chapter 2

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Jazmin's POV

"Ski" i said down the stairs "what's up" he said as i walked down the stairs "u wanna go with me" I asked him "where u going" he said as he put the pop back in the fridge "to walmart" i said and he said "I'd have to get dressed but sure" he put his cup in the sink and ran the stairs.

The kids are with debbie cause debbie took them somewhere i can't remember i was asleep when Carl told me so. I stood and waited for Ski. Carl is currently outside riding the go carts up and down the streets and shit with Diego.

Ski came down the stairs wearing a red and blue long sleeve Polo black pants and a black an gold belt with black hurraches i mean he kinda jack my style except I'm where a short sleeve Polo and red pants with my 13s.

"You ready" i asked him as i pushed my phone down into my pocket "Yeah" he said I walked to the door and walked out as Carl zoomed passed the front of the house I got in the car and Ski got in the passager side.

I pulled out and waited for carl tod turn around and come back and when he did him and Diego stop and got out and came to the window "Where yall going" Carl asked "Walmart" i said and he said "I'm bout to go with you ski get outta my seat" he went and got back into the go cart and took off down the street and turned around.

He pulled into the drive way and ran inside and Diego climbed in the backseat with ski a few minutes later Carl came out where black pants a gucci belt and he was putting on a wife beater with timberlands he got in the car and I pulled off just to think Ski goes back to LA tomorrow night.

I'm gonna miss my Bestfriend man i put the car on cruise control while i plugged my phone into the AUX cord i played a song And put my phone down i took the car off cruise and drove the rest if the way to walmart.

we're about 5 minutes from Walmart and my phone started ringing it was my Abuela me and her gave been in contact Alot lately so I turned the volume down and left my phone plugged in and pushed answer

Jazmin❤👦: Hola

Abuela❤👴: Hola Jazmin, ¿cómo estás hoy? (Hello Jazmin how are u)

Jazmin❤👦: Estoy bien, estoy en camino a walmart con Carl Dìeģo y Ski ( I'm good I'm on my way to walmart with Carl Diego and ski)

Abuela❤👴: ok te llamaré más tarde para que podamos hablar sobre tu género revelar te amo (ok I'm going to call u later so we can talk about your gender reveal i love you)

Jazmin❤👦: te amo me amor (I love u to )

I hung up the phone as i pulled into a parking spot and unbuckled we all got out and walked into the store i had car on my side and ski and Diego behind me. I grabbed wipes and a cart and wiped the cart and gave the wipes to Ski said "Kobe" and threw them into the trash.

I pushed the cart into the food isle and I heard my name being yelled i turned around to see a girl crying "Omg" i then remebered the post my dad put out so I'm like famous now she was really crying tho bruh i put my arm around her to hug her around she like fell backwards "Wtf" i said did this girl really just pass out in my arms .

Her mom i guess came and grabbed her from my arms and layed her on the ground "Damn you have fans passing out in your arms good job" Ski said I looked at the girl as her eyes came open Carl and her mom helped her up.

"Can i have a picture with u" the girl asked "of course" i said she gave Carl her phone and i gave my phone to Ski cause I wanna picture to save "ok look at car first" i said we looked at Carl and smiled together "Ight let's look at ski" we turned and looked at Ski he took it I grabbed my phone from him and said "What's your instagram"

She gave me her instagram and then we walked away "that was alot" i said as we walked into the food isle "Ski can u reach up there and get those" i said as i pointed at bottles of apple juice cause I'm to short to reach Carl went to grab pull ups for dominic.

Ski pulled down a pack of the small bottles of apple juice and put them in the cart "another one" i said and he reached and got another one and put it in there "Another one" i said "Damn how many u want" he said as he put another in there witch makes it 3 "one more" i said he reached and got another one and put it in the cart.

Carl came and put some wipes and pull ups in the cart we finished getting everything and we went and checked out I'm Hella tired from walking while pregnant man and ski won't carry me because he's a Hoe Diego can't carry me cause he's pushing the cart and carls on the phone with his lawyer.

I feel sick lowkey I'm leaned up against the cart while Ski and diego are scanning stuff Carl's over bye the door on the phone with his lawyer about some stuff with Dominic i real life don't feel good "Ski don't put dish soap in the same bag as the chicken" i said.

There almost done when I felt arms wrap around me "You ok baby" I heard Carl say "No I dont feel good" i said and he said "What's wrong" and i said "I gotta head ache and i feel like shit" i said as i intertwined my fingers with his. Ski and Diego put bags in the  cart "Come on I'll carry u" Carl said i turned around and he picked me up.

I layed my head on his shoulder and as we walked out of the store everyone was staring like hello you've Never seen some one carry another person but I brushed it off we got to the car and he grabbed the keys from my back pocket and unlocked the car he put me in the Passager side.

He got in the drivers side while ski and Diego put the stuff in the trunk.

Carl's POV.

I got in the drivers side while ski and Diego put the bags in the car when I got in Jazmin said "hurry up and get home so we can lay down" i started the car as Diego got into the car and Ski pushed the cart across the parking lot he came and got in the car.

I pulled out and drove to the house.

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