Chapter 52

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Harry pov

"I can't believe you are here!" my girl whispers. I'm so glad to see her beautiful smile. Kate throws herself in my arms, it almost pushed all the air out of my lungs.
"I missed you so much." I mumble with my head buried in the nape of her neck. People who pass us in the big hallway stare at us but I don't care, one of the nurses, Sophie, smiles fondly and gives me a thumbs up.

"Come let's go inside." I let Kate go, take her hand and we go inside her little hospital room. I take a seat on the big blue armchair next to Kate's hospital bed, immediately Kate positions herself on my lap, takes my face in her small hands before she searches my eyes. When I find her gaze I immediately feel calmer than I have been since I left her a couple of days ago. I lower my head and brush Kate's lips, a loving kind of energy is radiating from the both of us.
"I missed you so much." Kate admits when she lets my lips go. "I don't know if I would have survived if you would have been away till I am allowed to go home." I laugh but not with her,
"I would never have stayed in London that long." I don't refer to London as my home because, my home is Kate and not a place or a building. Kate says nothing but I feel she is smiling against my chest.
For a while we sit in silence, just holding each other, being close together, savouring each other and the loving moment.

"How come you are here? Didn't you have to stay near the hospital?" Kate wonders out loud.
My body stiffens, I know Kate feels guilty so I don't like to talk about the whole affair but I know she won't let it go.
"The day I had that meeting I made sure all paperwork was in order so if they kick me out, I don't have to do it then and I don't leave a big mess for Katia.." Kate nods and looks into my eyes pushing me to go on.
"The next day I cleaned the apartment and went shopping so the pantry is restocked and we only have to go shopping for the fresh food ingredients. I tried to keep myself busy, but my mind was here with you all the time. Then the third day I went to see my mum, we had a long talk and she said something that I realised is true.
She said "Harry, now you have seen how short life can be, we have to live to the fullest because it can be over tomorrow. You love Kate and you almost lost her, you can find a new job anywhere you want, but you will never find a new Kate." and that's true, if I had have lost you, my world would have been crushed. So I went home and booked a seat on the first plane. Called Katia to ask if she would keep me updated and here I am. Katia sends you her greetings and says she will visit you when you are back home." Kate's pointer finger traces my jaw and she kisses me sweetly on my cheek before is looks up.
"That's sweet of her, you're lucky to have someone like her. The hospital won't fire you. You are a great doctor and an amazing person, they are crazy if they let themselves lead by lies." Kate whispers softly. I swallow, I don't know if I'm ready to admit this to her but I will have to at some point.
"Honestly I'm not sure if I still want to work there. After all that has happened and how they've treated me... At that conversation earlier this week, they had already judged me, they looked at me like I was trash. I don't want to work with people who behave like that, besides there will always be people who will say there will be some truth in the things that were said. I will always have that sticker of sexual harassment on my forehead." Kate sighs,
"I'm sorry for all this. I feel a little guilty." I caressed her back and closed my eyes for a moment to let Kate's intoxicating smell infiltrate in my nose. She smelled heavenly, it was addictive.
"Don't feel guilty, beautiful. I met you and if I ever got the chance to do it over again there is only one thing I would change. I would started to date you lots sooner. I was so stupid I thought I could fight it but the more I fought the more I got drawn to you." Kate looks up with a smile and pecks my lips.
"Come baby, you're tired, let's have a nap together." Kate climbs off my lap and positions her under her white hospital sheets. She still gets antibiotics through an IV and we struggle for a moment with her IV pole. I snuggle in bed next to her as the little spoon, her face buried in my back, arms securely around my chest, soon I let out a content sigh and close my eyes, in no time I'm in dreamland.

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