Chapter 13

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Kate pov
I laid in bed crying for god knows how long. When the bell rang. I ignored it, I felt empty and hurt. I had feelings for Harry but what hurt me the most is that he just disappeared. One day he did one of the sweetest things ever for me and the next he was gone, I lost my friend. Obviously he wasn't as good a friend as I thought he was. The bell rang again, I groaned, I want to be left alone, go away. I got startled when suddenly the person at the door started to pound on it.
"Please Kate, open the door, we have to talk" a low, raspy voice said. I knew that voice, Harry was here and wanted to talk. I didn't know if I wanted to hear what hehad to say, but on the other hand I was curious to hear what his explanation was. Slowly I crawled out of bed and walked to the front door, I wiped my cheeks dry with my hands before I took a deep breath. The key was on the door I took it in my handand turned it 'click' the lock said. I took the door handle and slowly opened the door, Harry stood there looking at me but avoiding my eyes.

"Can we talk?" he asked, I stepped out of the way and made a move with my hand to tell him he could come in. He came in and went straight to the living room, he stopped in front of my brown couch, looking at it if he wanted to sit down and wasn't allowed. I walked past him and took a seat on one end "You can sit" I said in a flat tone and he went to sit on the other side and took the red pillow from the couch and set it in his lap. Like always, Harry looked perfect with his black skinny jeans and white shirt. His hair was all over the place, probably from putting his hands in it over and over againand he was fiddling with the pillow. He still didn't look at me, he was nervous, but there was no need to be nervous, he made it pretty clear he didn't want anything to do with me.

After ten minutes he was still just sitting there , saying nothing, playing with the pillow and his rings. I moved forward and ripped the pillow out of his hands, for the first time Harry looked at me, shocked.
"You said you wanted to talk, now talk" I broke the silence.
"Ehm, yes... I don't really know how to say this." he stumbled over his own words.
"You made yourself pretty clear when I was at the hospital" I mumbled, tears started to burn in my eyes again at the thought what happened earlier.
"No I didn't, that wasn't what I meant at all" Harry suddenly moved forward and came to sit right in front of me.
"Please let me explain" Harry begged. At this point I got frustrated, I let him in to talk but he did a lot except explaining himself.
"I'm waiting till you start, Harry" I hissed
"Okay, the very first time I saw you was when you were waiting for your first appointment, I immediately thought you were beautiful. You were nervous and the only thing I wanted to do was comfort you." while he was talking a little smile crept on his face while he starred in front of him remembering the day we met. Hearing him say I was beautiful gave me a warm feeling in my belly.
"I didn't expect you to be my patient, you told me your medical story and my heart broke for you. It made me want nothing more than to help you, cure you. Also the things you told me, your look on life, made me want to know you, really know you. When I saw you again at Jeff's party I felt lucky because I got the chance to spend more time with you and I also felt an urge to take care of you when I saw how much pain you were in. Our afternoon at the zoo was the best day in awhile, just because I made you happy, I got to make you enjoy yourself , I made you happy and smile. And you kissed me that day, I thought I would never feel your lips on mine, it was just a second but it was the best kiss I ever had." A blush crept on Harry's cheeks and he looked down at his hands playing with his rings
"When you smile at me, when you let me hug you I feel the luckiest man in the world. You are the most beautiful, strongest, sweetest person I know. I want to protect you, help you, make you happy. You allowed me to really know you, you trusted me from the start and I know how hard that is for you. I have deep feelings for you but I can't act on them, the hospital doesn't allow a doctor to date a patient. That's why I took a step back and didn't call you, I thought I could forget you, but the last five days have been horrible. I can't eat or sleep, I'm grumpy all the time and I miss you so much" tears were streaming over both of our cheeks. Harry's confession broke my heart and at the same time my heart got filled with love for him.
"I'm so sorry I acted like a total arsehole, I'm so sorry, I hope you can forgive me?" Harry was sobbing, it hurt to see him like this and I didn't know what to do. I was mad at how he reacted but after this I immediately forgave him, he didn't know how to handle it and choose the wrong way. Everyone makes mistakes, even Harry, and I didn't want to lose him. I wanted to take him in my arms but before I could do anything he started to talk again.

"I want to ask you on a date, I want to woo you, make you feel loved but I can't and I'm so sorry. All I can give you is my friendship and I hope you will be my friend because I can't lose you! Please Kate, Please!" Harry blubbered.
I scoot closer again, our noses are touching and I put my hand on Harry's cheek, he looks up to me and our eyes lock "I feel the same, from the first second I wanted to know you and spend time with you. Just being with you makes me happy, even when the pain is excruciating you are the only one who can make me smile. You stole my heart and I don't want it back. Of course you are my friend, my best friend." I put my head on Harry's shoulder and my legs on each side of him and I feel his hand slide to my back.
"Don't leave me again, please. It was horrible" I whisper and Harry shakes his head while he puts his nose in my hair and grabs my waist tighter. We sit like that for awhile before I let him go and press my forehead against his "Please make me better so you can ask me on that date. I understand why you did what you did and why you can't let this go any further but help me so we can change the situation" I whisper. I look at his lips, they are so beautiful heart shaped and full. I want to kiss him so badly but I don't want to make this more complicated. "Friends cuddle, don't they?" Harry looks at me confused but nods
I push him down so he is spread out on the couch and crawl on top of him, my head on his chest, my hand on his strong belly. "Let's cuddle, I missed you" I say.

Harry kissed my head "I missed you too, I don't ever want to feel like the past few days" he says and I close my eyes, inhaling his scent and enjoying his warmth. I know and understand it can't happen but I'm falling so damn hard.

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