Chapter 53

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Kate pov
"Home sweet home." Harry sighs as he opens the door of his house and steps into the hallway. He turns around to me and takes both my little hands in his huge ones.
"This is your home now too. welcome home beautiful!" he kisses my cheek before he lets one hand go and leads me to the living room. The room is decorated with red balloons and a banner which said
"Welcome Home, Kate" in colourful letters and little hearts around the sides.
I turn to Harry with a surprised look on my face,
"I know nothing." he laughs.
"But I do!" Anne comes out of the kitchen with a big smile on her face and open arms.
"Welcome home, darling! I'm so glad to see you here with Harry." Anne engulfs me in a big hug and kisses my cheek, then she moves to Harry and hugs him too.
"I'm glad you both are back home." We move to the couch. Anne and Harry let me lay down since I am in a lot of pain.
"Yes we both are home." Harry said, his focus on the last word. Anne's face lights up, a twinkle in her eyes.
"You did?... She said yes?" she asked Harry stuttering slightly. He nodded enthusiastically.
"Yes we are going to live together. I will move in here." I smile and throw Harry a kiss.
"I hope you don't mind if I go to sleep a little. You guys catch up." I slowly stood up from the couch and gave both Harry and Anne a kiss on the cheek before I went to the bedroom.

A couple of hours later I wake up in Harry's bed, that is now my bed is too. I have almost lived here from the start but it still feels a big step to officially live together with Harry. I'm excited to wake up next to him every morning and fall asleep in his arms every night. Through all that's happened lately, Harry has been my rock. With him by my side, I can handle every ball life will throw.
"Knock, knock, knock." Anne comes in with a smile on her face, cup in hand.
"I've got a nice cup of tea for you my sweet girl." Anne said, putting a steaming beverage on the night stand and sitting down on the edge of the bed across from me.
"Thank you, Anne." I whispered. I was a little taken aback by how caring Anne was to me. She is such a sweet mother in law, a great mother to Harry. I swallowed heavily when I thought about my own mother, she should be here bringing me tea.
"How are you feeling?" Anne asked whilst she took the blanket and tucked me a little more in.
"Given the situation, I'm okay. It could have been worse, I could have been dead." Anne closed her eyes and shook her head before she took my hand and gave it a little squeeze.
"Thank God you are still here." she whispered before she let my hand go again.
"But even with the little changes Harry made during our travels, it is still very hard on my body. Every move hurts, not moving hurts too, I can't sit , stand or walk. You can compare it to going to the dentist because you have a cavity that needs filling. If he cleans the inside of your tooth and he accidentally touches the nerve of your tooth. You get a shooting, stabbing pain, that kind of pain I feel all the time, 24/7." I explained
Anne who had been patiently nodding and waiting till I was done, put her hand in front of her mouth and her eyes turned glassy.
"That's horrible, I'm so sorry sweetheart. You don't deserve this kind of pain and you didn't deserve to go through what you had to face in Brussels." I nodded and sighed.
"I know but it happened anyway." Anne took my tea from the night stand and gave it too me. After I thanked her we sat in silence for a moment while I sip my tea.
"Do you think I need to let my parents know where I am? Or shouldn't I bother? Because to me it doesn't look like they care." I suddenly asked Anne. I didn't even expect myself to ask her this, but the way she cared and how motherly she was to me, I knew she would understand and also see it from another point of view. "She looked at me puzzled and I immediately know Harry hasn't talked about it to her. So I closed my eyes and told her everything what happened before the surgery.

"I'm so sorry to hear this, sweetie. Your parents are wrong for acting like this, they should have been by your side."
"I never realised how controlling they were till recently. I realised how unhealthy our relationship is. Everything is okay as long as the decisions I make are within the direction they have in mind for me but if I do something that doesn't fit inside their box they will get passive aggressive or use emotional blackmail. I'm learning how to get more freedom and how to act when they do this but I always have to be careful. I need them because there are lots of things I can't do by myself." I explained to Anne who nodded understandingly.
"Now you have Harry to help you and you always call me for help. We're family now, you can count on me for anything." I smiled with tear filled eyes, it felt nice to be accepted by Harry's mother, to know she will be there at times my parents probably won't. Anne reached out and put her arms around me.
"Thank you for falling in love with my boy. He is an amazing person but before you he was missing something or better someone, he was always working and he looked happy but as his mother I saw he wasn't really. Now I can see he is, you complete him." I smiled as my heart got bigger from the love I felt for this woman and her son.
"He is fantastic, I haven't been happy for a long time but since Harry came into my life I feel happier than I have ever been. He is my happily ever after." Anne kissed my cheek and tucked me back in.
"I have to go check on dinner. I want to say rest some more but I know someone who has been whining for his girl to wake up every minute you slept." Anne said sarcastically.
"I guess we both are used to be together all the time." I giggled while Anne took my empty cup and walked back to the kitchen.

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