Chapter 15

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Kate pov

"Harryyyyyy, please tell me where we're going. Pretty please, I will do anything you want," I beg Harry to tell me where we are going but he won't tell me. "What do I wear? Do I need to change?" I ask when Harry reappears with a basket in his hands.

"You are perfect just the way you are," he smiles and kisses my temple.

"I'm going to put your wheelchair in the car. Make sure you're ready when I come back."

I get up and make a quick visit to the toilet before I check my make-up and hair. My hair is down today but I take a clip with me for when I want to put it up again. Just when I walk back into the living room to check my purse, Harry walks in. I make sure I've got my wallet and phone as I tell him I'm ready.

Harry and I go to the car. Like a true gentleman he opens my door and helps me in the vehicle. He closes the door before he walks around and gets in. He starts the engine and drives off. We don't speak but it's a comfortable silence and I take time to look at Harry. His big hands and long fingers holding the steering wheel - I'd do anything to touch his strong, inked arms. His jaw is so sharp, he could cut glass with it and ooooh his cute little adorable ears! I want to suck on his earlobe till he moans my name. Harry has beautiful green eyes that he can look right into your soul with and oh, his plump, pink, heart shaped lips. I felt them once and it they were heavenly. I hope one day I will feel his lips on mine again.

"Do you like what you see?" Harry tears me out of my thoughts. I feel my cheeks getting red and my whole body heats up.

"Yes I do," I giggle. We drive to the countryside listening to a CD Harry recently bought that he loves. It's some British kid who was in a boyband before and I have to admit his voice is angelic.

Harry stops at a little parking spot. It's surrounded by trees and doesn't give me any clue of where we are or where we are going. He jumps out of the car and gets my wheelchair out of the trunk. I follow him and listen when he tells me to sit down. He puts the basket and a blanket on my lap, "Are you ready for take off, Miss? 3...2....1..." and he started running

"Wwwwwhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii harder Harry," I squealed. After a minute Harry slowed down, panting a little. "Are you tired," I giggled.

"No I'm a man. Haven't you seen my body? I'm super strong!" I try not to laugh as I turn around in the wheelchair, looking right in his eyes.

"Maybe you have to show me that body some time," Harry started to blush but said nothing, instead he kissed my cheek.

"Maybe I should show you my body," Harry suddenly whispers in his husky voice. I gasped and pressed my thighs together with the thought of a naked Harry.

Since we talked and admitted our feelings to each other Harry and I have been flirting all the time. We cuddle more and I feel like I am closer to him. We can't give in to our feelings but they are there and neither of us want to hide them anymore.

"We're almost at the spot I want to show you. Close your eyes and no peeking," Harry says. I do what I'm told. I close my eyes and put my hands in front of them. We walk for a couple of minutes before Harry stops the wheelchair. He puts his hands on mine and my body starts to tingle from his touch. Leaning his head on my shoulder, he takes my hands away but I don't let them go. I stop breathing for a second when I start to look around. We're in a field filled with beautiful purple and yellow flowers between the grass. In the distance I see a big tree and a river. It's the most beautiful piece of nature I've ever seen.

"You like it?" Harry whispers in my ear.

"No, I love it! Thank you for bringing me here," I kissed Harry's cheek before he started to push me through the grass to the big tree near the river where he put the blanket on the ground and sat down. I step out of the wheelchair and sit down on my knees in front of Harry to hug him close. I close my eyes and let his scent fill my nose. Harry presses me tight against him and kissed my hair. We stay like this for a while enjoying the hug and each others touch. When we let go we lay down on the blanket next to each other, our pinkies touching each other. I close my eyes, enjoying the sun on my face, the smell of the flowers and the grass with the silence surrounding the both of us. There are no words needed.

"How did you find this place?" I break the silence while I turned to face Harry.

"I have an aunt in London and during the summers we'd spend a week with her so mymum could have some time to herself. She always bought me and my sister here. We would walk around in the grass, play in the river and pluck flowers for my aunt. Even when I was at University I kept coming here on my days off to have a little peace," Harry explained while his fingers played with mine.

"I wish I had known you back then," I admitted. Harry smiled and he scoot a little closer to me.

"Me too but maybe we wouldn't be the people we are now without all of the things we have been through," I nodded in agreement. Harry sat up and took the basket in his lap.

"What do you want to drink? We have water and juice. Do you want a snack too?" he asked.

"I was wondering what was in the basket. Water please but no snack thanks, I ate too much at breakfast." Harry handed me a bottle of water and I drank half of it.

"Let's go for a swim in the river," I say enthusiastically as I look at Harry with big eyes. He starred back at me like I grew a second head.

"Swim? In the river? We have no swimsuits," Harry says confused.

"In our underwear. When we are done we can dry in the sun or just don't wear underwear under our clothes," I bite at my lip with the thought of Harry going commando in his jeans.

"Yeah sure, let's swim," Harry shrugs. He jumps up and starts to pull off his shirt and jeans. While I take off my clothes, I glance at Harry. My eyes creep up his long legs and his thick thighs. I swallow when I see the obvious bulge in his black boxer shorts. My eyes wander to Harry's laurel tattoos. I'm biting my lip so hard that I start to taste blood.

His chest looks hard and toned. I want to put my hands on it and lick his nipples. Harry clears his throat and my eyes jump to his face, he is looking at me with his brows upwards. I smile innocently but I know I am busted for the second time today,

"Come on, I think you need some cooling down," Harry smirks and takes my hand. We walk to the river. Harry helps me in. The water is cool against my skin. We swim for a bit before Harry starts splashing water around.

"Wait I will get you!" I threaten him before I start throwing water at him as we both giggle and laugh. Suddenly, I feel something slippery touching my leg in the water. I scream and rush towards Harry almost jumping in his arms. Harry immediately puts his arms protectively around me.

"I felt something against my leg," I panted. Harry laughs and shakes his head.

"Probably just a fish, don't worry," he says reassuringly. I keep holding close to him and put my head on his shoulder. The energy between us shifts, with his nose Harry is caressing my jaw. I turn my head. We are both looking at each other now as my hand slides to Harry's hard chest. I can feel his heart race. I move closer and touch Harry's nose with mine. I want to kiss him. I want to feel his whole body pressed up against mine. I can feel that my body craves his touch. I wet my lips with my tongue and I prepare to kiss him.

"Maybe we should go back to the side before you get cold," Harry whispers. Disappointed I back off and nod but try not to look at him with disappointment written on my face. We swim to the side. Harry climbs out first before he helps me. We move the blanket into the sun and go lay down but we don't speak. There are so many words we want to say but we can't say them - well, not now at least.

When we are dry we get dressed again. Harry brought his camera and he wants to take some pictures. He lets me pose against the tree, laying in the grass, by the river... After some convincing he finally lets me take a picture of him laying in the grass too.

"I should get you back home, you probably need rest," I look at Harry with upset eyes because I don't want him to go when I'm home again. Reading my face he reassures me he will stay with me and I smile.

This man always manages to make me smile and feel happy even with all the crap happening with my health. With Harry in my life the sun will always shine.

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