Chapter 35*

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Harry pov

When Kate finally realized that it doesn't matter to me if we get out and about all day every day or not, she finally relaxed and even her pain got a little bit better. I had had a busy year and I was honestly very happy with the time off that I got with my girl.
We spent the rest of our holiday lounging at our private pool or on the beach. We were wrapped up in each other all day and all night.
It was the perfect holiday and I couldn't believe that today was our last day already.
We spent the afternoon lazing on the beach, kissing and talking about what we want to do when we get home. We had a lovely evening, having dinner while we watched the bright yellow sun hit the water on the horizon. The Greek food and wine tasted delicious and made our taste buds tingle.
"I wish we could stay here forever," Kate admitted, "Just being with you all day, every day feels like heaven." She stood up and walked so that she was behind my stool and bent her knees. She pressed her front to my back and put her arms around my neck, with one finger drawing patterns on my chest. It made goosebumps erupt all over my body.
There was something different about Kate today. It felt like she had a goal. She touched me, kissed me, brought me to the edge, and when I wanted to give into her and take her, she would step back and do something normal. She played with me like that all afternoon and all night and it drove me crazy.
After dinner we went back to the bedroom to watch a movie. Kate went to the bathroom to get comfortable for bed but she'd normally undress in front of me. I wonder if something is going on. During dinner she was constantly fidgeting and acting nervous as well.
I strip off my clothes and lay down in bed on the white sheets in my boxer briefs. I start to scroll through my social media accounts while I wait for Kate but she is taking longer than she normally would. The room is silent and there's no noise comes from the bathroom.
"Are you okay, Beautiful," I ask concerned. I listen but other than my breathing, the room is dead silent.
Maybe I should go take a look. I start to crawl out of bed when I hear something in the bathroom.
"Harry can you put the big light out and only the little night stand lights on, please?" I pull my eyebrows up. Why would she want that? I do what I'm told before I settle back against the headboard of the bed.
"Done," I answer and I hear the bathroom lock click. The door flies open revealing the sexiest Kate I have ever seen. Her long auburn hair is up with a clip, her lips were red and her eyes had darker make up than usual. But it is what she is wearing that makes my mind go wild. Her body is covered with a little mid thigh length, black, lacy, see through nightgown with black lace panties and she is wearing no bra. Her legs are covered with black stockings held up by a lace garter belt and she's wearing black stiletto heels. She must have bought them for this because she can't wear them normally because of her back.
My jaw is on the floor and I'm pretty sure there is some drool on my chin.
"Come here baby, let me look at you!" I manage to get out of my mouth. Kate walks to the end of the bed before she slowly crawls to me like a predator creeps to it's prey.
When she reaches me she gives me a lingering kiss on the lips before she sits up and my hands immediately reach for her hips. I look up and down her body while I bite my lip.
"My god, you are beautiful! You are hot!" I let my hands wander over her body.
"So I guess you like my outfit," Kate asks with a big smirk on her face. 
"Like it? I love it," I admit. My hands wander to her breasts, I push the lacy cup of her nightgown aside and attach my mouth to her nipple. Kate grips my hair roughly while she moans. I pinch her other nipple through her nightie.
"I'm going to take you while you wear this, is that okay," I whisper in her ear and I nibble at her ear lobe. Suddenly she pulls back, "Tonight, I'm in charge," she says sternly. Something in her eyes change. They get darker and her pupils dilate. She steps out of bed to rummage through her suitcase. She comes back with two silk scarves. With a wicked grin, she takes my wrist and ties it to the bed with the scarves. I tug on them but I can't move. My mind is racing with ideas of what she is going to do with me and the idea of Kate having her way with me while I'm tied up is very arousing.
"I'll be right back." Kate whispers before she leaves the room again, swaying her hips a little more than normal. When she comes back she has a can of whipped cream. My God this woman is going to kill me! She stands next to the bed and starts to shake it. She looks so powerful like this.
"I think I'm going to have some dessert. You want some too," Kate asks with a grin. 
"I only want you! Come on baby, don't tease me," I plead. Kate puts some whipped cream on her finger and pushes it in my mouth. I feel the sweet cream on my tongue and wrap my tongue around her finger. 

"I would never tease you, baby," she winks at me. Kate takes the pointer finger of my right hand and sprays some of the cool whipped cream on it. While she looks me in the eye she envelops my finger with her warm mouth and sucks all of the sweetness off. Shivers run down my spine, I pull at my restraints, but they don't budge an inch. 
"Maybe I should blindfold you," Kate muses out loud. The thought of not seeing her and knowing what she is going to do with me turns me on more than I want to admit but I want to see her. I have to see her!
"Please baby let me see you," I ask sweetly. She doesn't say anything but she starts to make a whipped cream smiley face on my belly. When she is done she licks her lips.

"I'm going to love this," she says cutely before she dips her head down and starts removing the cream from my left nipple with little kitten licks before she bites it - I cry out! When my nipple is clean she sucks it a little more before she moves to the other one. I groan, I want to get out of my restraints so I can do the same to her. Slowly Kate licks the cream nose off my belly button but soon, she starts to eat her way to the smiley mouth that she placed just above the hem of my boxer briefs. She eats, sucks and kisses until all of it is gone and I don't know if I'm in heaven or hell. Feeling Kate's lips, her tongue all over me feels so good but my body is on fire and it needs to be extinguished now!
Kate put two fingers inside the hem of my boxers, 
"I'm still not satisfied. I want a lolly," she whines. Her eyes sparkle when she sees my hard cock, "Yummy," she mouths silently. 
She surprises me when she takes the can of whipped cream and starts spraying it around my dick from the bottom to the top. I hiss when she reaches the red, pre-cum leaking tip. The cold cream cools it down but it also hurts because I'm so hard.
Kate hums and licks her lips before she sucks the tip of my arousal while I groan and fist the sheets. 
"Please take it all, baby," I beg. I need to feel all of her on me. I need some friction or I think I'm gonna burst. Kate does what she is told and slowly runs her tongue along the inside of my cock, inch by inch. I feel my rock hard dick twitch against her lips as my hips jolt from the bed. Kate lets my cock fall out of her mouth with a pop before slowly taking me back in her mouth and she swallows me, bit by bit. I'm so gone and throw my head back in the pillow with a groan. I don't know what she is doing, but I love it!
"This feels so good," I moan while Kate bobs her head up and down but she stops too soon with a grin on her lips. 
I whimper and whine, "Don't stop, please baby," I beg but Kate shakes her head. 
"I'm full. No more dessert," she says cheekily. The naughty little minx knows what she is doing. I groan and pull on the scarves.
Kate takes her heels off and climbs on the bed, standing up right with one leg on each side of my hips. Breaking eye contact, she hooks her fingers inside her panties and slowly starts to pull them down. I'm biting my lip and pull at my restraints yet again - this is maddening! She only takes her panties off. She keeps her nightgown, garter belt and stockings on. She's so beautiful! She looks down, licks her fingers and without a blink she pushes them inside her glistening pussy, while the other hand rubs her swollen red nub.
"Yeah definitely ready for you," she moans. My girl straddles my upper legs, takes one hand and tugs on my arousal a couple of times. 

"Ready," she asks as she smiles evilly at me.

"More than ready! Now untie me so I can fuck you," I say bluntly. Kate starts laughing and I don't know what's going to happen now.
"Is that what you think is going to happen? You know me baby, I'm not the woman who's going to obey anyone! I take what I want," she says. Then, she sits up, takes my dick and rubs it over her wet slit a couple of times. "And right now, I want you!" We both moan while she sinks down on my rock hard cock.
Kate's wetness around my cock feels like coming home. She doesn't start off slowly. I think we are both too far gone for that. She moves her hips in a rotating motion while she moves up and down my length. Her hands travel to her breasts, pinching her lace covered nipples and my hands ache to take her place. Since I can't move my hands, I send all the power I have to my hips and start thrusting inside Kate. Soon Kate is a moaning mess, but she doesn't stop moving her hips. When I cum, I literally see stars while Kate guides me through my orgasm. She pants while she collapses on top of me. We lay still for a minute before Kate moves up and starts to loosen the scarves around my wrists. She kisses them both and massages them for a while.
"Urgh look at you! Look how sticky and dirty you are. Come shower with me," Kate says but now that I'm free I don't have to follow her orders any more. I can do what I want! I lift her by the hips. Kate squeezes but her legs immediately encircle my waist. 
"Now you'll see who's the boss," I groan while I carry my girl to the bathroom where we start round two.

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