Chapter 38

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Kate pov 

“Are you nervous, beautiful?” Harry asks, kissing my cheek. We just boarded the plane to Belgium for my doctor’s visit. We compared all the different ways of travelling and decided the plane would be the easiest for me compared to the car or train.
“Just trying not to think about tomorrow,” I sigh and look up at Harry. He just smiles sweetly at me, looking gorgeous with an olive green scarf hanging loose around his neck. I’m so glad he came to me last week and that I had the chance to explain everything that had happened to me because I feel lighter. That night I had to rush my words out. I just started talking and didn’t stop until I was done. If I hadn’t done it that way, I would have broken down right there. I can’t allow myself to think or talk about it too much. Through the years I had learned to keep these feelings  from everyone, including myself, but I have to admit that it felt good to finally open up a little. Since I told Harry everything, I have noticed it’s a little easier to tell him little bits and pieces. Harry is so sweet and understanding. He’s always making sure I’m okay and always comforting me. 

Soon we arrive in Brussels and thanks to the assistance we got, just like last time,  we’re straight into a car and driven to our hotel in no time. 
“God Harry, you went a little over the top again,” I say my eyes open wide when the car stops in front of a big, expensive looking building. A bellboy with a black high hat and black coat opens the door of the car and offers me a hand to help me out. Harry gets himself out and takes the wheelchair before he helps me settle in. The bellboy takes care of our luggage while Harry wheels me inside.

While Harry takes care of the check in, I look around the huge lobby. It’s beautiful! Everything is marble finished with golden touches and dark brown wood. All around there are beautiful yellow and white flowers and there are a couple of splendid paintings adorned on the wall.
“Come on beautiful, let's go to our room.” Harry wheels me through the hallways of the hotel. When we arrive at our room, he opens the door and we go inside.
“Oh my god,” I whisper as I step out of the wheelchair. We are in the biggest hotel room I have ever seen. There’s white walls with golden touches, blue carpet and curtains, a soft canopy bed and a big chandelier that lightens the room. 
“You got me a princess room, I’m so spoiled,” I giggle. Harry takes me in his arms. 
“You are my princess.” I giggle while Harry kisses my neck.
“Go rest a bit while I unpack our luggage. Maybe we can walk around a little after you've had some rest, but only if you’re up to it.” Harry pushes me to the big princess bed. He helps me strip until I’m just in my red sheer bra and panty set. I see his eyes wander over my body and he bites his lip. I’m usually insecure about my body but when I see Harry looking at me like this I realize I’m okay the way I am.

“You are so beautiful. I want to kiss you, touch you and make you mine all the time,” Harry groans biting his pink lips. 
“We have all weekend Doctor Styles.” I pull him down and kiss him passionately. 
“Are you going to call me Doctor Styles now too,” Harry asks, his breath suddenly a little heavier. 
“Doctor Styles, Mister Styles, Sir, Master… I'll call you whatever you want.” Harry buries his face in my neck.
“You're going to kill me one day,” he groans. “Now sleep,” he orders me with a stern voice.
“Yes Master,” I giggle. Harry glares at me, he tries not to laugh but is failing miserably while he walks to our luggage.

A couple of hours later, my eyes flutter open to see Harry next to me. His pretty green eyes are set upon my face, a smile on his lips. His hand goes up to my cheek. I close my eyes again and enjoy his touch and his warmth. We don’t talk but it’s a comfortable silence. I crawl closer to him and push my almost naked body against his clothed one. Harry’s big hand goes from my cheek over my shoulder to my waist. His hand is warm but the metal of his rings feels cool against my skin. I close the distance between us completely and capture his bottom lip between my lips over and over again whilst my hand goes up into Harry’s hair and I try to crawl even closer to him. I lick Harry’s lips and let my tongue slip inside his mouth when he opens it. As usual his mouth tastes fresh and minty. Harry and I have  kissed so many times but, every time feels like the first. The world slows down and it’s only us together, my body fills itself with butterflies and I get a really happy feeling. Harry is my happiness, my everything and I never want to let him go. Our kiss falls apart naturally and I look up through my lashes at Harry. Since we arrived here at the hotel, there has been some kind of sexual tension between us and I’m sure we will have some fun this weekend.
“I love you so much. Never leave my side,” I whisper. 
“Never!” Harry’s pink lips kisses me hard. “You are my future.” I smile with glassy eyes and kiss Harry again. 
After some time we break apart and decide to go for a walk in the city. We’ve never been in Brussels or Belgium before so, we’re both pretty excited.

Our hotel is right in the city so Harry brought us to see a statue of a little chubby boy who’s peeing. 
“What is this called Manneke Pis,” I ask.


arry grins and nods. He bends down so his lips are right next to my ear, “You have to admit, they would do better making a statue of me. I have something to show! what this poor little guy has to show is a little sad.”
I can’t hold back and I burst into laughter, “Do you have something to show?” I pull up my brows.
“ Maybe I should take a closer look some time,” I wink.
“Well I heard that even with his little…. Thingy he’s still very famous here. You can’t say that with your bazooka huh.”
Harry rolls his eyes and starts to walk away, 
“Just so you know , I am a very famous surgeon.”
I hum while I look around. 

“In my world you are the most famous and the most important person,” I say after a while.

Next, we went for a walk in a beautiful park with gardens, lanes which lead to gazebos, and fountains. The warm September sun felt warm on our skin. People were laughing and looked happy. I looked up at Harry, who was smiling bright, showing off his dimples. He looked down and winked before he pecked my lips. He made me feel so loved. We bought a delicious ice cream that we ate while we were sitting on a bench in a playground, looking at four toddlers playing in the sand. 
Harry and I have never really talked about kids, but I’m sure he wants them. Only I don’t know if I’m the right person to be a parent. I push that thought away because it isn’t the right time to think about kids.
After we are done with our ice cream, we walk back to our hotel where we started to get ready for tomorrow. We ate some room service and watch a movie before I fall asleep in my princess bed in the arms of my prince.

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