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Jazmin's POV

"Babbbbyy" i said trying to wake him up. "babyyyyy" i said "What baby" he said as he woke up "Get up you've been sleep since 1 and it's 4" i said "Damn" he said with a smile "You ok" he asked "Yeah" I said back to him "Where's Dominic" he asked me "He's with Ski" i said.

Just then I gotta cramp like feeling in my stomach "Ow shit" i said as i leaned against the bed "What's wrong baby" he said as he shot up and looked at me "My stomachs cramping baby" I said Then it let released "You ok" he asked "Yeah" I said as i stood up straight "here lay down" he said as he moved his phone from the bed.

I sat down then Carl said "Should i get the baby bag together " I'm telling you this Carl's been so excited for this baby bro it's not even funny i mean he bought so much stuff and he's always there when I yell for him like dead running "Yes please" I said.

He ran into the closet and then I felt my stomach tighten again. I think I'm having contractions "Owww CARL" i yelled as i grabbed my stomach a few minutes later it let up and Carl came out with the pink Nike backpack "I'm having contractions" i said to Carl

"Come on let's go to the hospital" he said as he grabbed my hand "I need shoes" i said and he ran into the closet and grabbed my timberlands. He slid them on my feet "Come one baby" he said as he helped me off the bed he grabbed the backpack and put it on his back and helped me downstairs when we where on the stairs I started having another contraction "Owww" i cried out.

Carl helped me get the rest of the way down and he put me on the couch. He went in the baby room and grabbed the pink and black baby carseat "Ight come on baby" he said as he grabbed my hand and helped me to the car he put me in on the passager side and then put the carseat in the back and got in the front.

Carl's POV

I lowkey feel like I'm bout to pass out bro I'm bout to meet my baby girl were in the car and I'm bout to call ski to tell him to keep Dominic for a minute " u ok baby" I asked her "yes" she said "I can't belive this is bout to happen bro" i said as i pulled out of the driveway she smiled.

"OWW" she screamed i grabbed her hand "It's ok baby" I said as i drove faster "Wait baby your only 8 1/2 months" i said "It's looks like she's coming early" she said I smiled and kept driving to the hospital "Shit carl my water broke" she said " what does that mean" i asked "the baby COMING"

I turned into the hospital and into Valet parking "ight baby I'll be right back" I said as i got out and ran inside "Help my wife's in labor" i yelled and tree doctors came running behind me and one of the grabbed a well chair i ran out to the car and threw the keys to the valet guy and while they got her out I got in the back and grabbed the baby bag and carseat.

I grabbed my phone from the front and followed them inside. Everythings happening so fast we got to and room and they got her layed on the bed and undressed and i started making phone calls i called her dad and debbie and lip and Ski and everybody else.

I called jahseh and he said he was on his way he's all the way in L.A visiting his mom. Then a whole bunch of doctors came in " Ok let's have this baby" the doctor said I walked up and grabbed Jazmin's hand and they said "Ok Jazmin i need u to push for ten seconds breath for seven then push again"

"Ok" Jazmine said she gripped my hand "Ok push now" the doctor said she started pushing then she stoped "ok ready push again" the doctor said "ok" she said as she started pushing then she screamed and stoped "ok there's the head ok I need one more big push and she's out" the doctor said "ready go" the doctor said.

She started pushing then the doctor said "Congratulations" i looked at her "Baby you did it" the rooms where filled with screams I'm so fucking happy "Dad would u like to cut the cord" i looked at the doctor "Yeah" I said I grabbed the scissors from the doctor and came into view of the baby and stuff and Immediately felt light headed.

he showed me where to cut then I cut it and everything went black.

Jazmin's POV

"Dad would u like to cut the cord" the doctor asked Carl he went down to cut the cord then next thing u no he's passed out on the ground "Carl" i said then a doctor went over to him him and started helping him as the doctor but the baby on my chest "omg" i said as i held onto her.

Finally Carl got up and said "Omg she's so fucking cute" i looked at him " you ok" i asked him " Yeah just got a little light head I'm ok" he said I laughed and i said "Take her" he took her and went and sat down and I slowly dozed off.

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