Chapter 26

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Harry pov
"Are you ready, love?" I asked Kate from the kitchen. She was in the bedroom getting ready to go to the hospital. Donna's going to take Kate's stitches out today and she would know whether the tumour was benign or malignant. Kate had recovered well. She didn't have pain after the surgery but I'm sure the opioids she takes for her nerve pain have a lot to do with that. Her back and leg have been hurting a lot since the surgery. Now that she has been staying with me, I fully understand what kind of impact it has on her life and how much pain she's really in. She really doesn't admit exactly how much pain she's in but I always see it or notice it because her facial expression changes when she is in pain and she doesn't talk as much. I have underestimated it and it's so hard to see someone you love struggle so much. I often wish that I could take her pain but unfortunately I can't. 

We've also had a lot fun,beautiful, romantic moments since she's been staying with me. I think about the funny words she always finds when we play scrabble or how she wrote me the most beautiful love letter last week. Not to mention the mind blowing blow job she gave me! Kate is the perfect woman. She's all I need.

"Ready," Kate appears in the kitchen looking beautiful in flats, black pants, and a flower covered top. Her long, silky hair is in a bun on top of her head and her make-up is very minimal. She doesn't need make-up as she's a natural beauty.

The drive to the hospital is silent. I know Kate is nervous and scared and I have to admit, I am too. I don't know if she can handle cancer treatment. The difference is I can put my mind on other things and she is constantly thinking about the outcome, but whatever it is, I will be by her side.
We arrive at the hospital and I park in my spot right across from the ER. I help Kate out and we walk to the ER entrance. We talked about it last night and we decided we wouldn't hold hands at the hospital. We're a couple but for now, we want to avoid the people at the hospital knowing, except my secretary Katia. She knows but I trust her with my life. I guide Kate through the halls of the ER to the gynaecologist's waiting room.
Kate turns her head to me and whispers, "I'm so nervous. I think I'm gonna be sick soon.
I sigh and pat her hand "You will be okay, I'm sure of it," I reply. Soon Donna's door flows open and she gestures for us to come in.

"Hello Kate, Harry, please sit down," Donna instructs us in a friendly way. We both sit. I look at Kate and she is biting her nails, her face is pale and she looks like she is going to puke all over the place. I take her wrist and pull her hand into my lap before I take her hand and intertwine our fingers, not caring what Donna may think of it.
Donna sits down in front of us at her desk and takes out Kate's file.
"So Kate, how are you feeling? Did you have much pain after the surgery?" she asks. Kate smiles a little and looks at me fondly.
"No, I didn't actually but I have an excellent caregiver." Kate winks at me and I feel my cheeks redden a bit. This is crazy, I'm too old to blush about a comment like that but Kate makes me feel lots of things I thought I would never feel.
"I can imagine what this one would do to take care of you. Lots of women would be jealous." We all laugh at Donna's comment before she looks at her file.
"So, the results were good. The tumour was benign," Kate breaths relieved and smiles at me. This is the best news! I feel like a ton of weight is removed from my shoulders and I can't hold myself back from giving Kate a kiss on the cheek.
"It was a benign teratoma," Donna explains. "A teratoma is an embryonal tumour which can be benign or malignant. It is actually an egg cell where the cells are starting to grow." I look at Kate's face and know she is thinking how gross this sounds.
"Now let's look at your incisions," Donna says and we follow her to the treatment table. Kate lowers her pants so we can see her belly and incisions. I help her on the table and squeeze her hand a little so she knows I'm here for her. Donna puts the lamp above the table on so she has a better view and inspects the stitches.
"Everything looks good, I'm going to take them all out." Donna smiles at Kate.
I frown, this isn't how I would do it and I don't agree with what she's going to do.
"Donna, are you sure it's fully healed? I think you should leave the stitches in for a couple of more days or only remove half of them now and the others in three days," I say concerned.
Donna's face changes and she suddenly looks at me with a big frown, as if her eyes can shoot daggers and the room is filled with tension. I know there is an unspoken rule in this hospital to not go against another colleague but this is my girlfriend on the table. She's hurting enough without something going wrong with this so, I can't just shut up.
"Dr. Styles, when you're a board certified gynaecologist you can doubt my actions but when you aren't so, you can shut your mouth," Donna says sternly. I look at her and I don't know what to do. I feel Kate squeeze my hand. I look at her and she nods her head. I know it's her way to assure me to let it go, so I keep my mouth shut.
Donna removes the stitches but she is working rougher than she would do if I hadn't have spoken up. She disinfects the area but doesn't put a band aid on it. I'm disappointed in my colleague but am powerless against it.
We move back to the desk area and Donna tells Kate she has to get yearly check-ups because once you have a teratoma it can come back.

We say goodbye and leave the office. We walk through the halls of the hospital to the car. Kate doesn't say a word. Maybe she is mad at me for questioning Donna, or maybe she is mad because I didn't go further with it but, she squeezed my hand to tell me I shouldn't stop Donna. Oh my, what did I do?
We reach the car and again I help Kate in but she doesn't look at me. When I get in, Kate is facing me. She cups my cheeks, "Baby, are you okay? She didn't have the right to act like that. She should have explained to you why she was doing it that way and not be so rude."

I relax when I see that Kate isn't mad. She was concerned about me. I don't answer her but crash my lips to hers. I feel her lips melt into mine and I honestly think I'll never get tired off kissing her. After a couple of minutes, I pull back and I put my forehead on Kate's, "It's nothing, beautiful. I just hope everything will be okay," I peck Kate's lips and start the engine to go home.

When we arrive at my place Kate follows me inside. She's been quiet during the ride home. I know something is on her mind but I can't figure out what. I don't think that what happened at the hospital has anything to do with it.
I go to the kitchen, put the kettle on and start to make us some tea. Kate is looking out of the big window in the living room. The warm summer sun pours down on her angelic face. She's so beautiful and she's mine. I smile to myself. When our tea is ready, I walk to the living room with our cups in my hand and put them on the coffee table.
"Come lay with me, love," I sit down on the couch and Kate lays down with her head on my lap. I start to caress her beautiful, soft, auburn, long locks.
"Are you okay, babe? Is something on your mind?" I ask a little worried because she is so quiet.
"No, just thinking," she admits but she doesn't tell me about what. I'm not sure if I should ask. I don't want to pressure her to tell me something if she doesn't want to.
"Care to share? You don't have to if you don't want to," I add quickly.
"I was just thinking that I have to pack my stuff and go home."

I feel a sharp pain in my stomach and take a deep breath. I don't want her to go to her place. Her home is here with me. "You can stay with me longer if you want?" Please stay with me forever, I tell her in my mind.
"I can't keep counting on your hospitality. I have to stand on my own legs," she states but I hear her voice crack and I know she isn't sure she wants to go home.
"I can't keep you here against your will but you don't have to go. I like it here more when you're here."

She turns to her other side so she can face me. Her hand reached out to my neck and she pulled me down to give me a sweet lingering kiss on my lips. "I will be back and you can stay at my place too but, I think I have to go to my apartment. All of my plants are probably dead and the mail will be all over the hallway." We sit for a while before she starts to gather her stuff.
After dinner, Kate's ready to go home. She's looking at me from where she stands in the kitchen. "Are you sure about this?" I ask her, hoping she's changed her mind.
Kate nods and smiles.

The drive to her place is silent. It feels like there are so many words we want to say but neither of us have the guts to do it.
I help her inside her apartment and try to help her settle in as much as I can. I wonder for a moment why she suddenly wanted to go home but, maybe she missed just being on her own. I would understand if that's so as she's lived alone for a long time and maybe she just wants to be by herself. After everything is in the right place again, I give Kate a lingering kiss on the lips and hug her. I'm going to miss her by my side tonight.
"Call me when you need me, okay?" she nods and caresses my nose with hers.
"Thank you for everything. Call me before you go to bed okay?" Our eyes lock, I see doubt and regret in her eyes. Maybe she already regrets being here. I kiss her again and say goodbye before I leave and to go back to my place.

I'm in my bed early that night. I'm tired and I miss Kate. I fell asleep quickly but around midnight I hear music. I rub my eyes and slide my hand through the messy mop of curls on top of my head. I take my phone of the night stand and look at the screen. Kate's name is on the screen and a rush of panic shoots through my body.
"Hi beautiful," I say when I press the green button.
"Harry, Harry," I hear my girl sob.
"What's wrong baby?" While I ask this I jump out of my bed and walk to my closet to search for some clothes. Whatever it is, I'm going over to see her.
"Please come help me," Kate cries in the phone before I hear a clicking sound and the line goes dead.

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