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Jazmins POV

All the kids are still asleep along with cordae Manny and the rest of them me and Carl are laying in our room watching TV with it muted. while Emma is asleep next to the bed in her basanet. I rolled over and layed on top of Carl and me and him started to drop of to sleep.

~2 hours later~

The room was filled with crys from Emma I sat up and picked her up and Carl sat up and went to the bathroom. "It's okay mama" I said as I rocked her I grabbed her pacifier and put it in her mouth and grabbed her blanket and went down stairs where ski and Jahseh where with Dominic and Antonio.

I stepped over the baby gate as jahseh threw one of Dominics toys into the toy box  from the couch "Two points" he said while shrugging his shoulders "Hey jaz" they both said at the same time "hey" I said as I sat down. "Can u hold her real quick" I asked jahseh "Yeah" he said as he got up and came and grabbed her from me.

I went in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle and rinsed it out and made her bottle as she started crying I went out to Jahseh and took her and started feeding her while I watched Dominic and Antonio play with there toys. I honestly really can't belive that I've got this far like it's crazy how just 3 years ago I was sitting in a house with dead beat parents.

I was taking care of Antonio bye myself, I had to find a job to support me and Antonio and keep the house. I Remer all them days going over to Debbies house and hanging with her and lip witch everybody thought we were gonna get together. All them times I would lay in his lap and Carl would come down stairs looking upset.

It's really just like crazy how it went from never talking to now we're getting married with 3 kids I swear to god its just do crazy I Remer all our child hood memories when Carl chased Jordan with the spider down the alie way, or when Carl melted two action figures together using a toaster then proceeded to use a fork to get it out and got electrocuted.

Or when Carl and Debbie made the ramp on the back steps of the house and Carl decided to rife his bike down it and broke his arm. Or the most best part when I came out of my house dressed up for my quinseñera and he was riding his skate board and his eyes got stuck on me and he hit a rock and fell and ended up breaking his leg.

I swear Carl is just like the best thing that has ever happened to me physically I mean like he's always there when I need him he was there that night when I was crying over my ex when he could have just ignored me and went upstairs or let me leave.

My life has changed so much since then that it's crazy. "Antonio come here" Carl yelled from up stairs. I finished feeding Emma and I burped her and she fell asleep of course I layed her down on her Bopey pillow and I sat there until there was a knock on the door.

Jahseh got up and went and opened it and it was Jordan "Hey jordan" I said as I sat back "Hey" she said "What the hell happened to your face" I said as I touched the bruise on her cheek "Lilly happened" she said "Can we talk outside looks like u have a full house" she said as she looked at Jahseh and ski.

"They live here but yeah come on" I said as I pushed her out the door "What happened" I said "Lilly started tripping because my phone kept going off and when she opened it Dom was texting me witch is Carl's ex I no and she kept saying oh baby I miss u and basically she whooped my ass" she said.

"Omfg what did she hit you with should be my first question" I said "Her fist" jordan said I looked at her "no fucking way" I said as I touched the marks on her face "That child's small but she is strong" Jordan said "Well come on and I'll clean your face and you can stay here for a while and I'll talk to her" I said.

"Ight" she said as she ran her fingers there her hair we walked inside and I grabbed her a chair and set it in the middle of the kitchen "Can u go get my phone from the couch" I asked jordan as I looked under the sink to grab the first aid kit "yeah" she said as she stood up and pulled her pants up while walking.

This is just a filler chapter it will get better

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