day 1

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Jazmin up top

Jazmin POV

I just woke up and i remembered what happened yesterday Ya bitch ain't single no more I looked over and Carl was asleep still.

I Hoped on top of him and layed down and he moved and woke up and he said "hey Baby girl" I looked at him " hey"

He put his hand on my back and I got off the bed and went in the bathroom both me and Carl got shoe game so I think I wanna match but idk I have a song coming out pretty soon.

Im not telling yall anything about it lmao I went in my closet and grabbed my black ripped skinny jeans and a black and red Thrasher shirt and went in the bathroom I took a shower and got out.

I put my clothes on and went and braided my hair onto some straight backs something easy then I went in my closet and grabbed my Nike headband cause I gotta big ass forehead.

I put my black and red Flu game 12s on and came out of the bathroom to Carl just getting out of bed 😑 I went to my jewelry box and put in my diamond earrings.

Carl looked at me and said "damn babygirl" I looked at him and continued putting my earrings in "can we go to my house so I can get dressed.

"I gotta go get my son" I looked at Carl when I said that " Son??" I never told him about Antonio "yes son his names Antonio he's originally my baby brother but my mom hasn't been around long enough so he calls me mom"

He knodded "where Is he" I grabbed my phone off the charger and shiver it in my back pocket "down the street at his dad's" he pulled his pants on and shoes "let's go get him.

We walked hand in hand down the street till we got to the apartment building his dad lives all the way on the top and honestly I don't like this place cause Alot of Crack head hang here.

I walked in with Carl following me and we took the stairs up to the top to his dad's apartment I knocked on the door and he answered a few minutes later.

( ad~ Antonio's dad )

Ad: Hey Jaz wassup

Jazmine: same thing as normal staying out of the streets and not ending up like me mama.

Ad: good come in Antonio's Asleep in his Room

Jazmine: ok thanks

Ad: who's this u got with u Jaz

Jazmine: that's my Boyfriend Carl

Ad: oh ok that's wassup

I went in Antonio's room and grabbed his bag and picked him up I walked back out to the living room and Carl was gone " where did my boyfriend go" and he looked at me " hallway" I said goodbye to him and walked out.

Carl was on the phone with some one I grabbed his hand and he finished up his phone call he took Antonio From me even tho he's not that heavy we walked out of the building.

We walked down to my house "I'm gonna give him a bath then me and him will come over" Carl looked at me and said "ok" he gave me a kiss before walking across the street.

I went up to the door and it sounded like some one was inside the house my Dead beat mom must be Home I walked in and there she was just sitting there on the couch .

I carried Antonio upstairs completely ignoring her and he woke up I went in his closet and grabbed him a blue Nike shirt and his bleached looking pants and white foamposits.

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