Curly head Monty

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Jazmíns POV
We have been in L.A for about 2 days now its been fun tbh the kids love being around carls side of the family. rn carl is asleep to the side of me with Emma on his chest like always, Antonio is probably some where with debbie, and Dominic is cuddled up under me.

hes been acting like himself so hes feeling better. I got up slowley and went downstairs where Fiona was cooking and debbie was sitting at the island with Antonio next to her. "hey Jazz" fiona said "hey i said as i came into the dining room.

i grabbed one of emmas bottles from the bottle rack and made Emma a bottle and sat at the island carl was up all night with her so i, gonna go get her when she starts crying so he can go back to sleep. "you wanna eat" Fiona asked " not at the moment emmas gonna be awake in about 5 seconds" i said.

then 5 seconds later Emma started crying and i turned and ran upstairs. i walked into the room and picked her up from carls chest and grabbed her blanket and pacifier and Carl sprawled across the bed with Dominic to the side of him.

I walked out of the room and down the stairs then into the Dining room u sat at the island and grabbed her bottle I put it in her mouth then looked up as lip and Liam came into the room. "Hey lip" I said.

"Umm hey jazz" he said like he was nervous I looked at Liam and smiled "Hey liam" I said as I smiled he waved "You wanna go to the mall today" Debbie asked me "Sure when" I asked as I repositioned Emma.

"In about a hour u have to go get dressed and stuff" she said "yeah I'll go" I said I looked down at Emma who was staring at me and seen she was almost done so I looked back up at Lip and fiona to catch lip looking at me.

But as I looked at him he looked away. I pulled emmas bottle out of her mouth and sat her up. I threw the spit up blanket over my shoulder then layed her on my chest and started burping her while I talked to fiona.

After a minute she fell asleep. I covered her up and asked lip to go get the baby swing from upstairs. He brought it down and put it on top of the dryer and I got off my chair and put her in it and buckled her in and threw the blanket over her.

I turned the swing on so it swung a little bit and then walked away. I sat down and ate then I looked at debbie "I'm gonna go get dressed" I said and she shook her head. I ran upstairs and Carl was awake on his phone "Hey baby" I said "hey" he said.

I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and my black belt and put them on then grabbed a black and red Polo shirt "Where are you going" carl asked "out with Debbie to the mall" I said as I pulled my timberlands out of my bag.

"Who's all going with you" carl asked "just me and debbie and I'll take Emma if u want me to" I said as I fixed my belt "No I'll keep them have fun baby" he said as he stood up and pulled me to him.

I turned around and kissed him then I pulled the hair tie out of my hair "oww" I said as I got the hair tie stuck in my hair "Baby be careful" he said as he moved my hands away for my hair then pulled the hair tie out if my hair slowly.

"Here" he said as he handed me the hair tie and wrapped his arms around me again "Thank you" I said " your welcome baby" he said. I pulled my hair up and turned around to go to the bathroom and Carl wouldn't let me go "Baby I gotta go finish my hair" I said.

"Give me a kiss first" he said I turned around and kissed his cheek "Now your playing with me" he Said as his grip got tighter on me "give me a kiss child" he said. I kissed his cheek again and he said "That's it" and picked me up and slammed me on the bed.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and he kissed me "ewww" I said as I wiped my lip "oh shut up you loved it when Emma was made" Carl said as he kissed me again I kissed him back then the kissed intesed when he bit my lip "oh you a freak freak " I said "shut up and get outta here" Carl said as he kissed me one more time and stood up.

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