Sick niggas

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Jazmin's POV

I don't no if I'm sick but I've been throwing up Alot idk why but Carl doesnt no that I've been throwing up until this morning when I almost gave him a heart attach from getting up so fast.

"Are u ok baby" Carl asked as i ran to the bathroom and threw up again "yeah I just don't no what's making this happen I've been throwing up like this for like a month" i said back to him "Why didn't u tell me" Carl said as he walked out the bathroom "Cause I don't want u to worry and I thought it would have went away bye now"

"Come on where going to the hospital" Carl said as he picked me up "Can u get me a sweatshirt" i asked he went in the closet and grabbed me one of his Nike jackets and he carried me  out and downstairs where Ski Jahseh and Diego where on there way up the stairs to probably go play video games.

"where yall going" Jahseh asked "I'm taking her to the hospital" Carl said and I layed my head on his shoulder "Why" Jahseh said "Cause somethings wrong with her but can u guys watch the boys or should I take them with me" I asked "Leave them here" Jahseh said.

"I'll have debbie come get them " Carl said as he walked all the down the stairs "Ok" they said Carl layed me on the couch and said "I'll be back I'm gonna go get the boys packed" i shook my head and grabbed my phone out of my pocket I texted Debbie and asked her if she could come get the boys and she said yeah.

Carl came out and said "There both asleep still but I'm gonna text debbie rn" i grabbed his arm "I already did it she's on the way to get them" he said ok and picked me up I wrapped my Legs around him and put my head on his shoulder I'm a giant baby i no.

He carried me out to the car and put me in the Passager side. I put my Seatbelt on and he climbed into the drivers side and started the car I put the jacket on and put the seat back and closed my eyes.

Carl's POV

I started backing out of the driveway as Debbie was pulling in. I rolled the window down "Hey there both still asleep in the there room and there bags are outside thereally door just go in and turn to the left and theres a door it will lead to there room" i said out the window to Debbie "ok is she ok" debbie asked "I hope so but thanks debs" i said "No problem".

I pulled outta the drive way and started driving down the street. I looked over and Jazmin was asleep. I grabbed her hand and held onto it until I got to the hospital. I parked and I got out and picked her up I put the good on her head and she wrapped her legs around me.

I carried her into the hospital and I got her signed in and went and sat down as my phone started ringing I pulled it out ans seen manny was calling me.

Carl🔫: Hello

Manny💉: Ayee white boy wya

Carl🔫: I'm at the hospital with Jazmin i dont no if she's sick or whatever why wassup.

Manny💉: Well shit me and Dae where gonna come see yall new crib but I guess we'll take a detour and come to the hospital.

Carl🔫:  ight where still in the waiting room so hurry up.

Manny💉:We just turned into the Hospital so give me lie 30 seconds and I'll be there.

Carl🔫: Ight bet

Manny💉: bet.

I put my phone down and sat back in my seat with Jazmin on top of me she moved a little bit and I put my arms around her and kissed her forehead.
That's when I heard Mannys mexican ass "That doesn't mean shit" he said as he approached me. "Wassup white boy carl"

"Wassup" i said as i dapped them both
"Damn she sleep" Mannys said as he moved the hood of the sweatshirt "I don't no what's wrong with her" Manny and Cordae sat next to me and they where on there phones "baby" I mumbled while lookin down at her she didn't move.

I kissed her forehead and got on my phone "Jazmin Santiago" i put my phone in my pocket and stood up with Manny and Cordae following me we walked up to the doctor and she said "Jazmin Santiago?" I looked at her and said "She's right here" she turned and started walking and we followed her.

She put us in a room and I layed Jazmin on the bed i sat on the end of the bed and she woke up "What is manny and Cordae doing here" she asked and I looked at them"Moral support" i said back she shook her head and I grabbed her hand.

She grabbed her phone from her pocket and got on it then the doctor came in "Hello Jazmin what brings u in today".

Jazmin POV

"Idk isn't it on the damn charts" i snapped at her ans Carl put his hand over my mouth "She's been throwing up alot" he moved his hand from my mouth and the doctor said "ok we'll take some blood and we'll see what's going on" the doctor said "Duh isn't that your fucki-(GCO) Carl put his hand over my mouth.

The doctor walked out and Carl moved his hand "Why are u so mean" Manny asked "Why are u so fucking mexican huh huh oh I guess we both got quiestions that go unanswered"i snapped back and layed my head down "Damn" Cordae and Carl said at the same time.

The doctor came in and said "Ok where here to take blood" i just rolled my eyes and carl grabbed my hand with one of his hands and covered my mouth with the other "Can you take the jacket off her I don't wanna cut it" the doctor said.

I snapped my head at her as Carl moved his hand from my mouth "You better not cut my shit" I snapped at him "Manny" Carl said and Manny stood up and put his hand over my mouth Carl took the sweatshirt off me and Manny moved his hand "your hands stink" i said with and additude towards manny.

I looked over at the doctor as she grabbed my arm she rubbed the alcohol pad on my arm and Carl grabbed my hand. I fucking hate needles if u know me I fucking hate needles. "Is there a better way to do this shit instead of u stabbing me" I asked the doctor.

"Pee test" the doctor said "Sounds like a damn plan" i said as i jerked my arm from her she threw the needle and stuff away and walked out I put my head back and grabbed my phone I scrolled threw my instagram when the doctor came in "ok we need a urine sample" i got up grabbed the Cup from the doctor and walked out.

Carl's POV

Jazmin walked out of the room and manny said "She's so fucking mean" Manny said I shook my head and layed back on the bed i looked at my phone and waited for Jazmin.

She came back in and layed on the bed while we waited.

Jazmin's POV

I think I lost my additude lol but now we wait for results.

~45 minutes later~

We have been sitting in here for like 45 minutes to an hour  and I'm starting to get irratated we are all cracking jokes on each other when the doctor came in "Ok we have good news" the doctor said I turned my phone off and looked at the doctor "ok what is it"

"You are one and a half mouths pregnant".....

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