long rides

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Carl' s POV

We are already on the road for home Cordae and Manny are passed out in the backseat with the kids and jazmin's asleep to the side of me it is currently 3:30 in the morning. We have like 5 hours to go until we are home. I'm lowkey happy to be going home.

I miss my fucking bed tbh😂. That bitch comfortable as hell. Anyway I continued driving when I got a text from Kevin and Veronica who is behind us with Fiona Debbie, lip, Ian and Liam. Saying to pull off at the next exit and go to a gas station.

I shut my phone off as continued driving. I seen the exit sign so I got over and Kevin and Veronica followed me. I pulled off the exit and pulled into the first Gas station I seen. I grabbed my wallet and got out of the car at the same time as Kevin.

I started pumping gas then I opened the back door and Emma was awake jus staring at Manny while he was asleep with his head leaned on her car seat. She looked over at me and smiled threw her Pacifier. I pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and she smiled "hi mama" I said she started kicking her feet witch ment she was kicking Manny in the head.

She stop kicking. I can tell she's tired because she's all smiling for no reason. Unless she really wants loves seeing her daddy. I grabbed the diaper bag from the floor and put it on my back. And undid her buckles "Manny" I said shaking him he sat up "move your head" I said. H leaned the other way and layed in Antonio's lap.

I pulled Emma out of the car and wrapped her in her blanket. "Kevin watch the car. I said as I walked into the gas station. I went into the bathroom and grabbed her baby changing mat thing out. Cause you never no what the fuck is on these things. I layed Emma down on the mat and changed her.

After I finished that I packed everything up up and walked out of the bathroom. I went and grabbed a bottle of water and payed for it cause she's gonna be hungry soon. I walked back out to the car and strapped Emma in her car seat while she smiled at me. I grabbed her Bottle and formula and made her bottle and put it in the car seat next to her. I put her pacifier back in her mouth and covered her up.

I closed the door then but the gas cap back on and shut it. I climbed into the car. And I pulled around to Veronica and Kevin "you ready" I said "Yeah" Kevin said cause he was driving "ight" I said as is wiped my hand across my forehead. I took off and then followed me.

6 hours later.

Jazmin's POV

We made it home its currently 9:55 in the morning so basically 10:00 o'clock Carl did all of the driving witch i. Happy about but now he's super tired "ight let's get the kids in and in bed" I said Carl shook his head. As we got out of the car "Veronica and Kevin you guys can take the Go cart and go to the guest house in the back yard" Carl said.

We gave them the one that's the furthest because it's bigger "Fiona you and Liam can sleep in the the guest house off the east end of the house" Carl said  "Debbie you can sleep in the guest room in the basement" I said "lip and Ian west end guest house " I said. They all started walking.

I pulled Emma carseat out and diaper bag and shook Manny "Manny , Manny " he woke up "go to your room" I said he got out and I followed him up to the front door. I unlocked it and walked in. The house was clean the dishes where done, the table was clean the floors where vacuumed and mopped.

I walked over to Emma's room and walked in. I layed her carseat in the chair and unbuckled her . I pulled her out and layed her in her crib. I put her car seat on the floor and turned on her white noise machine thing and walked out of the room pulling the door closed.

I walked outside and grabbed Dominic from the car he woke up and looked at me "Mama" he whined as he hugged onto me. I walked to Dominic's room and layed him in his bed and took his shoes off. I covered him up and walked out pulling the door clothes.

Carl walked out of Antonio's room and pulled the door closed "is that everyone" I asked "Yeah" he said as we walked out and closed all the car doors and came back inside. I locked the front door and we walked up stairs to our room. "Im gonna take a shower" Carl said "OK" I said as I started unpacking stuff.

I threw all the clothes into the dirty clothes her and I went over to the side table and turned on Emma and Dominic's video baby monitors but I forgot to turn the cameras on down stairs in there room so guess what I had to do. Go downstairs. I went down stairs and into the part where all the kids rooms are and walked into Dominic's room.

I turned the baby monitor on and walked out then I went down to Emma and turned her's on. It angled correctly then left out the room.as I walked out I bumped into someone. I looked up and seen Jahseh "Hey" I said "Hey" he said as he looked at me "why you up this early" I asked "I don't sleep" Jahseh said.

"Mhmm OK Jah watch out cause unlike you I actually do sleep" I said while laughing. He didn't say anything nor did he move he stood there staring at me with a blank look. I pushed him but no movement "Jahsehhhh" I whined "ain't this how you got into the problem you where in before you left for chicago" he said

"Move and it wouldn't be a problem" I said as I pushed him again "you got three seconds to remove your hands from my stomach before something happens" Jahseh Said I pushed him not listening and where did that get me. Jahseh grabbed my neck and pushed me against the wall. "I told you to stop playing" Jahseh said.

I looked him in his eyes as I smiled "Fucking freak" Jahseh said as he let me go. I laughed as he walked away. I went upstairs and into the room damn now I'm horny...

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