Chapter 51

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Kate pov

Thinking you are going to die does something to a person. It changes the way you think about people, about life. Things that were important before, like for example if people like me or not aren't importantany more. If they don't like me, it's their problem. Being healthy, doing the things you love, being around the people you love, that's what really matters. I look at everything differently. What is happening with Harry, before I would have freaked out but now... If he loses his job, it would be bad but it isn't the end of the world. A great doctor like him can get a job where ever he wants. He only needs to explain what is happening now is a mistake.

I throw the magazine I tried to read on the bedside table and groan, I can't read or watch TV or do anything which I need a little concentration for. It's really weird, I'm not thinking about anything in particular but still my head is full and I'm thinking without having thoughts. But it's probably normal when your meninges is infected.

I hear a knock at the door and when the door opens Maarten walks in.
"Good Morning Kate. How are you today?" Maarten moves to the big chair next to my bed and sits down.
"Considering the circumstances, I'm okay. I'm tired, often I'm having a major headache and I'm bored because I can't focus." I said with a grin.

"It's normal to be tired, you had two surgeries within two weeks. The headaches probably are because I had to put a needle in your spinal cord. Of course it leaves a little hole and that is probably leaking some brain fluids, this causes pressure. You have to drink a lot of water and something with caffeine, coffee or cola. It will slowly get better and within a week it will be gone. About the boredom, I will bring you some work. My secretary will be happy with that!" Maarten's laugh howls through the room.
"I'm not sure if you can afford to pay a professional like me" I joke. which makes Maarten laugh harder.
"Have you heard from Harry?" He abruptly changes the topic.

"Yes, he isn't doing well. Three days ago he sat together with the hospital CEO, chief of surgery and a couple of board members, they talked and Harry told the truth about us. They say it doesn't matter everything was consensual, they say he as a doctor is in a powerful position and he may have unknowingly took advantage of a vulnerable person. Apparently I'm a vulnerable person because I'm ill." Sighing I rubbed my face.
"Everything happened while he was here, he never got the chance to really defend himself. He arrived at the hospital three days ago and everyone already had their opinions." I didn't admit it but I felt a little guilty. If Harry wasn't here with me, he would have been home and he would have been able to defend himself.
"I'm sure it will be fine. They are losing a world class doctor if they let him go, they won't do that. And if they do, he is always welcome here. I already told him." Maarten patted my hand and got up from the chair.

"I have to go, if you need me, ask the nurses to page me or send me a text." I smiled and gave him a nod. I never had a doctor who was this caring attitude towards his patients. Except for Harry of course but he is different and perfect. I grinned at my thoughts.

A couple of hours later my phone rings, I take it from the night stand and look at the screen
"Unknown number" it says. I think for a moment to just let it ring but in the end I decide to pick up.

"Hello, Kate Jones speaking" I say into the speaker.
"Good afternoon Miss Jones, this is Marc Greyson. I'm the CEO of London University Hospital. Am I disturbing you?" I immediately knows why this man is calling and I hope I won't say anything wrong.

"No you're not disturbing me. Please tell me, how can I help?" I open the drawer of my night stand and take a note and pen to makes notes if this Marc Greyson has something important to say.
"You are a patient of Doctor Styles, our neurosurgeon, right?" he already knows who I am, he is just asking to gain your trust, I tell myself
"Yes, as you know I am his patient and his girlfriend." I decide to let him know I already am aware of everything that is happening.

"Yes... Okay...." he stutters a bit. "So you probably already are apprised with what is going on here?"Greyson pulls himself together.
"Yes I am aware of it and I'm going to be honest. What you are all accusing Harry of is nonsense, Harry never used his power to get things from me. And he definitely never harassed me." I defended my love in a firm tone so this man would hopefully realize Harry never did anything wrong.
"Are you sure about that? You are in a vulnerable position as a patient." Greyson countered back.

"Don't give me that crap." I got worked up.
"You don't know me, you don't know if I am a vulnerable person or not.Just because someone has a chronic illness, it doesn't mean they can't stand up for themselves. I can guarantee you if a doctor asks me for sexual favours in return for better medical help, I will make sure that person won't forget my name and won't ask something like that ever again."

"I can hear that." I hear the man on the other side chuckle.
"Look, I think I know who said this about Harry and I guarantee you it are lies what she tells you. But there is something you have to know..." I started telling Mr Greyson something.

We talked for a little while and in the end I got the feeling the hospital CEO changed his mind about everything that happened and he promised he will investigate it. I don't know why but I have a good feeling about this.

The next day was the same as all the previous ones, I was alone in my room with nobody to talk to. Sure Maarten or a nurse came in and Harry called but it wasn't the same. I was lonely, I have never ever felt like this. Like I'm locked up in a room all alone. I am probably being dramatic, but that's the way it feels.

I never thought I would miss Harry like this, I wish he was here in this room right now, I wish I could put my arms around him and I wish I could touch him. In a short time Harry became a part of me, he is my world and it is a fantastic feeling to know he is mine and I am his.
But at moments like this, where we are apart for a longer period of time, it is a horrible feeling, I feel like I'm not myself, I'm not complete, there is a part missing and that part is Harry. I have been crying a lot today, it doesn't solve things but I just feel so emotional. The nurse told me it's partly because I'm missing my man but also it is because my mind is unconsciously processing things, she claims crying is a form of letting things go and even though the device was only in my body for a short period, my body still has to let it go and readjust.
In a way it's my own fault that I feel like this, I told Harry to go, he didn't want to but it just had to be sorted.

A knock on my door drags me out of my thoughts but no one comes in. A couple of minutes later there is a knock again.
"Come in." I say loud and clear but still nothing happens.
When someone knocks a third time I crawl out of bed, ready to give the person at the door a piece of my mind. I walk to the door with my IV pole in hand, I hate taking this thing everywhere.
I take the cold door handle and inhale a deep breath before I throw the door open.

Seeing the person in front of me, my breath hitches, I'm so shocked to see them. Suddenly a big smile covers my face.

"I can't believe you are here." I whisper with teary eyes before I take a step forward right into my knockers arms.

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