Chapter 28

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Kate pov

I'm still laying on the gurney, looking around the room. Harry and another doctor are staring at my belly and talking medical things. Jake is taking supplies out of the white cabinets and putting them on a table next to my gurney. I feel like the fog in my head is starting to clear up. The feeling of being in a bubble was slowly starting to go away and I can see and hear normally. When I move, it doesn't feel like I do it in slow motion anymore.

The doctor who was talking to Harry turns to me and smiles
"So Miss Jones, Harry told me what happened and I'm going stitch you back up. The wounds look like they were ripped for a while before you noticed so, to be sure I'm going to prescribe you some antibiotics," the doctor informs me. I try to smile but I can't, typically, this happens to me.
"Why didn't I feel it when they ripped open," I ask curiously. Harry looking up surprised and pleased because I'm talking again.
"Probably because of the heavy painkillers you take or because your pain level is so high."I nod and sigh.
"Okay, Jake are we ready," the doctor asks the nurse, but before he can react I start to talk.
"No offense, you are probably an excellent doctor but can Harry do the stitches please," I ask as I look up at the doctor.
"For me personally, it wouldn't be a problem but I can't because the hospital policy doesn't allow it," he explains. He walks to the sink and starts to wash his hands the same way Harry did earlier.

Harry is standing next to me. He puts his hand on mine and gives it a light squeeze. I look up at him and want to put my head on his chest.
"What made the skin rip open again? Did I do something wrong," I whisper, with my head leaning on Harry. He's visibly angry. His jaw is clenching and his eyebrows are pushed together and for a moment I think he's mad and that I did something wrong.
"Donna made a mistake. She didn't stitch the muscle layer." my eyes go big trying to get my head around what Harry is saying.
"Can they fix it?" I don't know why I keep whispering because everyone in the room knows what has happened anyway.
"Unfortunately, we can't fix the muscle layer. It will grow back together but it's going to take time. Jake called Donna. She's on her way over and I will talk with her."

The next thing I know the door of the room flew open and Donna came in.
"Seriously Harry, why do you want me here in the middle of the night? I'm not even on call," Donna storms in, her foot tapping the white tile floor with her hands on her waist. She's visibly very annoyed.
Harry steps away from the gurney, he straightens his back and goes to stand in front of Donna. He looks very intimidating. He is a tall, strong bear and Donna a little mouse.
"You want to know why I paged you? Well take a look at your patient, Donna." Donna frowns and comes over to look at my belly with Harry following her.
"If you take a good look, you'll see that you forget to stitch up the muscle layer. How can you forget that Donna? This is what we teach interns," Harry says raising his voice. He is furious. I almost see red steam coming out of his ears but, seeing him like this is the biggest turn on.
"Don't get your knickers in a twist Harry. It's just a mistake," Donna says coolly.
"Just a mistakes? Come on this is just laziness!" Donna rolls her eyes, clearly not impressed.
"Yeah roll your eyes but don't you dare think that you'll get away with this. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to talk to the board."
"No you are not! You'll do nothing or do you want the board to find out about your relationship with YOUR patient," Donna laughs like she is enjoying this and it makes me angry. I really believed she was a good doctor who cared but I was wrong.
Harry's face went pale and I see him swallow hard, his hands are fists.

You would never," He says through his gritted teeth. The way she talks to Harry makes me want to hurt her.
"I would. I made a mistake but you did too. Now, please leave the room. I'm going to stitch up my patient."
I feel nauseous when I hear her words, "No," I say sternly. "You made a mistake and now you're acting like it's nothing. Harry won't go to the board, but you won't touch me ever again and now I would like you to leave the room so they can finally stitch me up, so I can go home."

Donna looks at me and for the first time since she entered the room and I can see regret in her eyes, "Kate, I," she tries to talk but I interrupt her.
"No, first of all it's Miss Jones to you and second, leave before I ask my doctor to call security!"
Donna looks at the ground before she turns around and leaves. Harry takes my hand and says nothing. He just looks at me with proud eyes.

"I'm going to get Jake, who left the room when Donna stormed in, so we can start." The other doctor, who's name I still don't know, came to the door but before he came in he turned around and says,
"Guys," Harry and I both look up, "You can trust me. I won't tell anybody. I hope you will be very happy together." Harry and I smile and Harry thanks him.
The second the door is closed, Harry taks my head and presses his lips against mine, hard.
"What you just did, standing up for yourself, I'm so proud," he whispers against my lips before he kissed me again. We heard noises coming from the hallway so we pulled back fast.
"Ready for it?" Jake looks at me with a smile. The doctor comes in too and starts with washing his hands again before putting on some gloves and walking over. He takes a syringe from the tray and start to numb the wounds. It burns and stings but, soon I feel nothing. The stitching goes by quickly, probably because Harry is distracting me.

When I'm all stitched up Harry helps me off the gurney. "Ready," he asks. I nod and thank the doctor and Jake.
"It was nice to meet you, Kate. I hope to see you around with Harry," the doctor says before we leave.
Harry guides me back to the car. He keeps asking me if I want him to carry me or if I want a wheelchair because he knows I'm in pain and I need more pain medication.
"You want to go to my place or yours," Harry asks when he leaves the hospital parking lot. He is so sweet and caring.
"I don't care. I just want to be with you and to be held by you," I admit. "I'm sorry if I acted strange earlier. I didn't want to be apart from you but, I just missed my home. I know it's stupid and I'm sorry." I had tears brimming in my eyes.
"I get that but, you just had to tell me and I would've gone with you. You know what? Let's go to my place now and sleep but tomorrow we'll go to yours and I'll stay with you as long as you'll have me. Okay?"
I smile a little and nod, "Thank you Harry. I love you, you know that right," I asked as I kissed Harry's cheek when we arrived at his house.

Its already three in the morning and we're both exhausted. After I take more pain killers, we immediately go to bed. I cuddle up into Harry, with my head on his chest and his arms close around me. I breath in his scent and enjoy his warmth, while I drift off to sleep.

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