Six months later...

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"I can't believe we've finally settled in" Harry fell down on the red armchair.
"I thought we would have to keep unpacking boxes till we were eighty." he let his head fall back, arms resting on each side of the armrests.
 "You are so dramatic." I laughed, laying on our new grey couch under my red blanket.

I slowly let my eyes roam over Harry's body, he looked so good sitting there in his white t shirt, ripped jeans, his legs open to give his junk all the space it needed, I wanted to sink down on my knees and give him a treat for all his hard work. Harry practically moved all our stuff in our new house alone.

After Harry signed the contract to start to work at University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium, we started to look for a house or apartment in the hospital area. It wasn't easy, we wanted something without stairs because that's easier for me, Harry really wanted a garden and a space to create a little gym. With help of our friends, my doctor Maarten and his wife Elisabeth we found a huge three bedroom house. When I first saw the pictures I told Harry it would be too big for us but he insisted on visiting it and it was like when Harry and I first met, love at first sight.

When you come in through our black front door you can go through a door at the left to the living area with a fireplace. Passing on through there is a dining area with a big wooden table to seat lots of people. Left from the dining area is a white kitchen with a little breakfast bar. The whole backside of the house, from the dining area and the kitchen is covered with a huge window overlooking on our beautiful garden with our jacuzzi.
If we want to go back in the house from the garden there is a back door that brings us in a hallway with doors to the kitchen, Harry's gym and the garage.
If we would go back to the hallway by the front door and go to the right that hallway would lead to Harry's office, a room with no designation so far, the master bathroom, two medium sized bedrooms and the master bedroom, which was so big we could use it as a ballroom. Behind a wall on the left side a big hidden walk in closet and on the right side our en suite bathroom with a huge rain shower.

"Monday will be your first day at the hospital, are you nervous?" I ask Harry. The past six months we have been so busy with looking for a house, preparing the move, looking for painters, a cleaning lady, setting up a Belgian bank account... and Harry had to make sure all the documents for his medical license were okay to work here too.

"I'm mostly nervous about the teaching. I always had interns before but now I will have to be in front of a class. I will teach in English and I do understand lots of Dutch words but I'm afraid language will be a problem while I'm teaching." Harry was so insecure about his ability to speak Dutch but to be honest he was so good at it. Since we started to learn Dutch five months ago he made a lot of progress, more so than me and I'm the one who spends more hours studying.
"It won't, it isn't teenagers who you will have in front of you. It are adults who already have been studying medicine for five or six years, who thought about what interests them the most and have chosen neurosurgery as their speciality because they think it's interesting and they think they can make a difference in that medical field. You will do great." I smile at Harry who gets up and comes sit down next to me.

It turned out Harry did amazingly well, his students loved his way of teaching, they adored him and Harry really liked it. Teaching a the university is just one day a week, he also has one day where he is teaching his students in a skills lab, one day for his research, one day for seeing patients which is the only day Harry has to work late, and one day for his surgeries. He is on call one week every two months but it doesn't get as crazy as in London because he has so many residents to help him. It means that Harry can spend more time with me at home and he loves it. He has also started to play golf with Maarten and some other colleagues. Harry loves it here, he looks much happier than he did in London.

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