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Jazmin's POV

So two days ago was Antonio's last day of school he still is in new Orleans  but he called me so happy last night he said "Mommy i made it" he's only in Pre-k but he was so happy I miss my baby bro. Me Carl and Dominic are at Walmart at the moment getting more food for the house. I'm currently 7 months pregnant i should be ready to pop soon.

"Carl where are u going" i said while laughing cause he's literally got me going in a circle "is honestly don't no but did we get everything" he asked I looked down into the cart "Yeah and if we did forget something I'll just get it some other time" he looked at me "No I'll get it" he said I rolled my eyes as we headed for check out.

Carl's POV

Skis back he just got to the house. All of you may no that ski is Jazmin's Bestfriend i mean they do everything together but he's waiting on us at the house at the moment they haven't seen each other in almost almost a year cause left the day of the gender reveal after it was over. She cried for a straight 2 hours when he left it was sad but it was funny at the same time.

What's gonna happen is ski asked me to get him some hot cheetos so when we get home I'm just gonna tell her to take them up to his room and lay them on the bed and he's gonna be in the bed so it's gonna be lit.

We are on the way to to the car to put the stuff in. "Dominic come on" I said as i lifted him into his carseat i buckled him in and shut the door I but the bags in and climbed into the drivers side. I started driving towards the house as my phone dinged

I looked at it and it was Antonio's dad I'll have to answer him when I get him cause I'm driving ans I'm a good kid.... not really but yeah. Finally I pulled into the drive way and I grabbed Dominic out and he ran inside while I started grabbing the bags and stuff out I took them all inside and me and Jazmin started putting stuff away.

Jazmin's POV

"Dominic go play" i said cause we have to take care of the grocery i started putting stop in the fridge and Carl asked me " can u take these and put these on Ski's bed" i looked at him confused "why" i said I really do miss ski tho that's my bestfriend and i miss the living fuck outta him "Because he asked me to get him some for when ever he decides to come back"

"That nigga stupid but ok" i said as i grabbed the bag of hot cheetos from Carl i walked down to the basement where his room was and then opened the door and turned the light on and there was a flash in my face I looked up "Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" i said as i started crying and went and hugged him.

"I fucking missed u " i said as is held onto ski "i missed u to bestfriend" he said Carl came down a few minutes later and said "that's why I told u to bring those down" Carl said i wiped my fave and stood up I hugged Carl and i said "Why would u do this to me".

"Because that's your bestfriend and i wanted to suprise u" Carl said I'm happy my bestfriends back bro "How long are u staying" i asked ski "Till my next tour witch is next year" i smiled " ya" i said then I heard Dominic scream upstairs "I'm gonna go see why he's screaming" i said and they both said I'm behind u".

I headed upstairs and Dominic was watching tv in the living room when he turned around and seen ski he started jumping around so ski picked him up me and Carl finished taking care of the food. Carl's texting someone but every time I get close to him he shuts his phone off. It's starting to piss me off "Who the hell are u texting' i asked carl.

"Nobody" he said as he sent a text to the person turned his phone off and shoved it down into his pocket "really cause your texting someone then everyone i come near you, you turn your phone off who the hell are u texting" i said and he said " nobody ok"

I sure hope he isn't lieing to me cause if he is we are gonna have a giant fucking problem. i ordered pizza and went upstairs I layed down on the bed and watched TV for the rest of the night.

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