Chapter 6

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Kate pov
Harry holds my hand untill we walk through the door of the living room, then he moves his hand to the small of my back. I know it is just to comfort me but it feels nice.

In the living room, Jeff has set up a long table. It's beautifully set with perfectly white china, little candles and vases with colorful flowers. Harry and I are going to sit in the middle of the table, in front of Karla, who is looking at me with questionable eyes. It makes me giggle.
"Karla, this is Harry. Harry is the doctor I have recently been to. Harry, this is my friend Karla," I introduce them to each other.
They smile and greet each other. "Now can I share embarrassing stories with your doctor like you always do with my family?" Karla teases me and I glare at her.
"I don't believe there can be embarrassing stories about this sweet lady," Harry winks at me and puts his hand on my upper arm. It gives me goosebumps all over my body.
We start to talk about Jeff and how much effort he has put into his party untill we get our starters. We all dig in, the food is delicious and the company is even better. Harry and I talk like we have known each other for years and he and Karla are getting along well too.
It would be the perfect evening if it wasn't for the throbbing feeling in my leg and the nagging pain in my lower back. I feel uncomfortable sitting on this chair and keep wriggling around. Harry notices how uncomfortable I am and takes my hand, "You okay? Tell me if you want to go home, I'll drive you."

"Harry, that's very nice but it's no problem. I don't want to bother you. I can get an Uber again."
Harry sighs and rolls his eyes, "Love, I don't want you to get an Uber. I want to take you home. Please let me do this for you." The moment Harry called me love a bunch of butterflies erupted in my stomach and then he looked at me with his beautiful emerald green eyes and I was lost. Even if I wanted to say no, I couldn't anymore. I nodded and gave him a little smile.

Harry excused himself to talk to his friend Xander. Before he walked away, he gently touched my shoulder. Someone who wasn't paying attention wouldn't notice the little gesture but I felt it and it made me shiver.
Harry was hardly gone when Karla got started, "Sooooo you and the doctor," she says with a big smile.

I roll my eyes and giggle, "We're just friends, I think. I saw him at the hospital and now he is here because he apparently is Jeff's best friend. There is nothing more going on. I don't even know him and I don't think it's allowed for a doctor to date a patient," I defended myself knowing my friend probably wouldn't believe me.
"Uhuh you both haven't realised it yet but you want to know each other better and you want to date and who knows what happens then," Karla says with a teasing tone.
I roll my eyes and ignore her, knowing she is right. I have to admit I want to know Harry better, he is so nice, sweet, kind and thoughtful. In these four years as a disabled person there have been no men who are as caring as Harry. I think while I look at him as he's talking to Xander. He turns his head to me and catches me watching. I feel my cheeks turn red and want to hide under the table but instead I smile and turn my head to Karla.

After ten minutes Harry comes back and we get our main course. By now I am in serious pain but I don't want to give in. If I ask Harry to go home, he will miss a big part of the party and I don't want that. I have to push through. I take my handbag and search for another painkiller. I try to take it without being spotted by Karla or Harry but of course I'm not that lucky. "You need to go lay down," Karla says.
Harry who was talking to the person on his other side turns his head to me and sees what I am doing. "I'm okay, just uncomfortable," I lie.
Harry glares at me, "I know I haven't known you for long, but I can tell when you're lying."
Karla laughs and shakes her head, "She definitely is," Karla agrees with Harry.
They're both looking at me, waiting for me to say something but I'm not planning on talking. The entire table probably heard our conversation and now they're probably thinking how sorry they are for me or what a big baby I am. I know how these things go. People just don't understand that I was like that once too.
"Come let's go talk in the kitchen," Harry whispers my ear. I still don't look at him when I slowly get up. The pain shoots from my lower back into my leg to my toes and I'm limping. In the kitchen Harry puts me on a bar stool and I finally look at him,
"Why are you torturing yourself? And please be honest this time."
I sigh, "I want to go home but you want to drive me and I don't want to be a bother. I don't want to spoil your fun."
Harry pushed some pieces of hair out of my face, "Kate, don't you ever think you're a bother again because you aren't at all. And you are not going to spoil my fun. I know we only just met but I like you. I want to spent time with you and be your friend," Harry says honestly.
"I like you too, a lot and I would love to spend time with you too," I whisper.
"Deal, but first let's get you home so you can rest. You're going to stop torturing yourself and you are going to listen."

I knew I couldn't take more and I knew Harry wouldn't let me stay any longer so I gave in and nodded my head.

We said goodbye to our friends before Harry helped me in the car. He wanted to carry me but I told him he was crazy.
After a short drive we arrived at my place. By now I can barely walk so harry helps me inside and puts me down on the couch.
"I know you're going to fight me on this but please let me help you. I don't want you to be uncomfortable all night because you can't move around," Harry says sternly.
I close my eyes and sigh, "But the party..." I try to fight back.
"What do you think is more important, a stupid party or you? You're the most stubborn woman I have ever met," Harry groans.
I giggle and decide to just let him help me, "Maybe you could help me to my bedroom, if that's okay?" I ask.
He helps me to the bedroom while he is making stupid Knock Knock jokes. He makes me laugh so hard we almost fall over.
When I'm down on the bed I suddenly feel shy about what I want to ask. "Harry," I say.
"Yes love," he looks a me and I melt every time he calls me love.
"Do you want to help me get my jeans off? I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't necessary but the feeling of the fabric, it's like it's burning my skin. If you aren't comfortable you don't have to do this, I understand completely," I ramble.
Harry just shrugs his shoulders, "No problem. Do you want something else?"
Harry goes down on his knees and takes my jeans with him. I close my eyes and try to breathe. This is your doctor and your friend, you can't get aroused even if you are attracted to him. I open my eyes and Harry is watching me with his gorgeous green eyes and a big smirk on his face but says nothing. I step away from my jeans and go sit on the bed while I tell Harry where he can find my medication. Whilst he is getting them in the kitchen I pull off my top and take my old Fleetwood Mac sleepshirt from the green love-seat next my night stand and put it on.
I'm just getting under the covers when Harry comes back and gives me my medication. He walks around the bed and lays down under the covers next to me. "Sleep, I'll be here when you wake up," he says with a soft voice.
"You don't have to stay. I'm used to going through this alone."
Harry smiles, "You're right, I don't have to do this but I want to, and yes you are used to doing this alone but this time you don't have to," his hand touches my cheek and I lean in. His hands feel so soft and warm.
"Can I cuddle you?" I ask a little unsure but Harry shoots me a big smile and opens his arms.

I lay my head on his chest and his arms wind tightly around me. I close my eyes. Harry smells heavenly. This feels good. While I lay there I start to think.
Some people are obligated in a way to care for you, like for example my parents. I'm their daughter, they have to care about me. Then there are lots of people who care because they pity me and it doesn't come from their heart.
So, when I meet a person, who looks at me for who I am, likes me for who I am, chooses to spend time with me, to care for me and doesn't feel sorry for my pain or my disability... It feels fantastic! That's how it feels with Harry. It doesn't feel like he's obligated or is pitying me. He feels perfect and with this in mind I drift to sleep.

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