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Jazmíns POV
"Bubba can you go get Emmas Pacifier"I said He scooted off the couch and walked to the kitchen. I sat there looking down at my phone texting my best friend while I waited for Antonio.

Antonio and Lip came walking out of the Kitchen and Lip handed me her pacifier "Hey I'm taking Antonio with me" lip said as he picked up Antonios shoes "Ok" I said I picked up Emma and she smiled at me. Lip picked up Antonio off the couch and they left.

I'm literally the only one here rn Carl went to get Diego from the Airport Fiona and Debbie went shopping and they took Dominic Ians with Mickey so I'm pretty much alone except for emma. I love this child bro I swear she looks more like carl every single day.

My phone buzzed and I picked it up and seen it was Jahseh asking if I wanted to come chill. I texted him back and said sure and told him to come get me. I went upstairs and got emma dressed and put her in her car seat as he texted me saying he was outside.

I buckled Emma up and put a blanket over her and then over the front. I threw on some Adidas pants and a plain white shirt and black 11s and grabbed Emma and walked downstairs. I grabbed her diaper bag and walked out the front door.

Jahseh was sitting there in the Expidition waitino for me. I put Emmas carseat in holder thingy and got up front "Hey boo" I said "wassup" he said then my phone dinged "Dann I wasn't this popular when I was sitting on the couch bored off my ass" I said as I pulled my phone out of my back pocket.

It was a text from Carl

Hey I'm gonna come get Emma I'm 5 minutes away.

OK well I was just about to leave with Jahseh so hurry up.

Fatdaddy😘❤: ight I'm coming

"Dont go no where yet" I said as I put my phone down in the cup holder "Why" he said "Carl's coming to get emma" I said as I put my leg up on the dash board I heard music blaring from behind the car getting closer so I new it was Carl. I got out as they pulled up behind us and Diego got out

"Sound cloud boyyyyyyy" I yelled as I jumped on Diego "Mexican bitchhhhh" he yelled I hugged him and he hugged me back "I missed u fool" I said "you seen me 2 weeks ago when u guys left" he said while laughing "not the point now shut up and hug me" I said. He hugged me then let go.

I went and grabbed emma out of the car and put them in the other car with Carl "I love u baby" I said as I leaned in the window and kissed him "I love u to baby" he said back. "What are you guys gonna go do" Carl asked "Idk probably go chill somewhere" I said . "Come home drunk" he said as he bit his lip and pulled off.

I went and jumped in the car with jahseh "where u wanna go first" Jahseh asked "Well carl said that I have to come home drunk so.. looks like your getting me drunk" I said as I looked at him "You sure you want me to do that I no how you get when your drunk" he said "I'll be fine don't worry.

He shook his head "Ight so were going to house" he said "You have a house down here" I asked "yes yes I do" he said as he pulled off "OK then yeah" I said. I sat back and looked out the window.

Carl's POV.

I'm dropping the kids off my best friend Jessica for the night cause me and Jazmín haven't gotten time together since Emma was born so that's whatz going on. But that's later rn me and Diego are going to this little house get together thing that Diego got invited to.

"What even is this thing that where going to" I asked "It's a get together with steve and the rest of the boys idiot I told you this already" I said "Damn I haven't seen Steve in a minute" in said as u pulled into the  driveway of the house where the party is.

I parked and turned the car off and got out "Damn carl is that you on them big ass wheels" Steve said as he came walking out if the house. I laughed as I opened the back door and grabbed the MCM bag with all Emmas stuff in it.

I grabbed Emmas carseat out and shut the door. " you got a kid"  steve asked "nawww Im babysitting" I said sarcastically" that's wassup" he said I shut the door and started walking behind Diego into the house. Steve followed behind us. I dapped up everybody and sat down.

We all started talking and I moved the blanket and she was awake messing with her hands then she looked at me and smiled and started kicking her legs. I smiled back at her and Diego came and sat next to me "hi emma" Diego said as he touched her nose.

I unbuckled her and moved her blanket and the handle and then picked her up. Steve looked at me then at Emma "Are u sure that kid isn't yours" he said. I slapped my hand to my face "Have you heard of sarcasm" I said as I moved my hand.

"Ohhh so this is your kid" he said "yes idiot" I said ad I moved Emma to my leg Diego Reached for her and she grabbed his finger so he took her while the rest of us talked.

Jazmins POV

I've been at jahseha for about a half an hour now he's playing Call of duty and for every head shot he gets I have to take a shot so far I've taken 7 shots

o far Im not drunk yet so yeah "Fuccckkkk" he yelled as he got shot. He stood up "I'll be right back" he said as he walked off towards the stairs.

A few minutes later he came down whereing shorts and no shirt he sat down and grabbed his controller then started his game up "Ha double head shot" he said as he paused the game and looked at me  I grabbed the bottle and poured 2 shots and did them both.

"Ight start playing" I said he sat down in front of me and started playing while I scrolled threw my Facebook " Double" he said as he passed me two shots. I drunk them both and handed the glasses back to him. "he started playing again. This time he put headphones on and was talking to people.

I can feel the Alcohol slowly taking over my body as I layed there. I rolled over on my side and started tracing random shapes on jahsehs back as he laughed and was talking to his friends. He pushed his Mike up "what are u doing babygirl" he said " nothing" I said back.

I kept tracing random shapes on his back as he played then he stood up. I closed my eyes then opened then as Jahseh sat downin front of my stomach and stared playing again while talking to someone I grabbed his Arm and he looked at me then back at the tv.

He said something to the person he was talking to and then took his headphones off. I grabbed his arm again and he looked at me " come here" I said.

Jahsehs POV

"Come here" Jazmín said as she pulled my arm. I put my controller down and leaned down to her. "What" I said to her. She pulled me closer and kissed my cheek then smiled. I smiled back "Weirdo" I said. As I sat up " no come back" she whined I leaned back down and she put her hand up into my hair.

"No nope nope let my hair go" I said but she only gripped it tighter "Jazmín stop please" I said as I put my hand on her waist. She grabbed more of my dreads and pulled them "Jazmín stop" I said. And before I new it I pulled her intoy lap and I went down from there.

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