Chapter 23

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Harry pov

After a short drive we arrived at my house. I walked in first to unlock the doors and put Kate's bag away. Then, I went back to the car to help Kate out. The surgery definitely took his toll on Kate's back and leg. I've never seen her limp so badly or taking such slow, little steps like this before but, I think it's normal too after surgery. The OR table is cold and hard and she had to lay on it for quite some time.

"Do you want to lay in bed or on the couch?" I asked.
"I don't want to be alone so I will take the couch, thanks," Kate said while holding on to me.
I smiled and put her on the couch before I went to the bedroom to get her a good pillow.

I placed the pillow on the couch, helped Kate to lay down and put a blanket on her.
"I'll get you some water and make some tea," she flashed me a little smile. Kate is awfully quiet today. Ever since I went to get her at the hospital she hasn't talked much. I know she just had surgery and is probably tired and doesn't feel well. She's in more pain than usual, but I have this feeling she isn't telling me something. I get Kate a bottle of water, a cup of tea and put it on a little table next to her.
"Do you want your book or I can put on a movie?" I ask Kate, while I sit down on the floor next to the couch.
"I'm good thanks," she whispers. Kate put her hand on my cheek and I lean into her, "You're so sweet, I don't deserve you," she whispers, but at the end her voice breaks and I see tears forming in her eyes.
"I'm always here for you, you know that right? You have to tell me if something is wrong so I can help you".
Kate swallows hard and nods, "I know, thank you," she says quietly.

My phone rings and I get up to take the call. When I come back Kate is sleeping. I sit down in the white love-seat in the corner next to her and take her in. Even now when she looks pale, her hair laying flat against her head, she is still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I want to tell her I love her. I want to kiss her full red lips. I want to feel her soft skin on my hands, her body pressed against mine but, I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose my job, but I want to be with her. I want to give her the love that she deserves.

Kate pov

Harry brought me to his place and as usual he took care of me like a queen. After he put me on the couch, he tucked me in and made me some tea. I soon fell asleep.
I woke up from the smell of freshly made soup. I opened my eyes and could look right into the kitchen which was joined to the living room. For a minute I watched Harry cooking, but soon my mind wandered to Julia and what she had said to me. Would he really pity me? Are the feelings and emotions for me that I think I see, really there? I would understand if he didn't want me because I have nothing to offer. I can't be the girlfriend he deserves - someone who looks out for him and makes him happy.
"Hi sweetie," Harry's voice rips me out of my thoughts. "What's wrong? Are you in pain? Why are you crying?" I'm confused by Harry's questions at first, but then I understand when I feel how wet my cheeks are.

"I'm okay," I whisper fumbling with the red blanket covering me.
"Cut the bullshit Kate!" Harry says sternly. "You can't fool me! Please tell me what's going on!"
Suddenly I feel something I haven't felt before, anger. If Harry only feels pity for me why is he doing all this when he knows that I feel more for him? Why is he torturing me when he knows we never will be together?
I look up to Harry and let out a heavy sigh, "Are you pitying me?" I ask.
I can see he is taken aback by my question, "What?" he stammers.

"Is that why you're doing all this for me because you feel sorry for me?" I formulate my question. Harry looks at me confused, "Is that what you think? Is that what you think this is all for?" Harry points at the dining room table and I see a vase with big red roses. The table is beautifully set and I feel bad.
"No... I dunno... Julia..." I try to talk but I can't find the words I want to say.
"What about Julia?" Harry says looking more confused every moment.
"Julia said you're only taking care of me because you pity me. She said I will never get you the way I want you," I admit.
"And you believed her?" Harry's eyes look at me shocked.
"I can't believe this," he sighs and runs his hand through his brown curls.
"I need a minute," Harry turns around and he walks out of the room. I close my eyes and let my tears fall. I guess Julia was wrong. I was wrong and now I've hurt my friend and – I would put these in italics for emphasis probably ruined my chance at ever being more than friends with Harry. I put my head in my hands and let the tears flow. I'm so stupid! The once chance I had is gone now. I'v probably ruined everything and without Harry in my life, I don't want to live.

Harry pov
I'm standing at my bedroom window, looking over the city. It's a beautiful, sunny summer's day. I was in a good mood this morning. I was really looking forward to being with Kate, of taking care of her but now I don't feel it, not anymore.

Does Kate really think I pity her? Does she think I'm that kind of person? Ahorrible person?
I have to admit, it hurts. Doesn't she see? Doesn't she know she's the only person I want to be with? It doesn't matter if she is sick and disabled. She's the one I think of first thing in the morning and last thing I think of before I close my eyes. When she touches me, she sets my body on fire. I want her, all of her.
I can get lost in her eyes, listen to her talking for hours and look at her while she is sleeping. I love everything about her, the way she will press her lips together when she dislikes something, the sound of her giggle when I do something funny... I love her so much!

There is a knock at my bedroom door but I don't turn around. I hear the door open.
"Harry," Kate says in a small voice. "I'm sorry. I was wrong and I shouldn't have believed Julia," Kate apologized.

"Julia likes to sleep around. She's fucked so many of my colleagues," I say without turning around.
"She wanted to sleep with me since the first day she came to the hospital but I always pushed her away. I don't want her. I never have."
I keep my focus on the clouds for a moment before I turn around. Kate is standing there in her sweatpants and black shirt. Her hair is messy but she's still perfect.
"I've never felt pity for you, Kate. Of course I don't like the way you have to live and of course I want to help you as much I can, but I don't pity you."

"I know, I'm sorry. If you want me to go, I'll go," Kate looks up to me with guilty eyes.
"God Kate! Stop please and open your eyes!" I throw my hands in the air and raise my voice.
"Don't you see it or are you blind?" I'm getting frustrated by her but she looks at me like I'm speaking a language she don't understand but then it comes to me.
"You can't see it can you?" I ask.
"See what?" Kate asks. I look at Kate, the pain in her eyes and right there I made a decision that would change my life entirely.
"Oh screw the hospital!" I take a couple of steps forward and cup Kate's face.

"I love you! And nobody or nothing will stop me from being with you anymore!" I crash my lips on to Kate's and make her stumble and step backwards a little, but I've got her. My arm is on her back in a second and I push her into me. Her lips are so full, so soft, so loving. I can't get enough and lick her bottom lip.
Kate immediately reacts and opens her mouth. My tongue slips in and meets hers and we taste each other, drink each other in. I pull back and look into her green eyes.
"I really love you! I can't imagine my life without you but I can't just be your friend anymore. I need more. I need you Kate, all of you." I admit whilst Kate looks at me with tears streaming down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry for doubting you! I know you don't pity me. I don't want to be just your friend either. I want to be your girlfriend, your partner, your everything. I want you in my life, by my side every day and every night. I love you too Harry!" Kate gives me the sweetest kiss and hugs me close.

We go and lay down on the bed, where we snuggle and kiss for a while. We both know there are lots of words that need to be said but not right now. Right now it's just the two of us and that's enough.

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