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Jasmine POV

Im going home today I'm waiting for Carl to get back here,  I just got Emma dressed and I reached down and put her car seat on the bed I pushed the sun block thing back and the handle and opened the buckles I picked up Emma and gently layed her in her carseat.

I put her arms there the buckles and buckles them up and mad sure she was in there securely i put a pacifier in her mouth as carl came in the room I put a blanket over Emma and then the other one over the front of the carseat I pulled the handle up and Carl collected all the other stuff.

I put the diaper bag on my back and looked around to be sure I have everything "you ready baby" Carl said "Yeah I said as I lifted the carseat off the bed softly not to bump it on anything me and Carl walked out of the room and down to the elevator.

We got to valet and I opened the back door where her carseat thing sat in the middle inside her carseat in it and mad sure it was in there securely I put the Diaper bag on the other side of the carseat and put my seatbelt on as carl climbed in the front seat.

"I miss Antonio" I said as Carl started driving " So do I he always kept a smile on my face" Catl said as he contined driving. Finaly car pulled into the drive way of the house Skis car was half way in the garage idk why he didnt pull it in the rest of the way but oh well.

I got out abd grabbed the diaper bag and i unlatched emmas Srat from the thing and pulled it out of the car "Let me take her baby" Carl said as he grabbed the carseat from me with one hand and was looking down at him phone with the other we walled inside and Ski was just about to walk upstairs "oh shit i forgot you came home today" Ski said as he hugged me.

" Im happy to be home" I said as i pulled  from the hug. "Wheres Dominic" I asked ski "in my room sleep he said " Ill be right back" He said again as He took off up the stairs i went into the living room and carl came in behind me and i sat down "im so happy to be home" I said.

"I bet" Carl said as he put emmas carseat on the  couch next to me " Ill be back im going to go take a shower and change" carl said " Ok baby i love u" I said as i kissed him "i love u to"
He went upstairs and  i took the diaper bag off my back and kicked my shoes off.

I took the blaket off the top of emmas carseat and she was knocked out. I swear I'm in love with this little girl already. I looked at the time and seen she should be wakeing up to eat any minute now so i got her bottle ready a diaper and wipes and put it on the couch i layed her blanket down on the couch and grabbed her bopey pillow

I layed it on the couch by yhe rest of her stuff then went over and grabbed her carseat. I put it on the floor between my legs and un buckled her ivmoved her pacifier to the couch and moved the straps to her carseat i pushed the handle back and the sun shade thing anD gently lifted emma out.

I layed her on her blanket and she startee moving. Then her Big green eyes poped open.her eyes go from brown to green its the cutest thing cause dominics does it to its just so cute. "Hi baby girl" I said as i pulled he pants off. I changed her diaper. Then layed her in her bopey pillow so i could throw the diaper away and wash my hands.

She started crying while i washed my hands. I wayched her while i finished washing my hands and Ski came downstairs carrying dominic In shorts and no shirt. He put dominic down and walked to the living room he steped over the baby gate and Put some hand sanatizer on his hands and picked up Emma i dried my hands off ans walked out to the living room while ski was talking to emma.

I straighted up  Living room while ski talked to emma "Omg what did mommy do to you" Ski said as he rocked emma back and forth while she cried "did she tourture you" Ski asked "you wanna feed her" I asked ski "of course i wanna fed her" He said while looking at emma and making faces.

"You look just like your mama and daddy and a little like diego but thats only because Your daddy and diego look alike" ski said as he held emmas bottle up " Got that right i called diego carl the other day" I said while throwing a stuffed animal at dominic "take it to your room" I said and he ran off.

I moved Dominics and antonios power wheel cars under the tv and vaccumed when carl came down stairs with shorts and no shirt "Is shorts and no shirt the new style" I said "why you say that" Carl said while shaking his wet hair. I pointed at ski and he said "Shit i guess" Then the front Door came open it had to be either diego manny or cordae cause there the only ones with keys.

Then i remebered diegos on his way here so it wasnt him then in walked manny and cordae Manny had on a pair of pants and shoes and no shirt and cordae had on shorts and shoes and no shirt. "Why all yall shirtless" I said while laughing "Cause its hot"  manny said and i shook my head "Wheres the baby" cordae asked.

"Living room but i dont no where yall have been and yall sweaty so shower before holding her" I said While pushing manny out the way "ok im using your bathroom" manny said as he ran up the stairs "Why you have your own" I said "Cause yours is better " He yelled befor going into my room. Manny aNd cordae have there own rooms here cause shit there here all the time so why no not.

I went in my room and changed my clthes to some sweatpants and a tank top and went downstairs as the front door came open and when i seen who it was i started crying.

"Jahseh" I said while crying and he dropped his bags and opened his arms i fto my knees and hid my face in my hands then stood up and ran and jumped on jahseh i dont care how we left off thats still my Nigga at the end of the day "i missed u" I said while crying and he said "I missed u to but umm your squeezing my neck to hard i cant breath".

I laughed and let him go and i droped off him as dominic came running from his room " jah jah jah jah" He yelled as he ran i wiped my face and jahseh said "Congratz on the baby" I looked at him "thank you" I said "Where is she" Jahseh asked "Shes in the living room" I said.

"Im gonna go change then ill be out" Jahseh said as he pulled his key out of the door and picked up his bags he shut the door and locked it and went to his room and Manny came downstairs with some shorts on everybodys matching wtf.

If cordae and diego come in here where the same thing imma flip my shit frfr i went Into the living room as ski was taking the bottle out of Emmas mouth i grabbed the Burping towel thing and Said "You wanna do it of do u want me to" I asked ski "you can do it" Ski said as he passed her to me i gave the burping towel to carl and gave her to Him and he burped her.

Cordae came downstairs in pajama pants im hollering nobody has on a shirt except me. dominic doesnt even have one on. He came and sat down then carl Said "we have somewhere to go real quick come on" I looked at him "where" And he said "somewhere come on" He said while grabbing emmas carseat "i think she should stay here"

"Whos gonna watch her" I said "Ski" Carl said to me i looked at ski "ski" I said "wassup" He said taking his wyes off the tv "can you watch emma while he takes me to wherever hes taking me"  Ski Looked at carl and smiled "yeah i got you sis" I got up ane layed emma in her bopey pillow next to ski and stood up.

" Do i have to change" I said to carl "No" He said "yall hurt my babys ill kill you both" I said at i pointed at dominic and emma  i slid my timberlands on and me and carl walked out to the car.

A few minutes later

We pulled up to the airPort "Come on"  Carl said as he opened my door i got out and we went in "who are we here for" I asked carl "Diego" Carl said and i shook my head and we waited i bent down to tie my shoe when i heard my "MAMA" Being yelled i looked up to see Antonio and diego Half way across the airport i started crying "Carl" I said as i took off running weaving in in out of people.

When i got to antonio i snatched him up and spun around and fell "Mama i missed u" Antonio said while crying " I missed u to baby" I said while crying "do i gotta sister" Antonio asked as he looked at me "yes buddY you gotta sister shes At home woth uncle ski and uncle jahseh and uncle manny and cordae i said as i whiped his face.

"Can we go see them" Antonio asked "Yeah come on" I said as i stood up and grabbed his hand. We went and got his bags and i put him in his  carseat i sat upfront as we drove back to the house.

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