Harry. The first three times he didn't pick up and I really started to panic, but the fourth time he picked up. I cried out his name but I don't remember what else I said because the blood was starting to soak through the towels. I'm not afraid of blood, but this was a little too much for me. I laid down and before I knew it, it was dark.

I felt someone touching my cheek, opened my eyes and saw Harry. It took me a minute to realise why he was suddenly was here. My incisions were open again. I felt weak. The only thing I wanted was to lay down and sleep . It was like I was in a bubble. I heard what Harry was saying and did what he asked, but it was all in autopilot. Soon, we were on our way to the hospital. Harry drove fast, faster than he should have, but I said nothing.

Harry parked at the ER, he jumped out of the car and before I could open the passenger door, he was next to me. He picked me up and walked into the ER.
"Jake, what box is free?" Harry said when we entered the ER with a stern voice to a older man with short brown hair. The man rushed behind the big desk at the entrance and looked at the computer.
"Go to box 3. What's her name so I can put her in the computer. We can register her later,"
"Kate Jones," Harry said while he walked to the box. The door opened automatically. There was a gurney in the middle of the room. On one side there were lots of cabinets and a desk with a computer and a sink. On the other side was a rack with equipment, a defibrillator and some other machines that I didn't recognise. Harry put me down on the bed and walked to the sink and started to wash his hands. After a few minutes, he was done and put blue gloves on.
"Baby, we're gonna start with taking this dressing off," Harry said. The male nurse, Jake came in and asked Harry what had happened. Harry explained everything while they took the dressings off. I said nothing. It was like I was watching what they did from the side but I couldn't participate. Jake put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up into his friendly brown eyes.
"We're going to take care of you, okay?" he lightly squeezed my shoulder. Before he took my arm he said, "I'm gonna hook you up to an IV and give you something to help to calm you down."
I was watching how Jake searched for a good vein. It was always the same song. Every time they wanted to take blood or I needed an IV, they couldn't find a vein or they broke it because my veins are so fragile. Just as Jake disinfected my arm and took the needle, he was about to stick it into my arm when we got startled by Harry.

"For fuck's sake, are you kidding me," he raised his voice. Both mine and Jake's head snapped to the other side.
"Jake, call Donna Cass now," Harry said in a stern voice. I've never seen him like this, so authoritative and I have to admit it was so hot.
"Dr. Cass isn't on call," Jake replied with a frown.
"I don't care! Call her and tell her that I want her here within thirty minutes," Harry said angrily.
"Harry, what's going on?" I asked concerned.
"She made a mistake! A mistake an experienced surgeon isn't allowed to make," Harry growled.

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