Get over it

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Jazmin's POV

I Walked outta the Jail and to the car I put the boys in and put the stroller away both of the boys are awake I'm just gonna take them to Mcdonalds so they can play and eat and shit.

I headed towards the mcdonalds bye the house and my phone started ringing I looked at it and it was Carl

Princess👰❤: Hello

Shoota💔🔫: Hey baby where you at

Princess👰❤: On the way to Mcdonalds with the boys How about you

Shoota💔🔫: I'm at the house Come scoop Me before you go to Mcdonalds I'm DIEING to see your face.

Princess👰❤: Oh your Dieing to see my face

Shoota💔🔫- Yes I am hurry be for I collapse and die offically

Princess❤👰- Well your gonna have to wait cause I'm in traffic facetime me.

Shoota💔🔫- Ight I'll call u in a second I love u

Princess❤👰- I love u to

He hung up and then I put my phone on the stand thing and waited for him to call me back when I phone started ringing I flicked answer and Carl's face popped up on the screen and he screamed I looked at him and said "What" and he said "Your so fucking beautiful"

I laughed at him and continued driving Antonio looked up at my phone and screamed "Daddy" I looked back and said "what are u talking about" Antonio pointed at my phone and said "Daddy" that's the first time I ever heard him call Carl dad or daddy.

"Hi Antonio hi Dominic" I continued driving I guess I'll ask him later about it later "I'm 2 minutes from the house" I said into the phone and Carl said "Hurry I'm bout to collapse on the ground if your lips don't touch mines in 15 seconds" I pushed on the gas and speed to the house when I got there Carl was on his knees in the front yard.

I parked the Car and got out I ran up to Carl and kissed his lips and he stood up "I'm back and better" I laughed and he wrapped his arms around me and he said "you went and seen X today" and I said "Yeah Antonio wanted to see him"

"What's up with Antonio calling you daddy" Carl looked at me and said "i dont no he came in the room yesterday and said Daddy can you help me and I looked around like who are u talking to bud then he grabbed my hand and dragged me outta the room"

"Oh ok I mean I don't got a problem with it I was just asking" I said back to him "It doesn't bother me either" Carl said "let's go I'm hungry" i went to get in the front seat and Carl pushed me to the passager side.

"Ok I guess your Driving" I said as i got in the passager side Carl plugged his phone into the Aux cord and rolled all the windows down and blasted music and you'll never guess the first song that came on it was the song that X told me was for me.

I grabbed Carl's phone and changed to Lust by lil Skies he looked at me and said "why did u do that" I put his phone down and said "Just because" and he grabbed his phone and Turned the music off "Tell me why" ans I looked at him and thought to myself shit I can't lie to him.

"Nothing I just don't wanna here it rn" he played the music again and grabbed my hand he drove to mcdonalds and he got Antonio's out and I got Dominic out I put Dominic down and let him walk while we walked into mcdonalds.

When we got into Mcdonalds I left Carl to order while I took the boys into the playplace I helped Antonio take his shoes off and the took off Dominic's and they ran off and started playing.

Carl Came in a few minutes later with the food Dominic and Antonio Both came down the slide at the same time and came and ate Then they ran off and played some more we let them play for like another hour then we had to go cause we were gonna go to the mall.

"Antonio and Dominic let's go" I heard them laughing as they both came down the slide then when they got to the end Dominic Flew face first off the slide along with Antonio.

"Shit" Carl said i ran and picked up Antonio and Carl picked up Dominic I looked at Antonio's face and he only had rug burn on his forehead but he started crying "It's ok baby come on let's put your shoes on" I looked at Carl and Dominic started Screaming and crying .

I grabbed Dominic from Carl and Dominic had blood coming from his mouth I pulled his lip down and his tooth must have went into his lip "Shit Carl get me some napkins" he ran to the table and grabbed the napkins and gave them to me "Carl he needs Stitches".

"Go get in the car I'll get the stuff" I got up and ran out of mcdonalds I got in the front seat and held the napkins to his lip "It's ok baby calm down" he was still crying Carl came out and put Antonio in the back he gave me his shoes and he grabbed the seat belt and wrapped it around both of us and Carl pulled outta the parking lot.

Carl speed to the Hospital and he picked Antonio up from the back and grabbed the diaper bag and Antonio's IPad Carl gave the Keys to the valet guy and we walked in and went to the front desk.

"Name of Patient" Carl stepped up and said "Dominic Gallagher" Carl said to her and she said "Birthday" and he said "March 14th " and she said reason for visit " and he said "he face planted of a slide and bit his lip open"

"Ok I need his ankle" I put Dominic on the counter thing and moved his leg over to them they wrapped a wristband on his ankle and I picked him back up and held the paper towel in his mouth "Here replace the paper towel with this" the nurse said as she handed me a wash cloth the paper towel was stuck to his lip from being there so long and the blood dried around it.

The nurse took us back and helped get the paper towel off his lip he screamed cause it was stuck to his lip they put the wash clothe on it and they took us back to the waiting room.

I held the washcloth to his lip and he fell asleep in my arms I feel so bad cause they have to numb his mouth and it's gonna hurt goes they have to poke him with a needle we sat there for a little bit and the doctor came out and said "Dominic Gallagher" we got up and walked back to the room.

They had the stuff ready I sat on the bed and they put a cloth around him to catch the saline and shit and then then pulled his lip down Dominic was still asleep the doctor looked at me and said "We have to numb his lip can u grabbed his hands just in case he wakes up" I grabbed his hands and the doctor came around with the needle.

"Ok 123" when she said that she pushed the needle into his lip and Dominic woke up and Started crying they took the needle out and I held him down and they started stitching him lip I feel so bad for my baby bro.

The doctor finished and Dominic fell asleep on my shoulder we got Discharged and we went and got in the car Carl drove to the house.

When we got home we took the kids in and got them in bed me and Carl went to our room I put on some Shorts and went and layed down Carl took a shower and came and layed with me and we watched a movie and ended up falling asleep

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