Road Trip

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Carls POV
Were 5 hours into the trip so far I'm in the back at now while cordae and
Jazmin are in the front. Cordaes driving while Jazmines asleep in the passanger side.

This whole trip is 29 hours so we have a while we haven't stopped anywhere yet that's why we have gotten so far. Also we drive like idiots. "Daddy I gotta go potty" Antonio said from the back "cordae pull off somewhere Antonio has to go to the bathroom".

cordae pulled off at the next exit and  I looked down at Emma she's only woken up twice this whole time. She's asleep still but when we get back in the car from Antonio using the bathroom I'm gonna take her out of her car seat and hold her cause you no where gonna be in here for a while.

"Come one antonio" I said as I got out of the car and put the seat down. He unbuckled himself and jumped down and I grabbed him. "Should we eat while we're here or go somewhere else" I asked "Here seems how they have the playplace" Cordae said. "Ok" I said as I unbuckled Emmas carseat.

Manny grabbed Dominic from the back and I gave Emma to Cordae and he took her and Antonio inside andany took Dominic. I opened the passanger side and shook Jazmine "Baby" I said "Baby" she moved a little bit "What she said lowly " come on we gotta go eat real quick".

She slowly was falling back to sleep "Babyyyyyyyy come on you gotta get up" I said as I layed my head on her shoulder. "I'm up" she said as she ran her fingers threw my hair "Stop before you give me a bonner" I said laughing and she pulled my hair "stop" I said as I pulled my head away from her.

She pulled my head back and pulled my hair again "Stop" I said again "no" she said I grabbed her neck and she moved "ight I'm done" she said as she grabbed my arm "look what u did" I said as I looked down "Oh well let's go ea" she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I carried Her into the restaraunt and put her down and we got our food ordered.

Jazmíns POV

"Stooooooppp" I said as I was trying to pay for the food and Carl kept grabbing my ass "carl" I said as I swiped my card and laughed "Yall are so cute I swear" the guy behind the counter said "Thank you" I said "Wait a minute aren't you Lil Skies daughter"

"Alive and breathing" I said and smiled as I finished the process with my  credit card "omg can I have a picture" the guy asked "Sure" I said as I pushed confirm he took his Apren off and jumped over the counter and pulled his phone out.

He handed his phone to carl and I possed and he dropped down next to my leg "What the hell" I heard carl mumble he took the picture and handed it back to the guy and he walked away " I don't like him" Carl said into my ear.

"It's fine baby" I said as I hugged onto him. We got our food and went into the play place carl put the food down and I grabbed Emmas carseat and put it in front of me  I unbuckled her and picked her up and she woke up .

I played with her for a few minutes then I passed her to cordae cause he wanted to hold her I watched the boys run around the play place while Carl leaned back in my lap. I played in his hair while he scrolled threw his instagram.

Cordae put Emma in her car seat and  buckled her up  and Carl sat up Manny came down the slide with Antonio and Dominic and they put there shoes on and I threw the stuff away. I took Emma from cordae and we all Walked out.

"Who's driving" car asked as he lifted Dominic into the car "I am cordae said as he put his sun glasses on and pulled the keys out of his pocket.

Carls POV

"Come here Dominic" I said as I climbed into the car I lifted him up and put him in his carseat. I buckled him up and lifted antonio up and put him in his carseat and he buckled up I climbed out of the car and put the seat up and got in and shut the door.

"Move manny" Jazmin said he moved and she put Emmas carseat in I strapped it in and she went and got in the front seat while manny got in. "Baby she should be ready to eat soon" Jazmin said " ok" I did as I leaned over and grabbed her pillow thingy.

I like this thing it like wrapped around me "What's this thing called"
I asked as I lifted the pillow up in the air "a bopey pillow" jazmin said while laughing "I new that I was seeing if you where paying attention" I said as I put the pillow around me again and Jazmín laughed.

Emma started moving around in her car seat so I pushed the handle down and unbuckled her I unwrapped her from her blanket and put the blanket on my leg. I picked her up andher eyes came open as she looked at me "And the lie detector determines.... she has green eyes" I said

"Does she really" Jazmín said suprised "Yes" I said "Her eyes where brown earlier" jazmin said "Well that means her eyes change colors" I said as I grabbed her blanket and coverEd he up cause they have the air on.

"Hand me her diaper bag manny" I said manny reached down and grabbed the bag and grabbed her bottle out and I held onto it cause she wasn't crying yet so I guess I don't have to feed her till she stars crying "Its hot in here" I said cause I think they turned the air down "we turned the air down cause Emmas out" Cordae said as he switched lanes.

I took my arms out from under Emma leaving her leaned againsted me and layed on the bopey pillow while I took my shirt off. I put my shirt in Emmas carseat as Emma started crying. I picked her up and put the bottle in her mouth and she stared at me while she ate.

About 20 minutes later she was done eat. I leaned my seat back and layed her on my chest and covered her up while I patted her on the back as I watched her slowly fall asleep I fell asleep.

Jazmins POV

"You wanna switch" I asked Cordae cause he's been driving for a minute now "Sure" he said he drove a little further and I looked at the time and it'd 9:00 the boys are asleep in the back and Carl is asleep if Emma on his chest.

Cordae pulled up to a gas station and while he put gas in the car I took the kids inside so they can use the bathroom and put there pajamas on when I came out I put then in there carseats and gave them there blankets. Cordae sat in the backseat while manny climbed in the passanger side.

I got in the front and started the car and stared driving and about and hour later everybody in the car was asleep except me...

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