Chapter 25*

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Warning! There will be smut in this chapter, if you don't like it I recommend to skip this chapter. 
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Kate pov
A couple of days later, I was heating dinner when Harry came home.
When he opened the door, he saw me standing behind the stove and I saw his jaw tense up.
"What are you doing?" he asked with his brows furrowed. I immediately knew what was wrong.
"Good Evening to you! Had a nice day?" I replied sarcastically. Harry glared at me when he walked to the breakfast bar.
"Don't get your knickers in a twist Dr.Styles. My mom cooked. I'm just reheating it," I rolled my eyes. Harry came round the breakfast bar, pulled me close and cupped my cheeks.
"I'm sorry baby but, I'm worried that you're over doing it but I'm happy that your mom cooked for us," he said as he peeked at the pots and pans but I patted his hands away. My stomach flutters every time Harry calls me something sweet. I know he's done it before but, now it feels like it has another meaning.
"She also made tomorrow's dinner and soup for the freezer. She said that you work hard and take good care of me so, the least she could do was make us some dinner for us. My parents adore you! It's disgusting," I laughed.
"I get that. It's hard to not love me," Harry said with a cocky look on his face. I rolled my eyes and made a vomiting sound. Harry's laugh boomed through the kitchen as he took a bottle of water out the fridge and takes a sip before he sets it on the counter.

"Come here and let me kiss my girl," Harry commands and I walk towards him. I put my arms around him and hug him before I peck his lips.
"Let's eat, you're probably are hungry," I say after a couple of minutes of kissing. I walk to the stove and start to plate the food.

We talk about our day during dinner. I don't have any pain from my surgery, but my leg and back on the other hand, are giving me a hard time. The only thing I did today was reheat dinner. The constant stabbing and burning feeling drives me insane and the morphine isn't helping much but, I don't tell Harry how bad it really is because whether I tell him or not, the pain is always here and nobody can change that and he'll only worry if he knew. Plus, I really don't like to talk about it because I'm scared that I'll break if I really open up about it so, I think it's better to shut up and just close my feelings off.

Harry had back to back surgeries today and he's tired but he still refuses to let me clean up the kitchen. I go lay down while he cleans.
"I'm going to have a shower," Harry says when he walks to the couch and kisses my cheek.
His shirt is fully unbuttoned. His strong chest and tattoo's are on full display and I have to admit he looks like a yummy dessert. Ever since the first time, at the field where I saw Harry in nothing more then his boxer shorts, I've wanted nothing more than to explore his beautiful body, plant kisses all over it, use it and abuse it in every way! Suddenly I had an idea and I think Harry would love it.

That night, I'd just finished my evening routine in the bathroom when I entered the bedroom. Harry was in bed propped up against the headboard and I lingered a little in the doorway. His black glasses are perched on his nose, his legs covered by the purple sheet but, his torso isn't covered. He's got some kind of medical book in his right hand and his left hand lays relaxed behind his head. I bite my lip because he looks gorgeous, like he's a model in some kind of high classy magazine. I still can't believe he is my boyfriend. This beautiful, extraordinary man wants me! He's mine and I can't wait to fully claim him.

Suddenly Harry looks up. His eyes wander over my body and I suddenly feel self conscious. I'm standing here in a yellow tank top and short, black pyjama bottoms. My fat legs are fully visible . I want to move and go to bed but Harry's gaze is so intense that I can't.Harry startles me when he closes his book with a loud thud. He takes his glasses off and puts them together with the 

on the nightstand, before he pulls the sheet back and jumps out bed. Within seconds he's standing in front of me, really close. I look up and he is looking down. I feel his hot breath against my cheeks and brush of his left arm against mine. This makes goosebumps cover my body. My breaths are short and heavy, just like Harry's. The fingers of his left hand intertwined with mine while his right hand cups my right cheek. Harry lowers his head and his pink, plump lips touch mine. His kiss is so light and soft. My heart is racing in my chest and my eyes are closed but when I open them again they meet Harry's bright green eyes and there is an explosion of butterflies in my stomach. 

"You are so beautiful, Kate. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I love you and I want you. Don't ever doubt that or yourself." Again, Harry lowers his lips on mine but instead of a soft kiss, this one is harder, filled with need and want. He licks my bottom lip and I happily open my mouth to let his tongue slip inside, trying to dominate my tongue. When we pull back from our kiss Harry groans.
"You don't realize what you're doing to me," he says, closing his eyes for a second. "You, your body, drives me crazy! I want you and I think about it all the time," Harry takes my right hand in his left and puts it over his black boxer shorts covering his arousal. I bite my lip until I start to taste blood. Harry's cock is big, thick and rock hard. I want him. I want to taste him, feel him. No! I need to feel and taste him.

I pull my hand back and slip it in Harry's before I pull him to the bed. I take a seat on the edge of the bed and with my hands on Harry's hips I position him in front of me. With a naughty grin, I look up at Harry before I put my hand on his belly. For a moment I hold Harry's intense gaze, while I trace the hem of his boxer shorts.
"Kate, you don't..." Harry starts but I interrupt

"I know baby but, I want to. I need to," I whisper and with that I pull his briefs down and they fall on the floor. Harry's big erection springs free and he is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I look up to Harry, his arms hanging next to his body, his eyes are wide and filled with lust. I move my head forward and give the tip of Harry's cock a little kiss before I take it in my mouth and suck it. Harry throws his head backward. His hands find their way into my hair and I moan when Harry pulls it. I try to take Harry's cock fully in my mouth but, he's too big. I release it again before I take it back in my mouth. I do this until I feel his tip hit the back of my throat.
I suck him, swirl my tongue around him, while I bob my head up and down as I massage his balls but, I can feel that he's holding back. I release Harry's cock but let the tip rest on my bottom lip and I look up.

"You like that huh? Watching me take you in my mouth? Feeling you hit the back of my throat? Sucking you while you rip my hair?I know you want to fuck my face so, what's stopping you?" But before Harry can answer my question, I suck his tip again and take Harry's cock inside my mouth as I start to suck, lick and bob my head. Soon, I feel his grip on my hair tighten as he starts to move his hips and I smile to myself because I managed to make him stop holding back.
"Oh baby, you look so sexy! I'm not gonna last much longer," Harry stutters out. Then one last time, I give my all. A moan vibrating over his cock pushes him over the edge. He tried to warn me he was coming but I eagerly keep sucking him off until I feel him shoot his cum in my mouth and I swallow everything until he's fully done.
With a loud pop I let Harry's softening cock slip out of my mouth. When I look up, I see Harry standing with his chin on his chest, his eyes closed and breathing heavily. When he opens his eyes, our eyes meet and he gives me a dimpled smile.
"That was... just wow... Best ever..." I smile and take Harry's hand and start to crawl behind so we can both lay in bed. I snuggle my face in Harry's hair and my hands are on his chest. He holds me tight while our legs intertwine.

"Being with you, is all I need," Harry whispers. I smile and kiss his lips.
"The last four years have been hell but since I've met you, it's different. You make me want to fight, to live. You make me feel happy again," I try to snuggle and that's how we fall asleep.

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