Chapter 50

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Harry pov

I got home late so I decided to sleep first before I go to the hospital tomorrow morning.

I already miss Kate but the minute I stepped foot in my apartment it only got worse. My apartment was filled with little reminders of her, a magazine, her favourite blanket, her sweater... After I put the washer on, I took a shower and went to bed, where I fell asleep with my nose buried in Kate's pillow thinking about her alone in that room in Brussels.

Early in the morning I reached out to Kate's spot but woke up because of the cold and loneliness. Normally I would pull her against me, kiss her gently and tell her how much I love her. God, I already miss her so much.
Already dreading the day but I get up and get ready, I don't know if I will talk to anyone of the board so I decide to wear my black suit. Once ready I go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee to go and take off.
When I walk into the hospital there aren't many patients around and that's probably for the best. I'm walking to my office when I notice the stares, nurses and doctors who are walking through the hallways look at me before they often start to whisper at each other.

"Aaah Styles decided to show up again" my colleague Dr. Cook says when I enter Katia's office. He is reading his mail in the corner leaning against the white wall. Katia, who is seated at her desk behind a huge pile of files, rolls her eyes at the comment then smiles at me.

"Good Morning Doctor Styles, How are you?" she says friendly.
"Hello Doctor Cook, Katia" I decided to let Cook's comment slide, he doesn't know anybetter.
I ask Katia how she is and if there are important messages for me but she signals to me she will tell me when Cook is gone.

"Are you going to tell us what the reason for your absence is?" Cook asks out of nowhere.
"That's none of your business but if you really want to know, my girlfriend has some health issues" I say honestly.
"Girlfriend or patient? But we all know that definition isn't something you care about." Cook says coyly. I turn around and look in his eyes.

"What's your problem? If you have something to say, say it?" When I see the smirk on Cook's face I know I give the arsehole what he wanted.
"My problem is you, you always think you are the mighty surgeon who gets away with everything, the boards golden boy but this time you went too far. Harassing a patient, how dare you? You are nothing more than a filthy rapist." Katia's eyes almost bulge out and my jaw was on the floor, did he really say that?

"First of all who are you to judge, maybe the board should ask the scrub nurses about you. Second I didn't rape anyone..."

"Enough!" a third voice suddenly booms through the office and I turned around seeing Marc Greyson, he was wearing a grey suit and has an angry look on his face.

"Styles, come with me" he says with a stern voice. He turns around but stops at the door again "And Cook, I may have heard on or two things about you. You should come into my office this week so we can discuss them." Greyson turns around and walks off, I follow him but I have to admit I'm scared. I wish Kate was here with me..

We enter a conference room and to my surprise Richard, the chief of surgery, Eileen our PR manager and two board members who I only recognise by their faces are seated around the big round conference table.
"Good Morning," I greet everyone and I shake their hands. Richard gives me a sympathetic smile but the two board members and Eileen have stern looks on their faces.
"Sit down, Styles" Greyson says while he sits down next to Richard. I do what he orders and sit down. I look around and feel the tension in the room.

"Good, Dr. Styles," Greyson starts. "Some time ago someone went to Richard and told him you had a relationship with a patient. Richard maybe you better explain this," I look at Richard just in time to see him roll his eyes. I know Richard, he even was my teacher for awhile, he knows I'm not the person they want to make me look like.

"This person told me you were having an affair with a patient. I was told, you gave a free consultation and that you helped young patients if they had sex with you." I clenched my jaw in anger, who would tell such lies about me?
"That is not true, I never ever have sex with my patients in return of medical advantages." I said honestly.

"What is this all about? Why would they say this about you?" the oldest board member asked. I liked his bold clothing style, he was wearing a red suit with a yellow shirt, but that was also the only thing I liked about him at the moment.
"I'll be honest, I met a women. She is my patient, we are in a relationship. We tried to fight it but we're in love." I admitted.
"So you gave her medical advantages?" Greyson sighs

"No, I just did what I would do for any of my patients." I felt like they wanted to push me into a corner and this angered me.
"So you would make a fast appointment with another doctor for any other patient?" before I could open my mouth the bald board member cut in.
"And you would go to a gynaecologist with any other patient?"
"Yes I would arrange a fast appointment for any other patient, you can ask my intern or my secretary. And no of course I don't go to a gynaecologists with any other patient but I went with Kate because she is my partner." I said defensively.
"So you met your girlfriend when she came to you as a patient. You arranged a couple of appointments for her, one of them at gynaecologies and the other abroad and that's why you have been absent for almost two weeks and you don't start again for another month. Correct?" Richard summed everything up. I said nothing, I just nod.
"Dr. Styles, a relationship with a patient is against the rules, just like giving family members or your partner medical advantages. Did you know this when you started this relationship?" the bald board member eyes bored into mine but I didn't back down and stared back. After a couple of minutes he looked away.
"Yes I knew it was against the rules. But I have to say, every person, nurse, doctor, administrative personnel makes fast appointments for family members and you all know it. Why is it a problem when I do it?"

"We're not talking about other personnel, we're talking about you. Plus the fast appointments aren't really the problem. You are a doctor, you are powerful. Your patient is ill, she is vulnerable. You unknowingly took advantage of her." Greyson says stern.
"That's bullshit and you know it!" I raise my voice. I wish Kate was here, she would tell them that they are wrong. She would comfort me and support me.
"Okay Doctor Styles, calm down." Richard tries to sooth me.
"We'll investigate this further but for now you are suspended until further notice." I nod.
"I just want to know who made this complaint? Because you all know it's someone whowants to ruin my career." I already have my suspicion but I'm not sure.
"We can't tell you who it was." the bald person said. I roll my eyes
"Of course you can't." I mumble while I get up from the black office chair and walk to the red door but before I walk out, I turn around.
"I hope you'll never get into a situation where you get judged before you have the chance to explain yourself. And when it happens, I hope you will think about me and realize you did me wrong." I walked out the door into the hallway. I take a breath and walk to my office as fast as I can, when I close the door I lean against it and close my eyes. I know I'm screwed, coming home was a waste of time.

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