Work it out.

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Lips POV

I've never had one of these point of view things but I was heading over to Jazmin's house to Ask Carl about some shit and I walked past the white car and it looked like a hand in the window.

I walked up to the car and Jazmin was slumped down in the seat and it didn't look like she was breathing i opened the door "Jazmin" I said as i shook her and she didn't do anything "Jazmin"  I said and shook her.

I picked her up out of the car and layed her on the grass "Jazmine" i rubbed my knuckles on her chest she didn't wake up I pulled my phone out and called 911 then I got up and walked in the house.

"Ayee guys where's carl" I asked them "he left after Him and Jazmin got into a fight" i looked at all of them "Jazmin's passed out in the front yard" i said and Jahseh and the rest of them jumped up and we all ran out the door.

She was still passed out on the ground Jahseh went to her side "Call 911" Jahseh said and I said "I already did" as i said that the Ambulance pulled up.

Jahseh's POV

"Jazmin wake up" I said trying to get her to wake up "Ski go get me a shirt" I'm gonna go with her Ski ran inside and gave me a  shirt the paramedic guy came over and put her on the bed thing and started taking her to the ambulance.

I followed them and they said "Is anyone riding with her " i raised my hand and I sat in the back with her.

Paremedic: ok what's her full name

Jahseh: Jazmin sophia Rosephina Santiago

Paremedic: Can u tell me what happened

Jahseh: umm i was inside and her and her boyfriend got into an argument about something then he left and I went out a few minutes later and she was passed out in the car.

Paremedic: Was there any type of Drugs in the car, what's your name also.

Jahseh: I didn't see any, Jahseh onfroy.

Paremedic: Ok where gonna have a detective go look in the car, What's your relation to Jazmin.

Jahseh: I'm her brother.

We made it to the hospital and we made it back to a room. They came in the room and started hooking her up to stuff and running test.

Carl's POV

I left earlier cause honestly she pissed me off I'm not staying out all night but I'm staying out for a lil while I'm on my way right now to a park so Dominic can play for a little bit and Tired him out.

When we got to the park i got Dominic out and we went on the playground and I let him run around until my phone started ringing.

I pulled my phone out from the side of the backpack and seen it was jahseh.

Carl👀: What's up

Jahseh💯: Umm i dont no what you and Jazmin fought about but she's in the hospital.

Carl👀: Wait what, what the fuck happened?

Jahseh💯: Your brother found her past out in her car and couldn't get her to wake up.

Carl👀: I'm on my way.

I hung up on him and snatched Dominic up and ran to the car I put him in his carseat and he started crying and throwing a fit "DAMMIT Dominic"

I didnt mean to yell at him but he needs to chill frfr. I got him buckled and he still was screaming i put his pacifier in his Mouth and he spit it back out I gave him his cup and he threw it "Fuck it"

I shut the Door and climbed in the front seat I played music and turned it up over Dominic's crys and speed off to the Hospital.

Jahseh's POV

Jazmin's in a coma i guess she smacked her head up against something in the car and it knocked her into a coma i guess but I just got off the phone with Carl.

They got tubes going everywhere on her like what the hell I'm sitting here on my phone waiting for carl.

Carl's POV

I'm on the way to the Hospital and Dominic's still screaming his head off i pulled up to the hospital and parked and I got Dominic out and grabbed the backpack I ran into the Hospital with Dominic still crying.

I put his pacifier in his Mouth and said "Jazmin Santiago" and she gave me a visitors pass with the room number on it I ran to the elevator and got in it Dominic Layed his head down on my shoulder.

I got off the elevator and took off towards the room when I found it I ran into the room and Jazmin was laying in the bed with tubes down her throat i stoped dead in the doorway.

I put Dominic down and he ran to Jahseh I was just was stuck looking at Jazmin i snapped out of my thoughts and I gave Jahseh the keys to the car and said "Take him home and can u feed Antonio and get him in bed he has school tomorrow"

"I got u bro keep me updated on her" i said ok and he left I walked up to the bed and just stared at her "Baby" I whispered I grabbed her hand and just broke down crying then I stood up and hit her face lightly "Baby wake up Babe you gotta get up"

Nothing at all then the doctor came in "oh hello are u Carl Gallagher" i shook my head and she said "Your girlfriends in A Coma she is still breathing she should be waking up soon the latest she wake up is bye tomorrow evening"

"Ok thanks doc" Before she walked out I said "Ma'am what caused this to happen" and she said "She has head trama Witch means she hit her head on something and it knocked her out she was found just in time she's lucky to be alive"

She left the room and I sat down and said to myself "this is all my fault" when I said that her hand and leg twitched i looked at her but her eyes where still closed.

I grabbed my phone and called lip

Lip👀: Yo

Carl💪: thank u

Lip👀: For what bud?

Carl💪: Saving my girlfriend

Lip👀: oh no problem but how is she?

Carl💪: she's in a coma from head trama

Lip👀: shit you ok

Carl💪: Yeah just a little stressed but umm doesn't Liam still go to Hospins Academy

Lip👀: Yeah why

Carl💪: Could u possibly go get Antonio and have him stay the night and take them both to School in the morning

Lip👀: Yeah I got u bud just text Jahseh and tell him to get him ready real quick.

Carl💪: Okay bye.

I hung up and texted Jahseh telling him to give Diego to lip and I put my phone down I grabbed Jazmin's hand and just sat there.

I really shouldn't have left I feel bad as hell I fucking caused this a doctor came in the room and said "Sir visiting hours are over" i laughed and said "I'm not leaving" and the doctor said "Sir u have to leave"

"Look I'm not fucking leaving" i said and the doctor said "I'm gonna call security" I looked at him like he was stupid "I'M NOT FUCKING LEAVING" the doctor turned and walked out of the room and then another came in "Sir you can stay but u gotta keep it down"

"Thank u" i said and she left I pushed the couch over next to Jazmin's and layed down and I plugged my phone in I layed down and went to sleep...

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