Chapter 2

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Kate pov
"Hi, I'm here to see Dr. Styles," I tell the secretary when I arrive at her desk.
She smiles at me, "Oh yes Miss Jones, Dr. Styles is in surgery. I hope he'll be out soon but, you can wait in the waiting area in front of his office."
I nod and go take a seat. My heart is beating so fast. I feel slightly sick to my stomach. Why am I always this nervous to see a new doctor? Just act like a normal person for once, I scold myself.
Probably because there is so much at stake. Will he be able to help me or will it be another disappointment?
I have high hopes for this Dr. Styles. I heard he has helped a lot of people who were given up on by other doctors. Maybe he will be the one for me? Oh God I hope so! I really want my life back. There's nothing I want more than being able to go out and enjoy the little things.
I feel so nervous and time is ticking so slowly. Why does he have to be in surgery when I have an appointment? I try to sit still but I can't, I keep playing with my rings, tapping my foot and looking around. If people see me they probably think I have a severe case of ADHD.

I get startled when a low, raspy voice calls my name, "Miss Kate Jones".
I look up and see a beautiful tall man with gorgeous brown hair standing at a door across the hallway.
I walk into his office and he closes the door behind me, before he turns to me and extends his huge hand, "Hi, nice to meet you".
I look into his emerald green eyes and suddenly feel something in the pit of my stomach that I haven't felt in a long time but I can't put my finger on this feeling.
"Hi, I'm Kate," I introduce myself, suddenly feeling shy and self conscious about my appearance.
"Please take a seat. I hope you didn't have to wait too long," Dr. Styles apologized.
I sit down in front of a big brown, organised desk and to my surprise Dr. Styles sits down next to me instead of behind his desk. He looks so much like a normal guy. Most doctors I meet all act like they are superior but not this one and I like it. It immediately gives me more confidence in him.
I suddenly get nervous again and feel a lump in my throat. I don't like to talk about what happened but, I know that I have to and somewhere deep down I know this doctor is the right person to tell my story to. Or is he?

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