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Jazmin's POV

Jahseh has a preliminary hearing today so I'm up nice and fucking early it's 7:30 and I just got up and walked down to Jahseh's room "Jah" i shook him and said but he didnt wake up.

"Jahseh " he started moving then he Moaned "Jahseh get up u have court in 45 minutes" his eyes  came open and he got up "Ok I'm up" he said as he started falling back to sleep.

"Jahsehhhhh wake up" I said as i slapped his chest" he sat up fast and said "ok ok I'm getting dressed" he said as he got up and walked to the bathroom.

I walked out and went in my room I closed the door and went and put on my brown light brown joggers with my blue and gold fives and a white wife beater I don't care it's not me in court so.

I straightened my hair and left it  down I put my earrings in and walked over to Carl "Baby" I said Then I got the feeling I was gonna throw up so i ran to the bathroom and threw up. I don't no what caused me to throw up but it was terrible.

After all the throwing up shit I Brushed my teeth and went back out to Carl "Baby" I said he didn't move I kissed his lips "Carl" still nothing now I'm worried cause he would have woken up bye now I ran my hand down his stomach and down his shorts.

I kissed him again and he didn't move I grabbed his Dick and kissed him again and he started moving "Thank good i thought u where dead" his eyes snapped at me and he said "why would u think that" I took my hands out of his pants "Cause u wouldn't wake up"

He sat up and said "Where are u going this early" i rubbed my thumb on his face and said "Jahseh has a preliminary hearing today" he said ok as he started to fall back to sleep.

I kissed him and he pulled me down and started sucking on my neck I let him do it for a few minutes until Jahseh came into the room and said "you ready" and i said "Yeah" I pushed Carl's lips off my neck and kissed him twice.

"Bye baby" he said "Bye I love u" and I said I love u back and walked out as Dominic started crying I went in there and just got him dressed real fast and grabbed his cup and blanket and diaper bag and walked out "I guess your going to court today" i said to Dominic.

I went downstairs and filled Dominic's cup with Apple Juice and put some  kool-aid packets in the backpack. I walked out the front door with Jahseh following me and put Dominic in his carseat.

I climbed in the front and Jahseh climbed in the Passager side "You nerves" i asked him " no I'm used to this shit I just hope she won't throw my ass back in jail" when he said that I got a weird feeling.

"They better no I can't live without your crazy ass" I said as i drove down the street he laughed and kept messing with his tie "I'll do it when we get there babes" i said trying not to laugh then Dominic started Screaming from the back.

I pulled up to Mcdonalds and Got Dominic some French fries and a Cheese burger "You can eat after your Hearing" i said to Jahseh we pulled up to the court house and I put Dominic's sippie cup in the back pack.

I put the bag on my back and pulled him out I grabbed his blanket and his food and Jahseh grabbed the stroller from the back and I put Dominic in it and buckled him in "Ok let's go" We walked in and it the court room where his hearing was.

He went to the front and sat down and I sat in the back row with Dominic when I sat down I tore up Dominic's food into little pieces and put it on the stroller thing for him to eat he started eating and I watched the Judge until Jahseh was called up.

The guy that just left burnt his wife with a hot comb till she died I'm fucking scared lmao "Chicago vs Jahseh onfroy" the lady said my eyes shot forwards as Jahseh and his Lawyer got up.

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