Chapter 24

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Kate pov
I couldn't believe it, Harry loved me! He said he loves me. He wants a relationship with me, that he wants to fight for me, for us.

After Harry and I admitted our true feelings for each other, we kissed and cuddled in bed until he told me to rest, but he kept holding me until I fell asleep. I woke up moments ago, but Harry was gone and I heard people talking in the living room.

I got out of bed, but getting up or sitting down are movements that hurt my belly the most and they also hurt my back and leg a lot so now I'm slower than before. I went into the bathroom and wet a cloth to wash my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was the same person I was a couple of days ago except the glint in my eyes and that's thanks to Harry. I combed my hair and put it in a ponytail before I go and take a look in the living room.

I walk in and keep still for a moment to look at Harry in the love-seat in the corner and my parents on the couch. There's tea and cookies on the coffee table and they're in an animated conversation. This image warms my heart and a big smile crawls on my face. Harry looks up and sees me and smiles back. My parents immediately turn around.

"Oh sweetheart, how are you?" my mom jumps up. I walk to her and she puts her arms around me.
"Hi mom, I'm fine," and I hug her back. When she lets go my dad stands and hugs me too.
"Hi little girl, I'm so happy to see you're okay," he smiles. When I let go of my dad, I look around and wonder where I should sit, but before I can take another step Harry pulls me on his lap and puts his face against my ear.
"Hi beautiful," he breathes in my ear and kisses my cheek, like it's the most normal thing to do in front of my parents. I smile and look at him from the corner of my eyes. I feel a blush creeping on my cheeks. When I look at my parents, I expect to see two shocked faces, but what I see shocks me. My parents are both looking at me and Harry with a fond smile.
My parents have always protected me and they still do. Sometimes a little too much and it starts to feel suffocating but, I always found a way to show them. Maybe not the right way but they always understood.
Of course my parents want me to tell them about the surgery, the panic attack and they want to know if I'm in a lot of pain. We talk for a while, but when I put my head on Harry's shoulder, my parents notice I'm getting tired and they start to leave.
My dad enthusiastically shakes Harry's hand and my mother hugs him.
"Thank you for your hospitality, Harry and for taking such good care of our baby girl," my mom says. My dad hugs me too and ruffles my hair.
"Be a good girl and don't go getting into any trouble," I roll my eyes and hug my mom.
"Talk to you later mommy," I whisper and I feel her smile.
"I'm so happy for you and Harry. You deserve a good man like him". I let go of my mom and look at her confused but say nothing when we wave them goodbye.

Once we were back in the living room Harry takes my hand and leads me to the breakfast bar.

"I know you're tired but you have to eat something," he says as he reheats the soup.

"Did you tell my parents about us?" I ask him because I'm so curious that I have to know now.
Harry puts his hands on my shoulders, our bodies are so close, we are almost touching.
"I did. Your mother asked if there was something more developing between us." I rolled my eyes because this was typical of my mother.
"I'm sorry, she had no right to ask you that. She's a weird woman, who can be very nosy, when it comes to my life." I felt guilty that my mom had put Harry in a position like that.

"It's okay, they're your parents and they deserve to know the truth. I told them I was smitten from the first time I saw you and I wanted to ask you on a date but I couldn't because you're my patient. I told them how I tried to be your friend but I failed because I fell completely in love with you". I smiled at Harry, while I walked to him and pulled him closer and pecked Harry's lips.

"I love you too," I said ever so quietly that I wasn't sure if Harry had heard me but, the smile on his face told me that he had.
"What was my parent's reaction?" I knew they adored Harry but I know they can be over protective so it wouldn't surprise me if my dad said he would kill Harry if he ever hurt me.
"Your mom started crying. She said she was so happy for us and that she could see right from the start just how perfect we are for each other. Your dad said he knew I was a good person and that he could already see how I take good care of you. He told me they're proud to have me as their son in law," Harry blushed when he told me how delighted my parents are.
"I'm glad they're happy for us, it means a lot," Harry admitted and I nodded while I caressed Harry's strong upper arms. His skin felt so soft and his muscles are rock hard. It made me want to explore the rest of his body.
When the soup was warm again Harry poured some in a bowl and put it on the breakfast bar,
"Eat your soup babe, you need to get stronger." Harry pushed me to the stool. He also gave me a bottle of water and my pills.
Harry sat down opposite of me. We were silent for a while.
"Do you want to tell me exactly what it was that Julia said to you?" Harry suddenly asks.
I tell him everything, from the very first day when she looked at me like I was a piece of shit until today when she told me I would never get him the way I want him and that Harry only pitied me.
"I'm sorry I doubted you. Even if it was just for a second, I should have known better, but honestly Harry, look at you. you're a doctor, you look like a god and you're a caring, sweet, sensitive man. Now look at me, I'm just chubby sick me. I have nothing to offer you," I said as I looked down at my empty soup bowl and scraped around the bottom with my spoon.
Harry jumped off his stool and walked around the breakfast bar,
"Hey, Missy! Don't ever talk like that about my girlfriend or you'll be in big trouble! It's the way that you look at yourself, I see something completely different Kate".
I roll my eyes and look at my hands, "I'm sorry," I mumble.
Harry pushed my chin up with his index finger,
"You're sweet, kind, you get me and you know what life is about. You're so beautiful and I love you, not Julia," Harry kissed me softly on my lips.
"I love you too! I'm sorry I'm really insecure about how I look," I admitted.
Harry smiled, "I will remind you of how beautiful you are to me on a daily basis but, honestly, I never was interested in Julia. From the first day that she came to work with us, she tried to hit on all the doctors, especially the surgeons. You know even if she didn't sleep around the hospital, I would never want her. She isn't half the woman you are."
I smiled at Harry. I was happy that he explained it all again. Harry kissed my head and took my hand.
"Come on, you should rest some more," he led us to his bedroom because he knows I'm more comfortable in his bed than on his couch. We snuggled up, my head on Harry's chest and his warm and safe arms around me as we watched a movie together.

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